10+ Best Anime Clothing and Clothes Stores to Explore Today


Anime themed clothes have gained vast popularity globally since they give fans a chance to feel closer to their favorite animation character.  Whether you plan for a family or group adventure, these fashions bring out a style to suit every age group. The millennial will probably enjoy putting on Sailor Moon sweaters while the older […]

Clip Studio Paint Review [2022]


Clip Studio Paint is an art software that is highly acclaimed by anime, manga, and comic style artists. Clip Studio boasts a number of sophisticated tools, reclusive brushes, and other features aimed to give the anime artists a unique advantage in their work. Clip Studio also offers animation capabilities, with features such as onion-skin view […]

How To Make Money On Patreon – Creators Guide


For those of you who are confused by the article headline, don’t worry. We’ll be covering everything there is to know about Patreon, how to make money from it, and how to keep your Patreons happy as you continue to build yourself up on the platform. If you’re an artist looking for new and innovative […]

13 Print on Demand Services For Artists


One of the best ways to make money as an artist is to ship high-quality, custom goods with your artwork on it to your fan base. This technique has been the secret component of many artist success stories. Now, there are websites that will print on demand for you or your customers. These sites offer […]

How Much Anime Artists Make Money?


That’s not to say all anime artists are rich, however. In fact, as we’ll find out today, many anime artists make very little for the jobs they do and the amount of work involved. Whether or not that amount is worth it is up to you. So, is animation a good career? Let’s learn the […]

The 20 Best Japanese Video Game Art Books


Japan is home to some of the most reputable video game developers, including the world-famous Nintendo and Sony. This fact has dictated exciting prospects in the video game industry, with companies going the extra mile to design fascinating video games. Two decades ago, it was almost impossible to imagine the now rampant video game art […]

Best Pens For Drawing Anime And Manga Art


No anime or manga piece is finished without having a vivid ink pen nearby. Pens are essential to achieving crisp, sharp lines or bold blocks of color. With the micro-sized nibs that artists’ pens offer, you’ll be able to mark the finest of details. Not only that, but these markers come with specially designed formulas […]

The Nine Forms Of Art – The Complete Guide


Art is part of what makes us human. Humans love to show off their creative skills and are impressed by the artistic skills of others. They love to create stories, written works, images, and songs, and they love to experience other people’s artworks. All human cultures have always been interested in art and music – […]

Best Markers For Drawing Anime And Manga


There’s no other drawing utensil that can achieve such vibrant colors as markers. These aren’t your ordinary school markers. New innovations in the art supply industry have created better, bolder markers that don’t bleed and layers perfectly. They store well and don’t dry out. Even better, they’re affordable. Whether you’re a beginning anime or manga […]

Digital Art Styles And Types – The Complete Guide


Digital art leverages the power of technology with human creativity to create dynamic pieces unlike ever before. Despite being a newer facet of art, digital art has branched out into its own unique subgenres and styles.  Today, we’ll cover the most common styles and types of digital art and how these styles came to be. […]

Anime In Different Countries – How Do They Call It?


Regardless of your age, at this point in time, you must have heard about anime. Moreover, chances are, if you are reading this article, you already know and love anime. If that is the case, you are in the right place because that is what we are going to talk about. Although anime is a […]

Best Drawing Tablet For Drawing Anime And Manga


A tablet is an artist’s best friend. The sophisticated pressure sensing technology mimics the real-life drawing process as closely as possible while providing the luxury of digital presets and tools. There are quite a few fine tablets on the market suited for drawing anime and manga, from high-end versions to more affordable ones. We’ll cover […]

Is It Good To Draw Using Reference Photos?


When you want to draw something or create a painting in your free time at home, do you work purely from your memory, your imagination, or a reference photo? Working from memory is tricky as we forget key details or let emotion override fact. Working from imagination is easier said than done. Some people with […]

Top 3 Places To Learn To Draw Manga Today

Is it really possible to learn how to draw manga even if you don’t live in Japan? Not only can you create your own incredible comics and animations, but you can learn to master the ins and outs of this dynamic art style. Online courses and videos are perfect for manga artists of all skills […]

Why Drawing Is Important?


