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From my various shops, you can find digital products, online courses, digital brushes, PSD files, progress shots, in-depth art tutorials, line art templates, and more. From Artstation and Gumroad, you can find art resources, courses, and brushes. From Etsy, you can find brushes. Welcome!


I also provide courses through Udemy and Skillshare, so if you are already familiar with those platforms, do check the links below for more information.


If you want to know how to draw that precise anime-looking line art or how to color your anime drawings like in your favorite anime series, then I can help you. By becoming a member, you will get instant access to workshops, community, art tutorials, courses, brushes, etc.

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Students who have taken my courses or customers who have used my products have experienced them to be helpful and worth learning from. The courses and products have received 5-star ratings from my customers.

Thank you everyone for the awesome support!

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Elevate your digital anime art while having fun

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“What I liked the most is that you touch on topics such as approaching a quality like that of modern Japanese animation. Many tutorials may exist, but they go around, they do not explain it well, or they simply reserve the important tips.”

– E

Something special for the digital anime artists

“5 stars. Very concise and to the point tips and techniques. Though you may see a bunch of these fundamentals on YouTube or online articles, Okuha provides extra tips while showing his process that gives you that extra edge to make pro art.”

– S

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Easy access to learning material, fun to explore, yet comprehensive knowledge on various topics.

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Share your work inside our Discord community, get feedback, or just hang around with other anime and manga fans and artists.

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Discover something new every month, explore at your own pace, and gain knowledge not found elsewhere.


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Anime Art Igniter


The ultimate solution for digital artists wanting to level up their anime art style, skills and techniques

What’s included:

  • ✨ Access to Exclusive Membership site for a structured learning experience

  • 🏆 4+ Digital Art Courses
    • Digital Anime Coloring And Cel Shading Masterclass: Beginner To Advanced
    • Digital Line Art Masterclass: Draw Line Art With Confidence
    • Digital Art Drawing Process For Professional Illustrations: Unveiling My Creative Process
    • A Crash Course On Anime And Manga Art
  • 🖌️ Digital Art Brushes for Clip Studio Paint (30+ custom brushes)

  • 👑 Foundational Techniques For Drawing Digital Anime Art – downloadable ebook

  • Monthly Drawing Workshop and/or Art Style Exploration -written or video (4K, 1080p)

  • Monthly Art Tutorial (purpose, discoveries, techniques) -written or video (4K, 1080p)

  • Early Access to WIPs and Final Artwork

  • Access to Q&A

  • Access to a private Community (Discord server)

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The Anime Art Igniter membership site is an online learning platform for anime and manga art enthusiasts and artists. It’s for digital artists who want to learn how to draw beautiful anime art through various art tutorials and workshops while supporting an artist through Patreon.

As a cherished member, you’ll have unlimited and instant access to all the membership sites’ art resources, courses, brushes, workshops, etc. You can experience the content when and where you want, and you will also get access to a vibrant community of other anime fans and anime artists like yourself.

Just click this link or type app.okuha.com into your internet browser. To get access to the membership site and its content, you need to be an active member of my Patreon page. You can become a Patron here.

Community: Our community resides in a private Discord server. When you sign up for the membership, you will see a section called Quick Links under the welcoming message (Membership tab inside Patreon). Within the Discord community tab, you can see a button, ‘Connect to Discord’; just click that to connect yourself to our Discord server. Once the connection has been made, you will get a ‘Member’ role on the server, and you are good to go.

Try clearing your browser’s cache and then logging in to Patreon, and you should be able to access the membership site with no problem.

Do also watch the Welcoming Video, as it has some helpful information on how you can access the site.

There are only 100 spots available for the first phase of the membership. It’s there to ensure I can serve my members the best way possible and to ensure things work flawlessly before expanding the membership and offering to a larger audience.

Patreon is a monetization platform operated by Patreon, Inc., that provides business tools for content creators to run a subscription service and sell digital products. It helps artists like myself earn a recurring income by providing rewards and perks to you. I use Patreon to collect subscription payments and provide access to the membership site for you.

It really doesn’t matter. Layered PSD files can be opened with various art software. Just make sure that it can handle .psd files.

I recommend using either Procreate, Clip Studio Paint (my choice) or Adobe Photoshop. You can use other art software too, but the best results are gained with the mentioned three art software.

But then again, there’s no limit to what you can use, as long as it can handle PSD files you do fine.

Obviously, you need a computer. You also need art software that can open .psd -files. Standard Photoshop file format. Do check that your art software can open those file formats. They more than likely can open those. The files could be heavy for your computer because of their full resolution size. Then again, it is also the best possible quality you should see the art in.

Absolutely. All my products/services/memberships have a 30-day full money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the purchase, just send me an email with the subject line REFUND REQUEST to this email address: contact@okuha.com, and I’m more than happy to give you your money back.

As I’m a solo entrepreneur, please do give me a few days to provide you with a refund as I might be out of town or maybe even on vacation. I will happily refund you your money as my goal is to make sure every customer (especially you) is happy with their purchase.

Do read the full refund policy on Terms of Use if needed.