About Okuha

You are here because you are an artist and more than anything you are a digital artist. You want to learn how to draw. You want to evolve as an artist.

But that’s not all, you also want to create a business from your passion from your hobby. Drawing but also making money with your art.

You might be just starting out with digital art or even might have drawn awhile already. You want to take your creativity to another stratosphere and you know you can do it, but you don’t know how to do that (yet).

Maybe I can help you with that. To guide you on your art journey to show you how you can accomplish your dreams. If you don’t know what to think about this site yet. I would say this site is dedicated to empowering digital artists. this is a passion project of mine and something I’m devoted to. Devoted to bringing you the best resources, guidance, and knowledge possible.

Art site where I teach you all I know about art and support you with monetization strategies and how you can start making money with your art.

That is what Okuha is all about.

-Empowering you as a digital artist-


Who is Juha Ekman?

My Art Journey in Short

Hi There! I’m Juha Ekman a.k.a Okuha. I’m a blogger, entrepreneur and genuinely passionate about digital art and this is my story in short.

I have always loved digital art and anime art especially. Drawing anime art, however, was a somewhat different experience. You see I struggled a lot. How to draw eyes, mouth, body (still a pain point), how to color, etc. I didn’t know where to start.

Doing art traditionally was, how would I say, unforgiving. A mistake in line art or in color choices was irreversible. There is no CTRL+Z in traditional art. Unfortunately. That did affect my motivation to draw and eventually made me quit drawing for a while.

I wanted to draw, I wanted to be good at it. Feel confident with it. Seeing all those excellent artists and drawings online, only pushed me forward. How I could not feel inspired. People are so awesome and the art these days. Damn!

I was missing some crucial parts though, and it was the tools I had at my disposal at the time. You see. Traditional art didn’t give me the confidence to move forward. However, after a lot of research.

I found that you could connect a drawing tablet to a PC. How could I have missed this before? Long story short, finding the correct drawing tablet finally put me on the right path. A path that I will never stray away again.

Finally, I could sketch, draw line art, pick the right colors. It fired up my enthusiasm towards drawing again.

Never have I achieved complete wisdom in digital art and most likely never will. But that is not the point. I see now that I only need to know the techniques to bring the vision from my head to the canvas and for you to experience.

My short and little


Born and raised in a small country called Finland in Northern Europe. Living with a family of four in the City of Tampere. Having a family of your own is incredible. Two energetic boys and more than an awesome wife. I can only feel blessed.

Just to give you a few slightly unrelated details about me. I like noodles, candy (can’t live without), Japanese kanji letters, building a brand, and chilling.

Whats with the name?

Okuha Origin Story

Okuha name comes from the unification of my last and first name. Last name Ekman partly means oak in , and so it was fun to take it as part of the name. Oku comes from the Japanese word ōku which surprisingly also means oak. Ha comes from the first name Ju(ha). Slightly altering ōku and combining ha you get the Japanese sounding name of Okuha.

It's never too late

To Become an Artist

It’s never too late to start drawing. Many think that there is a certain age or time when is the right time to start drawing. That is so far from the truth.

You might feel like you are too old or you might feel like you don’t have enough time. Are you sure about your thoughts there?

Time can always be arranged; however, that might require extra energy from you. If you think you are too late in the game. Wouldn’t you like to live your life the way you have it in your head?

It is possible. You can start your art career at any point. Who cares if you are 30 or 60? If you know how to draw you always have clients. No one cares about age, it’s all about skills and personality. And skills can be learned. So what you need are time and determination.
Nothing else.

I ain't a "professional"

Anime Artist

I am not a professional digital artist in a way people usually see and feel what a professional artist is. Having worked countless years in a game studio or being a freelancer for a hundred decades. I just have to admit that to you right now. I haven’t. I’m not sure would I even like to? I don’t even aim to be the best there is. That’s not me.

I accept that there is always better artists than me. It’s a cruel fact, but that’s how life is. I’m not even sure if I’m the best to give you advice on art. I haven’t had any formal art training or education, nothing I would remember. I have self-taught everything and the results you can see in this site and especially in Behance.

I want to help you in my own way. It could be hard to trust a stranger but what I have experienced is that by opening up to people will only bring people together. By writing and showing the stuff I know. I hope I can bring together like-minded individuals. Digital art is super awesome, and we should enjoy it together.

It's not easy

To Be Good at Drawing and Business

Drawing is not easy. How could it be? There is so much to learn, so much to know. Sometimes it’s even hard to tell where to start really. I have experienced these feelings. Still, do. I have however progressed, and the struggles are more behind than ahead.

This site is built to give you multiple ways to grow as an artist. Learn new techniques and approaches to advance with art, while also learning the business side of things. Read the many blog writings and start learning step-by-step. When you are ready to take your art to the next level. I believe you know what to do.

Feel awesome

When Drawing

Being able to draw awesome art is one thing I am thriving towards every day. Drawing gives so much good feeling inside me that it’s hard not to draw. Surely there are those days when we don’t feel like drawing. Like not at all. We all have them.

When we are at our best, the drawings give us those big smiles to our faces and feel of proudness. Like we have created something in the world that no one else has ever created. How cool is that? We made something entirely new. Something no one else has been able to do. Be proud and feel fantastic.

Draw to your hearts’ content. You are an artist. Be proud of it. I am. And you should be too.

This is for


It could be that you have tried many different paths before. The world has many masters. Many different ways to draw, create art and make business. It could be that you didn’t get the results you were after?

That kind of experiences does not give a good feeling and definitely does not raise motivation towards art, creativity and making an income from your art. I’ve felt it so many times in the past.

It would have been nice to know you before you had those experiences. I could have shown you a different path maybe even a better path. The path I have taken.

Luckily you are now here, and I can now show you the path that gave me that confidence in drawing and making money with my art.

This path gave me the ability to show my work to the world. That feeling of confidence. You can achieve that same confidence. Trust me, You can.

Okuha Exists to Support You, In Every Way

It's the Super Power of Community

You. The readers and listeners are the reason Okuha was made for. You are also the reason I will create the content for. I’ve built this site for you. I’d love to hear stories of your own artistic journey.

Thanks for reading this! It would be awesome if you would join my community of hundreds of other aspiring digital artists and me.

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