Drawing is an alternative method of expression to actions and words. It is a vital communication avenue that allows both children and adults to express their feelings and thoughts. This is an excellent way to cultivate an individual’s emotional intelligence while boosting their creativity. In this post, we are going to look at the aspects […]

Are Drawing Skills A Useless Talent? It Depends!


Are drawing skills a useless talent or a skill? Well, it really depends on how you make use of it. Drawing skills are useless if you think that it’s something that doesn’t lead to great career opportunities. On the contrary, drawing is a useful talent and a great skill if you come up with a […]

Is Anime A Cartoon?


Anime is not a cartoon. At the very least, anime is not just a cartoon from a technical point of view. Most of the online anime fan community thinks it delivers more than what you would describe as a cartoon. But why? Here are all the details about this seemingly nitpicking distinction. Anime Is More […]

The 5 Best Digital Art Magazines To Order


Every digital artist should have a subscription to these fine digital art magazines. They feature some legendary names in the industry, along with up-and-coming artists. It’s a goldmine of inspiration, practical advice, and watercooler banter. Even if you’re just a digital art fan, you’ll be amazed flipping through some of the artwork featured in these […]

9 Step Digital Art Process For Awesome Drawings


You too can create breathtaking digital art pieces that captivate the viewer. You might think that creating a phenomenal digital art drawing or painting takes hours of tedious work, and you’re not wrong. The most common place that every artist fails is at the beginning of their work. Having a straightforward and dedicated plan on […]

What Genre Is Naruto?


Naruto is classified as a shonen genre anime. Naruto is a long-running series created by the great mangaka Masashi Kishimoto. While Naruto started out as shonen manga, it was quickly created as an anime, and Naruto’s and Kishimoto’s success grew even stronger and bigger from there. All About Naruto Naruto tells the story of a […]

15 Best Digital Art Courses And Classes 2021 And Beyond

Best Digital Art Courses_feature_image

Are you stuck at home and want something creative to do? Maybe you’ve always been an artist, but you’re interested in sharpening your skills. Or, perhaps you’re interested in a career as an artist someday. With these online courses, you can learn from the best of the best.  Receive one on one mentoring from artists […]

How To Start A Digital Art Business – The Complete Guide

How To Start A Digital Art Business_feature_image

Have you ever dreamed of being an artist full time? Today, you can start a digital art business with a laptop and an internet connection. The road that lies ahead of an artist isn’t always the easiest, but there are a few tips and tricks along the way that will increase your odds of success. […]

Is Digital Art Real Art – It Certainly Is!

Is Digital Art Real Art_feature_image

Can you really create a genuine art piece solely on a computer? The answer is yes! Digital art is “real” art. Digital artists rely on the same techniques and training that traditional artists do, just digitized. Digital art is created by a real person, by a real artist, and so we can conclude that digital […]

Is Drawing Talent Or A Skill? The Answer Might Surprise You!

Is Drawing Talent Or A Skill_feature_image

Is drawing purely talent, or is it a skill that must be developed over time?  The answer? Neither! In reality, drawing is truly based on skill. However, those who are naturally drawn to art might find that they have a greater inclination to drawing. But anybody who admires art and dreams of being an artist […]

Can Artists Make Good Money? You Bet They Can!

Can Artists Make Good Money_feature_image

Meta: Artists can make good money online and offline, and this article presents one of the best ways to make money as an artist. Yes, artists can make good money. Artists’ income is dependent on the effort they are willing to put into their craft. The better an artist becomes, the higher the income potential […]

Why Are Artists Paid So Little?

Why Are Artists Paid So Little_feature_image

Artists are paid so little because it’s very difficult to put a value on art. Art is not something we can objectively say is worth a specific amount of money. Often people paying for artwork or an artist’s services neglect to realize just how much time goes into creating art. Because of this oversight, artists […]

How Do Concept Artists Make Money?

