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Looking for the best and biggest anime art conventions to attend? Check out this post to learn about the best anime art events worldwide. I’ve gathered only the best conventions and the ones where you can meet the best anime artists.

Key Takeaways

  • San Diego Comic-Con and MEGACON Orlando are one of the biggest conventions worldwide.
  • Many of the biggest comic conventions are held in the U.S.
  • Many events are held yearly, gathering some of the best anime artists worldwide.
  • Notable artists like Stanley Lau and Ross Tran have a spot in many of the events.
  • Many of the conventions are held at different times, so you are able to visit most of them during the year.

LightBox Expo – Pasadena, California

Lightbox Expo convention. Image credits.

LightBox Expo is a convention where anime artists (and other digital artists) gather to show their work and connect with their fans. It’s held yearly in Pasadena, California, and hundreds of artists meet and greet thousands of fans.

Some of the most notable artists include Ross Tran, Djamila Knopf, Stanley Lau, Stephen Silver, Ryan Lang, and Ian McCaig (some of the artists might or might not come to the convention, check their Instagram accounts for more information).

The expo isn’t limited to anime art. There’s also room for fans of movies, animations, TV series, and games. The event is usually held in October at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Singapore Comic Con– Singapore


Singapore Comic Con (SGCC) is one of the biggest art conventions in Southeast Asia. It covers anime art and a brilliant mix of Western and Asian culture, including comics, souvenirs, and cosplay shows.

The last events have taken place in December. And usually has almost 40 guests, over 150 exhibitors, and hundreds of brands—all present to entertain a crowd of more than 30,000 guests.

The upcoming Singapore Comic Con is expected to take place also in December at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Singapore. The guest list and detailed schedule are usually released closer to December, but as always, we can expect SGCC to live up to our highest expectations.

Tokyo & Osaka Comic Con – Chiba, Japan


The Tokyo and Osaka Comic Con is a branch of the immensely popular San Diego Comic-Con. It hosts massive names in the art world, such as the late Stan Lee and Stephen Wozniak.

Unfortunately, the Tokyo and Osaka Comic Con was put off for three years because of COVID, eventually making its turn in late 2022. Despite years of absence, fans didn’t lose interest in the convention; attendance was strong in the winter of 2022.

While the Comic Con is named Tokyo and Osaka Comic Con, ironically, the venue isn’t in Tokyo or Osaka but in Chiba, Japan. So don’t let the naming fool you about where the convention is held.

Graphika Manila – Pasay, Philippines


Graphika Manila is a massive arts and media convention based in the Philippines. You’ll find artists representing anime art, manga, graphic design, illustration, and more.

In August 2022, the event started with a session with illustrator Stanley Lau, who created several works in anime art and sometimes mixed them with Western art. Another event took place in mid-February 2023.

MEGACON Orlando – Orlando, Florida


MEGACON Orlando is a huge art convention that hosts the best of anime art. And if you’re looking for other ventures, you’ll find comics, fantasy, RPG, gaming, sci-fi, horror, TV, film, and more.

MEGACON is short for Mega Convention, and it’s quite a fitting name, as its May 2022 event saw about 140,000 attendees.

The MEGACON Orlando event is usually held in the spring and occurs in the Orange County Convention Center. For those coming from far away, you can also find great deals with Visit Orlando, who are working with MEGACON to help tourists outside opening hours.

You can also find a countdown timer from the MEGACON website to see when the next event is held.

Comic-Con – San Diego, California


One of the true original big players in the art convention scenes anywhere in the world is the San Diego Comic Convention, also known as Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Comic-Con started in 1970, primarily as a comic book convention, though it quickly evolved to include more forms of arts and events, including anime, gaming, films, programming competitions, books, and more.

In recent years, the San Diego Comic-Con hosted around 130,000 people, making it one of the biggest art conventions in America and a place where anyone can find something for themselves.

The next Comic-Con is usually held in the summer at the San Diego Convention Center.

Anime Expo – Los Angeles, California


Anime Expo in LA is a convention that focuses on Japanese art and culture through the lens of anime.

Anime Expo has often seen massive attendances exceeding 100,000 per event, which helped it become one of the most popular and biggest anime art conventions in America. Although the event was put off for two years due to COVID, it’s now back on track since 2022.

Traditionally, Anime Expo commences in the first week of July at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Anime Matsuri – Houston, Texas


Although Anime Matsuri started relatively recently (compared to San Diego Comic-Con) in 2007, it’s grown into one of the biggest conventions for anime and other aspects of Japanese culture in Texas.

The Anime Matsuri event is typically held in the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston and will feature various anime artists from around the world.

Anime NYC – New York City, New York


The best of anime art and Japanese culture convene in New York City every year at the Anime NYC expo. Although it’s also a relatively young event, having debuted in 2017, it’s always gathered a huge audience, peaking at 55,000 attendees in 2022.

New Yorkers, mark your calendars for winter for the event and look forward to checking the Anime NYC website on what special guests they have from Japan this year.

Sakura-Con – Seattle, Washington


Easter is a huge cultural holiday, and you can make it special by visiting Sakura-Con, a three-day anime convention that takes place around the same time.

Sakura-Con started in 1998 and has since offered fantastic anime art and related events, competitions, and games. This convention is usually held in the spring.

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