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"energy, time, productivity and growth"

Hi There! I’m Juha Ekman

I’m the founder and sole owner of Okuha.com a blog and an online business created for personal development, making money online, entrepreneurship, and blogging. Doing all this in a very automated and optimized way.

Background and the birth of this blog

A short background which led to this blog and the birth of my online business.

It all started when I saw my colleagues getting fired just before they got to the retirement plan. Just before they were free from the corporate world.

It was an ugly sight and something I don’t ever forget. I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t get fired but I sure as hell wasn’t going to wait for the next wave of layoffs.

Here came the changes

Sawing the layoff started a wave of massive changes in my life. I quit spending all the money I earned. I studied a damn lot about investing. I started investing, and while it was a rocky road at the beginning, the more I read about stocks and investing. I became more confident in it and started to make a nice sum of money with it.

All done in the name of building multiple income streams.

Investing in stocks ain’t that scary when you know what you are doing. I studied a lot. Like a lot. I read everything there was about investing, stocks, bonds, ETF’s and now have a clear plan on how to create money from money.

Investing in stocks is crucial and is still something I do as often as I can. I need to take my online business expenses into account so, there are few limits to how much I can invest in a month.

However, the most important thing I realized was that I needed multiple income streams and now I had developed one. Dividend income.

Online business and the blogging path

Investing and saving money is an important part of growing passive income but I saw it wasn’t enough. I got almost $1K in dividends in the year 2018. It is a damn awesome feeling but if I were to create an income that sets me free from the corporate world.

This was the point when I realized that what if I would become a business owner and be my own boss. What would the world look like after that?

Exciting, terrifying, awesome, horrible, freeing… Yeah, it’s something all of those combined.

Starting the blogging path

I started my first blog with a lot of stumbling and faltering. Slowly building to a state where it was something I really liked and looked up to. I invested a lot on that blog, a lot of money, energy, hours, sweat, and work. And it worked. I did create a blog that was working and that I was proud of.

How I made my first sales passively

Within my blog and online business, I created my very first products and courses and made a nice amount of sales as a beginner blogger. I got over $380 in a matter of a few months. I know it’s not that much, but that was made with around 2K monthly traffic and a small but awesome email list.

So that was my first experience with passive income, blogging and having an online business. It felt unreal, to be honest. I’m damn proud of my products and courses. I worked hard on those and I think they are worth the price, easily.

That was my first blog.

Setting the stage for 2019

I’m writing about personal development, money and all there’s to it. Online business and entrepreneurship. Becoming a successful person in life, not just with money but more as a person. Taking my life to my own hands and nurture it to directions never thought possible.

I want to help people around me and this I will do by sharing my thoughts through blogging and email. There is so much more to life than the life we now live. I know it and I will discover it, hopefully, I can do it with you.

If you want to join me and discover the abundance in life, join the list and I’ll be in touch 😉


Personal Development

Personal development is a huge part of my life. I think of myself as one of those people who just like to talk about feelings and how one can become a better version of him/herself. We as humans have immense power inside of us, we just have to tap into it, and the world opens up to us.

In this site, I will offer you useful tips and information on how you can improve yourself as a person and become a better version of yourself. We need to evolve to achieve something we are dreaming of. The past of you can’t determine the future of you. The future you will determine the present you.

"Become the one that you see in the future, even if it's a dream of today you."

making money online

I like math almost as much as I love cheeseburgers and candy and that is a lot. With math comes the need to optimize and analyze money. I love money. Some of you might think that is so shallow and vain. Sure, but only if you think about it from the usual perspective of money being evil and all harm. Hopefully, I can show you the different side of money and especially the way to think about money.

Money is a tool more than anything. It’s a tool that enables you to develop yourself and get you things otherwise unattainable. If you master the tool, you will master the things it enables.

"Money is a tool that enables, your path to evolve, ultimately setting you free from the things that bind you."


You are feeling like you can do more and should do more. Like you are able to give so much more, but the work you currently do, is not enabling you to do that. It is not evolving you. You are more than the sum of your work. You might just be an entrepreneur. The ones that will live the life of their own path. Optimistic and a positive person, always believing in good things and starting their day with a positive view on life.

You are a doer and don’t like to wait on things, can and will do attitude built inside you. You make it happen when others watch from the sidelines.

"Can do, will do, never give up, always look the bright side of life, learning and evolving - entrepreneur inside you."

Design your online business

When I first started everything felt so overwhelming, there was so much to do and in what order should be done and what. I was so lost. Years later, I figured out most if not all of it. Designing your online business is probably one of the most exciting journeys you will take and do as an entrepreneur.

It’s not that hard, to be honest, the only thing you need is correct steps and guidance to get you to the right track. I have created a system that shows you a clear roadmap, at the end of the roadmap being the reward of a fully functioning online business of your dreams.

I built mine with a different concept than I have now, and made sales the instant I opened doors to my product. The feeling was unreal but nothing you couldn’t experience.

Let’s start your own online business training right now and get you on the right path at this instant.

I created a FREE 5 Day Online Business Training for you to get started as fast as possible, clearing all the clutter out there and only focusing on the core things you absolutely need to build your online business.

What we are after?

My mission here is to provide all the needed resources, guides, and the steps you need to build your online business. Time is of an essence and something I strive to optimize as much as possible. As a young parent time is so limited, so I developed a system that fits for young parents and for the ones that work a full time job.

Getting as much done as possible with as little time as possible. Not an easy task but something I have figured out.

Okuha Exists to Support You!

It's The Super Power Of Community

You. The readers and listeners are the reason Okuha was made for. You are also the reason I will create the content for. I’ve built this site for you. I’d love to hear stories of your online business ventures.

Thanks for reading this! It would be awesome if you would you join me and my community of hundreds of creative persons.