Artists Create and Can’t Help It


Over the past week and more, I’ve been going deeper into the subject of how to draw facial features (eyes and nose currently in focus) and how to draw anime head and face from any angle.

And I do have to say that it’s hard to draw those straight from your imagination without any reference images. However, that is what I’ve been doing for the last week and more.

And that sparked an interesting thought in my head. We (you and me) artists love to create. We love the feeling of drawing. It feels so good to solve problems, and in the end, when you see the final drawing, you can feel so proud of yourself.

You have gone through obstacles and have created something new for the world to be amazed by. An interesting question is, what would you do if you didn’t get paid to do it? And for me, that’s drawing anime art. I could do this stuff for eternity (with appropriate breaks, of course; remember to inhale and exhale).

That’s because we love to create. It’s the creation process that gets us excited and gets us into the state of flow. Creation. It’s not the end piece. It’s not the final artwork. Nope. It just isn’t.

We are proud and feel good when we see the end result. The funny part is that every time we see the artwork we’ve created, we remind ourselves that it was me who created that artwork. It feels so good, even though the drawing wouldn’t be good. We’ve created it.

So, in essence, it’s the feeling of creation that’s so important to us. To you. To me. Once in a while, I think about AI and how it’s disrupting the art industry. How does an AI machine generate (not create) something that looks like art (but is essentially a collection of pixels) but isn’t quite it?

I think that for art to be art, the soul must be infused into the piece. It was created by a living mind that has suffered during her/his life. It was created by a person who has pain and joy in life, and that pain and joy are passed to the canvas.

We create because we feel like it. We have that inner urge to create. AI can’t take that away from us. It can affect how we feel about art, and we might get the feeling of why bother. However, when you see past AI-generated images, you can see that it’s not about the final artwork. It’s almost meaningless.

It’s the feeling of creation, not the feeling of the final artwork. When you draw lines, color your artwork, add shading, and adjust the lighting. It’s you who makes the decisions. It was you who made the decisions and can see that in the final artwork.

AI-generated images look pretty good these days, and that might give you the feeling that I can’t do anything like that in years. But then you are thinking about the end result. Focus on the creation and how it feels good to draw. Remember that you like to draw and that you are here to learn and improve.

And over time, you are able to draw freely and straight from your heart and mind.

I’ve already hit my head on the wall so many times while trying to draw anime faces from my imagination. However, I’ve learned a lot, too, so the wall is slowly coming down. The feeling when you succeed feels so good, and that is the thing that you should cherish. The awesome, proud, and warm feeling of breaking obstacles unbreakable a few months ago.

So, artists create and can’t help it. And that’s thankfully so.

Hope this helped and wish you the very best rest of the day.

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