How Do Concept Artists Make Money

Concept artists can make money in various ways, but the following three methods are the best ones: freelance work, studio work, or selling their knowledge and art resources online for others. Above all else, whether working for others or for yourself, you have to have put in the hours to hone your skill. But there […]

15 Best Digital Art Books For Beginners

Best Digital Art Books For Beginners

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create some amazing digital art? Learn from the best of the best with these amazing guides geared specifically for beginners. This list includes Best Digital Art Books available online today. It includes books both for beginners and for more advanced artists out there. These guides will walk you through […]

10 Best Anime Art Print Online Shops To Buy Anime Prints

Anime Art Print Online Shops To Buy Anime Prints_feature_image

You can purchase stunning anime posters right from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to go to crowded conventions or hard to find shops. Here’s a carefully selected list of the best shops online to buy anime prints and posters. One important thing to note is that while many people search for […]

Which Came First – Anime Or Manga?

Which_Came_First _- _Anime_Or_Manga_feature_image

The earliest forms of manga date back to the end of the 12th century in the form of scrolls. Anime, on the other dates to 19th century Japan. So manga did come before anime, after all. Manga as a word came to known in the late 18th century and is translated as comic. Anime, or […]

How Much Does A Mangaka Earn – Make Money As A Mangaka


Is it possible to make money from your own manga? How much money do mangakas make? A mangaka in Japan can make over ¥2,000,000 (roughly $19,000) per year, or over ¥50000 (approximately $470) per volume. Eiichiro Oda, the top-earning mangaka in Japan, is rumored to have even made around ¥3 billion (roughly $29,000,000) last year. So, […]

Can You Sell Digital Art? Absolutely!

Can You Sell Digital Art

Have you ever dreamed of making a living off your own art? You can! Today, it’s more than possible to sell digital art and make money. Before you take the plunge into the virtual art world, check out these tips and tricks to help turn your digital art into cash. You Can Sell Digital Art […]

Should Anime Be Considered Art? It Can’t Be Anything Else!


I’m sure that most of you have watched anime before in your life, but have you ever wondered that what you are watching is the artwork made by a group of professional artists? While anime itself is animation and thus is not considered art, the number of drawings and creative work that goes into producing […]

Drawing Styles And Types Explained – The Complete Guide


Art is present in every culture at every point in humanity. That’s why we have so many different types and styles of drawing today. Understanding the differences between basic line drawing and things like pointillism or photorealism will illuminate a tantalizing path into the art world. We’ll cover the most common drawing types, from the […]

Do Manga Artists Work Alone?


Reading manga might be quick and easy, but creating it takes many hours of hard work and dedication. With so much work to do in order to bring a story to life, do manga artists work alone? If a manga has one author, how can they manage to draw and write so much? Manga artists, […]

Do Anime Artists Use Reference Images?


To achieve fast results, most anime artists use reference images to draw their pictures. It is common to find people using scanned images to draw over photos as a background for their drawing. Or by picking up artworks online and then using them when drawing digitally. Well, experienced anime artists who have done the same […]

What Should I Charge For Art Commissions?


Recently, art has changed compared to decades ago. Its accessibility has expanded tremendously. The emergence of cheaper tools and more artists has made it pretty different from the past. Since art approachability is steadily mushrooming, people are now overlooking the artistic value. Do not undervalue yourself. Art commissioning requires your hard work and creativity for […]

Do Manga Artists Draw Digitally?


Modern art doesn’t just mean paint splatters and eccentric art pieces hanging in a museum. Because of technology, art has taken on a whole new fresh look, and that includes manga. Today, manga artists rely on digital software, tools, and even CGI to help produce their work. That’s surprising to a lot of fans because […]

The Main Anime Styles


While we often use the word “anime” as an umbrella term for anything with a Japanese animation look and feel to it, anime itself as an artform is diverse and infinite in variation. Just like all art styles, anime has been shaped by the rise and development of new technologies that make drawing more efficient […]

Is Manga Art?


