Brushstrokes of Passion: Unveiling the Canvas of My Digital Art Journey

Hey, I’m Okuha—a digital artist with a deep love for anime and manga. My journey began with the mesmerizing world of Akira, sparking a passion for drawing anime characters and mastering digital art.

Self-taught, I’ve overcome challenges, honing my skills through consistent practice. I believe in the transformative power of practice—my early drawings weren’t perfect, but they were crucial steps in my progress.

Drawing anime isn’t just a skill; it’s a gateway to endless possibilities. Whether it’s commissioned artwork, t-shirt designs, or manga comics, it’s about bringing visions to life.

I’m a digital artist who found joy in creating unique anime art. My roots are in traditional mediums, but the allure of digital art captured me in 2011. In 2017, I ventured into the online realm, establishing an anime art and digital art business.

A career highlight was creating the Artemis album cover for Lindsey Stirling—an exhilarating project that marked a milestone in my journey as a freelance artist. My days are spent immersed in anime art, reading business literature, watching anime, and crafting content for social media.

Join me on this artistic journey. Explore the resources available, and let’s continue to create and innovate together.


Contact 📫

Hi there!

If you have any questions, ask! I can be reached through e-mail: contact@okuha.com