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Hi, I'm Juha.

Hello, I’m Juha, founder of Okuha. I’m passionate about digital art, love drawing anime, building a business and running this project where you can get a massive amount of resources for digital art, learn new skills, and develop your anime art skills to new heights.

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Rock it with only a few colors

Sometimes it is just nice to color a drawing with simple colors and with as few as possible. I didn’t intend to color this piece black, white, grey and red.

What Art Style Is and How To Create It

What Art Style Is and How To Create It

What is an art style? Something that differentiates one artwork from another? Could it be so? Something so simple. What I am after here is an art/drawing style that is

5 Must read tips for digital art beginner

These are some of the tips that I hold close to my heart. I think these are the must read tips that any digital art beginner should have.

Grab the tips for yourself and believe in the art you create. 

We are all here to create awesome art and can’t wait to see yours 🙂

Premium collection

Are you ready to discover the creation process of professional anime & manga illustrations?

Learn the secrets of drawing beautiful anime & manga art even if you are just starting out as an digital artist.

All the essential files you need when you want to improve your drawings to new heights. These bundles of art love will give you the insight you are looking for when starting out as an artist. Speed painting videos will give you the knowledge on how to progress through the image and what decisions were made during the creation. If you want more, just check the layered PSD-file for some in-depth knowledge on how the image was created layer-wise.