Are you a fan of manga? Fond of the distinctive art style it possesses? Well, with its beautiful and characteristic illustrations, have you ever wondered, is manga actually art? Manga is a comic book and a graphic novel, and in that form, it is not art but a comic book. However, manga is written and […]

Is Manga Read From Right To Left?


A lot of people want to get into manga but are not sure how to start. One reason for this is that the very act of reading manga looks complex and intimidating. Is manga read right to left? And which page is actually the first page you should read? You will find, though, that once […]

Is Anime For Kids?


Anime is a Japanese word meaning cartoon or animation. When the word is used in Japan or by Japanese, it merely means all sorts of cartoons. That is without considering where it originated from or who created it. On the other hand, when other people use it, they mean Cartoons or animations created and produced […]

How To Sell Anime Art – The Ultimate Guide


An astonishing amount of people today make money solely off their anime art, and so can you. Top-selling anime artists have let their fans into their creative and marketing process. It’s “easier” than ever to grow your online presence and market your art using platforms designed by and for anime artists. If you’ve ever dreamed […]

10 Best Anatomy Figure Models For Artists


Anatomy figure models were used by the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci and other legendary artists. Today, they’re a staple in any artist’s toolkit. A manikin reference is essential for mastering the concepts of anatomy, perspective, and proportions. Models range from basic shapes of the human body to more intricately detailed body types, which are […]

How To Draw Anime Art – The Complete Guide


I’m Juha Ekman, a.k.a Okuha, and I’m here to help you get started with anime & manga art, make you more confident with your art skills, and teach you new drawing techniques to get your creativity to another level. Do you imagine what anime & manga art combined with confidence in your skills can give […]

25 Best Anime Coloring Books For Anime Fans


Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be an anime artist? Now, with anime coloring books, you can experience the thrill of bringing your favorite characters to life. Not only do anime coloring books help establish vital art skills for drawing, but they’re also relaxing. People of all ages can enjoy […]

20 Popular Anime Figurines For An Ultimate Collection


Anime figures are truly a work of art. Even those not familiar with the character, or even the anime art style at all, can appreciate the impeccable detail and quality that goes into these figurines. Display them on your desk, shelf, or start your own collector’s cabinet. Whether you have 1 or 100, check out […]

20+ Best Manga Artists – Legends And New Masters


Manga is possibly one of the most important contributions that Japan has made to the entire world’s culture. This is a fascinating phenomenon that dates back to the 11th century, with the popularization within this nation of satirical drawings of animals, known as ukiyo-e. However, it would not be from approximately the year 1790 that […]

9 Best Manga Apps For Reading Manga On Phone And Tablet


Today, it’s easier than ever to read and enjoy manga right from your phone. Whether you’re running iOS or Android, there’s an app out there for you, so you can take your favorite characters on the go. Not only are manga reading apps easy to use, but they’re also ultra-convenient. Start reading manga the day […]

25 Anime Art Books – The Ultimate Collection


The following list is carefully selected and researched. I also included many of the anime art books I personally own, as I saw them as something that truly gives you the inspiration to draw and get that creative flow in you. I often read anime art books as they will give me an insane amount […]

How To Create Manga And Anime Website – The Complete Guide


Whether you’re looking to create a manga and anime website that is simply dedicated to discussing the art of creating them, or you’re looking to create a manga and anime blog in which to discuss your favorite TV Shows, Movies, or Comics, then you need to understand more than just anime and manga themselves. Part […]

Best Materials For Anime Artists To Draw Professional Art


This guide will help you get the best of the best materials for drawing professional looking anime and manga art. Some of these materials I’ve used myself before and have been happy with the results. Copic markers for example are one of those treasured anime drawing materials that I still cherish. When I started drawing […]

How To Become A Digital Artist – Professional Guide


Becoming a digital artist is a journey. Something that I went through after seeing that traditional medium didn’t bring the artistic results I was after. I felt there was something missing, like the drawings just didn’t look the way I imagined them in my head. Luckily I found digital art and now I’m able to […]

What Is Anime Art Called?


