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What do you want to learn today?

Extended guide to ones that are completely new to drawing digital anime art

In this step-by-step guide I will guide you through what art software you should use, what are my recommendations. How to approach anime art, what is the difference between anime and manga art, and also show you resources which you can get yourself to get that jump start to anime art.

A simple guide to getting your anime art for a quick start

This guide will tackle the very basics of drawing anime art. Starting from drawing the eyes, then the head and face, going through anime body etc. This is a simple and quick guide to drawing anime and manga art. Think of this guide as an introduction to anime art as a style.

Free anime art resources

Guides, checklists, templates, and more...

From the free resources, you can download various anime resources for yourself. These resources are there to help you get a quick start to drawing that anime art of yours. There’s a guide, print, and other resources available for you.

As time goes on, I will be adding more and more resources for you. So be sure to check the site again for new updates and resources.


Inside the shop, you can find all kinds of art resources for your anime art needs, PSD-files, CSP-files, Progress shots, videos, brushes, and even a complete online course for line art mastery. 

If you want to next-level your anime art starting from today, Anime Artist’s Art Bundles is a great way to get that in-depth knowledge on how to draw professional anime art. And if you want to upgrade your line art, Line Art Mastery teaches you how to do just that.

This FREE Anime Artist’s Starter Guide gives you the 5 must-read tips for a digital art beginner to know. It also has a checklist for creating professional line art, and it also has 52 best tips anime artists need to draw that professional level anime art.

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