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Welcome to our Anime Name Generator!

This free anime name generator generates 6 different names at once, including boys’ names, girls’ names, last names, cool names, etc. You can also generate food names to be used as part of your anime characters’ names.

Whether you are creating a character for your own anime or writing fan fiction, this generator provides a diverse range of names that you can use for inspiration.

Key Takeaways

  • The anime name generator tool is completely free to use as many times as you like.
  • Click the buttons either individually or use the generate all button to generate different names for your anime character.
  • Each name is displayed as letters, kanji letters, and with a short meaning of the word/name.
  • Best experienced on desktop.

How to Use the Anime Names From the Generator?

Denshi, Kakarot, Broly, and Raditz are all names that mean different items or even food. We included everyday items, as well as food, to give you different kinds of options for anime names.

Also, note that you can use boys’ names for anime girls and vice versa. While Yamato, for example, is considered a boy’s name, in the One Piece series, Yamato was a female.

Don’t let the (boys and girls) categories limit your options for using the names of your original anime characters. If you haven’t yet checked our free anime character art prompt generator, we suggest you do so.

How to Use the Anime Name Generator?

The tool is completely free to use and will generate the following types of names:

  • boys names
  • girls names
  • last names
  • overall cool sounding names
  • food and everyday item names for anime names

You can use the generator for free and as many times as you want. You can either click the individual buttons or use the Generate All button to generate all name suggestions at once.

The generator also has a Japanese last name generator to complete your anime character.


Do double-check with Google Translate or with some other translation service before using the names as your anime name (OC, cosplay, etc.). There might be some nuances or double meanings to what every word means precisely.

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