Your Artistry Needs Exhaling, Inhaling, and Different Kinds of Energy

Anything that you create expends energy. Any act of creation, whether it’s a physical thing you do, an idea you are brainstorming, a piece of art, or even a thought, all require energy. Creating something involves mental, physical, or sometimes both types of energy expenditure.

For instance, when you paint a picture, you expend physical energy through the movement of your body and mental energy through the creative process.

Also, coming up with a new idea or solving a problem also requires mental energy. Essentially, creation is not a passive process; it demands some form of energy input.

When we draw, we often get to a state of flow. It’s actually quite easy for us artists. I hope it is for you too.

However, it’s interesting that what creates energy (mental-based) also uses energy (physical-based). Think about it. When you draw, you get to a state of flow and use a lot of energy. You do problem-solving, you move your body, you move your arm, you think, you ideate, you innovate, you do a lot of things.

You are a creative being.

So you use a lot of energy (physical energy).

But, at the same time, you enjoy it so much. You enjoy all of it, and thus, you go into a state of flow. When you are in a state of flow, time passes, and you do not sense, feel, or care about your surroundings. You feel energized (mental energy)

You can easily draw hours and hours in one sitting, and you can even feel like you can’t stop it. You can’t put the stylus or pen down. You don’t want to. However, your body slowly (after hours and hours of drawing) starts to feel stiff and wants to move a bit (physical energy is depleted).

Usually, at those stages, you go away from the flow and stop drawing. So what uses your energy also gives you energy. You can draw for a long time as it energizes you (mental energy, stamina-based).

I like to think this way. Or at least that is how I feel when I’m drawing. When I get to focus to a drawing. I enjoy it. I exhale creativity to the canvas. When I rest, I inhale creativity (inspirational art from someone else).

Energy flows from my body to the canvas and mental energy keeps me going as the process is so enjoyable. With all AI stuff going around and everything. Creativity is so much more than writing a prompt, hitting a button, and waiting for what will become.

See yourself as an artist. See yourself as a creative person and understand that exhale, inhale, and energy are all part of being one.

Consume energy and spend it being creative. Creativity gives you energy back. Your body might be exhausted, but your mind is on fire and wants more. Rest and repeat.

The way I currently get energy is by eating healthy (smoothies for breakfast and a few hours before going to sleep, plus lunch and dinner of course), exercising (I don’t like it, but I know I have to do it), going for long walks (this is a lot of fun as I usually listen business-related content or nothing at all) and of course sleeping (7 hours minimum and always from 10 PM to 6 AM).

One thing I’ve noticed is that routines (healthy ones) are the key to having that maximum energy for a day. I have also noticed that if I sleep badly, the next day will be slow, and I can so clearly feel like my brain isn’t functioning as rapidly as it does when I’ve had a good night’s sleep.

So when you think about partying, staying up late, or eating unhealthy food, it’s no wonder if you can’t get anything done. How could you? Like, it’s physically impossible to be filled with energy when you make decisions that only expend energy and do not give it back.

I hope this was helpful, and I wish you the best for the rest of the week!

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