Anime Artist's Art Bundles

Premium collection

  • 20+ Layered PSD-files
  • 20+ High-resolution final artworks
  • 10+ Hours of speed painting videos
  • 60+ Full Progress Shots
  • 10+ Professional Anime Brushes for Clip Studio Paint
  • 60+ Custom and fine-tuned Photoshop Brushes
  • 15+ Color palettes
  • 3 x Image breakdown studies
  • 50+ Gb of inspiration and creativity
  • FREE Updates

Premium collection

$ 127
  • Price excluding VAT/GST

Image breakdown studies

Image breakdown studies are all about going truly in-depth and explaining what decisions were made and especially why. The most important thing about learning art is always to know the why. Why something was drawn in a certain way. Why the pose is structured the way it is. I breakdown the image into pieces and structure it back together.


Drawing Process for Professional Illustrations

  • Drawing Process for Professional Illustrations eBook
  • 10 Steps I use to create 99% of my drawings you see online
  • Steps shown with an example drawing
  • High-Resolution process images
  • Example with a competition winning artwork (3rd place on Clip Studio Paints International Akari challenge)
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