Many budding artists might be tempted to head down the anime route when looking for an area in which to focus their artwork. However, the anime art industry can sometimes feel as though it is shrouded in secrecy slightly, and many people struggle to understand what exactly anime art is. Hopefully, this guide will go […]

How To Make Good Fan Art


Fan art is a great way for somebody to imagine a beloved character in a new or exciting way. Or maybe you just want to draw a tribute piece for your favorite TV Show, Anime, Movie, or Video Game. Whatever it is you plan to do with your particular fan art, you want to make […]

9 Best Tools To Use For Digital Art


Many people say that tools are only as good as the artist. This famous saying is true to a certain extent. Exceptional artists need the proper tools to channel their efforts into their art. Most digital artists agree that great tools bring out the best in their creativity. Digital art has revolutionized the art world. […]

How To Make Your Own Anime – Professional Studio Steps


Anime is a form of entertainment that seems to be ever-increasing in popularity. So it’s only natural that you might have thought about creating your own anime. After all, it’s something you love, and it’s something that could one day sell and maybe, just maybe, become a hit. The thing is, creating anime is an […]

14 BEST Fan Art Websites – The Best Sites To Find Fan Art


The Internet is a sea of opportunities of all kinds, especially for creative people such as artists who want to show their talent to the world, often drawing, composing, or giving shape to designs about their favorite series, movies, or games. On the other side of the coin, we have those people who want to […]

15 FREE Drawing Software For Artists


Art is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Out of the many benefits, it’s a way we’re able to express ourselves, which is something that is very important to us. Not only mentally, but emotionally and even psychologically as well. For some of us, it’s even our source of income. If you’re […]

Anime Software – Best Animation Software For Creating Anime


If you are an artist or studio interested in branching out into anime, the field can seem a little daunting. That’s mainly because there are so many different types of anime animation software for you to choose from, and that’s before you even start to think about the different stages involved in anime production. Some […]

Can You Sell Anime Art?


If you’re an artist, you may have wondered whether it’s okay to sell anime art. In fact, if you’ve visited Comic-Con and other popular events, you may have noticed anime art as well as fan art on merchandise such as caps, sweatshirts, and duffel bags. If you see an artist selling fan art, you cannot […]

Anime Websites To Watch Anime Online – 20+ FREE And Paid


Everyone has, at some point, experienced or loved anime. It is part of everyone’s childhood, which was once only seen on TV but now available on-demand on various websites. Watching anime is no longer just a past time but also provides nostalgic feels for the adult and a great bonding time for both child and […]

Why Anime Is So Popular?


The origin of anime can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. However, it was not until 1958 that an event occurred that would change everything: Hiroshi Okawa, president of the Toei Doga production company, decided to turn his company into the “Disney of the East.” His plan paid off. By creating […]

Is It Hard To Draw Anime? Answer From A Professional!


People often look at popular anime art on the internet and comment, “Wow, I could never draw like that. It looks so complicated.” Many anime art fans say that they wish they could draw like their favorite artists, but the learning curve is just too steep. Is it hard to draw anime? The answer is […]

14 Best Places To Sell Fan Art


With the growing demand for fictional works, there are many places that are available online nowadays that you may utilize to legally sell your fan art.  Each of these places has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling your piece of art. Hence, it’s highly recommended for you to do a little bit […]

Is it legal to sell fan art at conventions?


If you’ve spent hours toiling away over a piece of fan art that you adore, you might be wondering whether or not you can sell it at a convention or somewhere similar to make a little profit from it. Most people would think it’s reasonable to be able to – you made it, so you […]

Anime Art Portfolio – The Complete Guide


Your anime art portfolio can be used to help you establish your presence in the marketplace as an artist. While anime is a competitive niche, there are several ways to ensure that you can build relationships with clients and fans. If you are an anime artist, connecting with your audience on visual platforms such as […]

Can You Legally Sell Fan Art?


There is quite a lot of confusion around this topic because people generally struggle to understand things like copyright law and how that might impact the sale of fan art. This article will take you through everything you need to know about selling fan art legally – which you can do, but you need to […]

Why Anime Characters Have Big Eyes?


