Are Drawing Skills A Useless Talent? It Depends!

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Written by Juha

Are drawing skills a useless talent or a skill? Well, it really depends on how you make use of it.

Drawing skills are useless if you think that it’s something that doesn’t lead to great career opportunities. On the contrary, drawing is a useful talent and a great skill if you come up with a strategy that makes it relevant. and meaningful to you.

Indeed, drawing-related jobs aren’t part of the list of the most in-demand jobs globally. However, know that pursuing “hot careers” doesn’t work all the time, especially if you’re not passionate about it.

On the other hand, pursue drawing careers if they make you excited. Success comes naturally if you transform your passion into a profession.

Making Money Online By Drawing

Artists today are very lucky to have something that artists of the past didn’t have – the internet. Artists in the past often have to rely on funding from patrons or help from art collectors to make money. However, this is a downside that a lot of skilled artists at present don’t have to experience anymore.

The internet provides a lot of strategies for artists like you to make money online. There’s Youtube, for example. You can use Youtube to create art content and monetize it. All you have to do is record the process of how you made your artwork, timelapse it using a video editor, and upload it to your youtube channel.

Artists who made a name for themselves with Youtube are Artology and Marcello Barenghi. Artology has about 500k subscribers. Marcello Barenghi has 100k . These artists earn $2,000-$40,000 depending on how many watch their videos.

Moreover, aside from Youtube earnings, these artists also get additional income from Patreon and other modes of donation. They even use their Youtube channels for advertising gigs. Artology has an online art store on Etsy. On the other hand, Marcello Barenghi has his own art tools and artworks website.

What if you don’t like Youtube? Alternatives for it are Tiktok and Instagram. However, note that monetizing your drawing online works best if you utilize these three together.

The second option is for you to create a website and upload your works there. One gimmick that you should try is making artwork that matters to your prospective audience. Art themes that you can popularize are those that relate to social and political issues, mental health, relationships, etc.

Making Money With Your Drawing Offline

Though online is the easiest and most efficient way of monetizing your drawing skills, incorporating the traditional approach won’t hurt. You can also monetize your drawing without the internet. Here are some helpful ideas that you might want to try.

Local restaurants and cafes are always around. And as you know, these are always concerned about the aesthetics of their interiors. Talking about aesthetics, drawings might do the job. So why don’t you go to a nearby cafe or restaurant and convince the manager to buy or feature your artwork?

If not restaurants and cafes, your next target can be festivals or public squares. Grab a portable desk and chair, get a parasol, go to the festival or public square, and find a spot. What you’ll be doing is creating portraits of people in real-time. An artist who made money with this method is Nikolay Yarakhtin, a portrait artist who finishes his masterpieces in 30 minutes.

Drawing Is Therapeutic

Let’s forget money for a while and talk about the benefits of drawing to your health. Drawing is an activity that stimulates the brain, requiring it to recognize details and focus on them. Other benefits the brain enjoys from drawing are the healthy development of brain stem and balanced brain chemistry.

Have you been feeling on edge lately? Then draw your way out of the stress. According to a study conducted on 30 students in Ghana, drawing can release pent-up emotions related to stress, such as empathy, fear, longing, despair, and hope. Therefore, it can help stop a recurring thought process that troubles you.

Drawing even speaks well to depression and loneliness. A study published in the Journal of American Art Therapy associated proves this. Participants of the research were exposed to tragic images that can potentially affect their mood. They were then instructed to start drawing. Results show that the mood of the respondents improved after drawing.

Drawing Enables You To Express Yourself

Living is better if you express your thoughts, wants, and needs. However, though it sounds simple, conveying what you mean is a hard thing to do. Peer pressure, society, religion, tradition, and culture are some of the factors that might bar you from expressing yourself.

Writing and direct speech are the most popular methods of expressing something. However, many are quick to pick up on these. On the other hand, drawing is a more subtle type of expression. With drawings, you can use symbols, scenarios, colors, and figures for expressing that you agree or disagree with a particular issue.

Drawings even allow you to convey your feelings to others. Drawing something vibrant and colorful indicates that you’re happy. If you want to tell others that you’re lonely, sad, or depressed, drawing something with a lot of dark shades and obscure images will do. As for confusion, a drawing that features a pastiche of artistic elements might work.

You Can Work In Many Places

Career options that your talent in drawing brings aren’t limited to making portraits of people in parks, selling your artwork, and teaching others how to draw. The 21st century is nirvana for artists. Here are the top careers that you can pursue with your drawing skills.

Video Game Studio

You can utilize your skills in drawing by working for a video game studio. In video game studios, you’ll work as a video game character designer together with a team of like-minded individuals. As a character designer, you’ll be in charge of the video game character’s appearance, the look of their abilities or skills, the video game’s environment, and the UI.

Graphics Designer

If you want to work somewhere more dynamic, pursue the path of graphics design. As a graphic designer, you’ll craft visual concepts that convey an idea or a process. Graphics design will put you in the offices of advertising companies, publishing houses, e-commerce companies, etc.


The job of an illustrator is less hectic than that of the job of a graphic designer or video game studio character designer. If you choose to follow this career, you’ll create drawings for magazines, newspapers, books, and children’s storybooks. As an illustrator, you’ll work in a publishing company or a newspaper company.


You can also work right in the comfort of your home as a freelancer. There are many freelancing sites where you can find drawing gigs. Examples are Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and Guru. Tasks that you’ll do might be creating infographics for websites, crafting banners, creating graphic images, and making logos.


Drawing is not a useless talent. You can do something with it as long as you keep looking for opportunities. Remember that success is more likely to happen if you pursue what you love doing. Therefore, if you love drawing, there’s no reason why you can’t build your life with it.

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