Anime and manga have a distinct art style that is almost unique to the manga creators or mangakas of Japan. It’s easy to distinguish a cartoon from the west compared to the anime shows that originated in Japan. Aside from the thick and heavy outlines, one of the distinct features of an anime character is their huge […]

Is Digital Art Hard To Learn?


Previously, most artists used paint and brush to make art. From time immemorial, artists have always sorted out new forms and formats to express their artistic principles. But to answer the question of is digital art hard to learn: You might find it hard to learn at the start since you need to master the […]

Is It Bad To Draw Anime?


With any trend comes backlash, so it begs the question, is it bad to draw anime? The answer is absolutely not! Today, anime is enjoyed by people of all kinds of backgrounds and nationalities. Moreover, many people make a living exclusively from drawing anime art. Check out these reasons why drawing anime is an awesome thing to do. […]

Best Web Hosting For Artists – Best Guide For Creatives


Whether you’re a musician, a sculptor, or a digital artist, in the modern economy, having a good website can make the difference between being a famous and successful artist or someone who can’t be found online. An artist website is an opportunity for people to know about you and your work, but also a way […]

How To Find Your Anime Drawing Style


What is an anime drawing style? Is it something that differentiates one artwork from another? Could it be so? Something so simple. What I am after here is an anime drawing style that is noticeably different from one another, a style that is different from the next one. The best way for you to find […]

How To Find A Drawing Style


It is too easy for people to say that they can’t draw when the truth is that they just haven’t yet figured out the best way to express themselves. Everyone can learn how to draw, and the trick is to find a drawing style and develop it. Working with a personal style takes away the […]

Top 15 Beautiful Anime Movies And Series With The Best Art


Considering that many people have limited knowledge of manga and anime, it’s easy to start believing that it “all looks the same.” It doesn’t. In fact, scratch below the surface, and you will find some stunning works of art. Though some shows are produced purely for profit and tend to be carbon copies of each […]

The Most Famous Anime Artist Ever


Surely, thanks to Japanese manga and anime, you’ve enjoyed great stories that have taken you out to other worlds through your imagination, right? However, many times we only talk about “the work,” and the author is left aside a bit, who is the creative machinery thanks to which you can enjoy your favorite hobby. Eiichiro […]

The Difference Between Anime and Manga Explained – Anime vs. Manga


Anime, originally hailing from Japan, has become a sensation all over the world. That’s true for manga as well, although you might be surprised to learn that both anime and manga are no recent art forms. The first instances of the manga we know and love today appeared in the nineteenth century, and the first […]

20+ Best How To Draw Anime Books To Master Anime Art


If you love watching anime shows like My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, or any of Miyazaki’s treasured films, then at some point, you’ve probably dreamed of being able to draw your favorite characters. Now, you can make that dream a reality with these best selling how to draw anime books. These guides will not only […]

20+ FREE How To Draw Anime Girl Art Tutorials


For this post, I carefully collected the best how to draw anime girl art tutorials that you can find, watch, and enjoy for free, thanks to YouTube. How to Draw: Anime School Girl This drawing video tutorial teaches you how to draw anime school girls. The tutorial is great when you want to learn the […]

Top 14 Digital Art Websites


Artists around the world are using the internet to show off their work, connect with buyers, and take their designs to the next level. Whether you’re a business looking for graphic design help or a homeowner looking to deck the walls with a unique piece, these sites will connect you to just what you’re looking […]

20 Best Manga Drawing Books To Master Manga Art


Do you know how to draw a manga character, or how to draw manga eyes? Well, if not, then this article is for you. With a vast collection of manga books available in different stores, I’ve managed to sum up some of the best drawing manga art books in this post that will help you […]

15+ Ways To Sell Anime Drawings


What if you could take your passion and put it to work for you, generating passive income? Making money online from your art is no longer a pipe dream. You can sell anime drawings, manga, illustrations, and even high-quality products featuring your designs, all from the comfort of your couch! Let’s take a look at […]

How To Draw Anime Face Profile View


In this post, I will show you how to draw an anime face from a profile view. We will go through the process step-by-step. Many artists start by drawing a circle, creating a guideline to draw the face and head features in a structured way. Instead, I actually start by drawing the eye first rather […]

Types Of Anime – The Complete Guide


Did you know there is more than one type of anime? For beginners, the anime world can be a little confusing at first, especially taking into consideration the use of all the Japanese terms. Many people think anime itself is a genre when it actually isn’t. Anime is a subcategory of animation, this particular animation […]

Cel Shading – Everything You Need To Know


Have you ever seen a piece of artwork, probably in a video game or anime film, and noticed that it seemed unique? Now, if you’re not exactly sure about what I mean by unique, I’m referring to those aspects within an image that makes it seem hand-drawn. Why is this unique? Because with 3D rendering, […]

How To Color Anime Eyes


Hi there, and thank you for checking out this anime and manga art tutorial for both beginners and advanced digital artists. In this post, I will be showing you how you can color anime eyes and the kind of things I like to focus on when coloring them. If you want to see a video […]

Zero Two Drawing – Easy Art Tutorial

Feature_image zero two darling in the franxx my darling fan art

What is going on! I mean, you pilot a mecha with girls ass? And the girls pose in the cockpit? Hmmm, this has to be some Japanese humor…which I totally get!! I mean, the first time I saw the piloting scene, I just lolled. I have to admit, I was hooked from the spot. Also […]

How To Draw Female Anime Eyes


If you like to draw anime and manga but have not yet mastered the perfect technique to get your characters to have the eyes that give off personality and life, this is the ideal article for you. I’m Juha Ekman, a.k.a Okuha, and in this post, I am going to teach you how to draw […]

The 5 Best Anime And Manga Courses & Classes Today


Dreaming to be the next Akira Toriyama or Hiyao Miyazaki? You have the imagination and creativity but really don’t know where to start working towards your goal? Fortunately, we’ve scouted out some of the best anime and manga classes currently available. Let’s take a look at some of them. The Collection By Okuha Ok, I know it might […]

5 Essential Ways To Get Better At Drawing Anime


Whether you are an anime fan dreaming of drawing your favorite characters, or you want to create your manga, this article will give you some helpful tips and pointers on how to improve your drawing skills. This post’s purpose is to help you understand how to illustrate these unique anime features, such as emotionally exaggerated […]

15+ FREE How To Draw Anime Eyes Art Tutorials


Drawing anime and manga eyes are not easy when you are just beginning your artist journey, and even if you’ve drawn a while, still few angles might make you sweat. I’ve done some extensive research on this topic and have gathered the very best art tutorials there are available online for FREE.  Related article: How […]

Anime Drawing Apps – Best Apps to Draw Anime and Manga Art


Manga and anime art as an art style is well established among us artists. If you are looking to take your traditional art skills to a digital format, you might become overwhelmed with all of the choices out there. There are countless software and apps available to artists of any skill level. In this post, […]

Neon Genesis Evangelion | Asuka Langley | Fan Art


So there was a challenge or a contest of sort to draw Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series. I think it was a few years ago when I first wanted to draw this character but somehow just didn’t get to draw her. This time there was a contest for it so I grabbed […]

10 Best Ways To Get Better At Drawing Anime


Every great anime and manga artist started from the bottom. We’ve all struggled to copy even simple images, and we’ve all thought that we’d never reach the level of the professional artists that we so admire. But the truth is, if you’re willing to put in the work, you can improve your anime and manga […]

Best 40 Manga Comic Books Of All Time


Did you know that the best anime series are based on manga comics? Well, there are thousands of manga books all over the globe, but the Japanese seem to be the best and most prominent ones. I’m sure everyone interested in manga has something to tell about them, their history, and what they entail. So, […]

25+ Awesome Digital Art Ideas


Creativity doesn’t seem to have an end. But sometimes, when the mind is crammed with too many ideas and concepts, it becomes difficult to create interesting artwork. It might seem frustrating for many that ultimately results in loss of focus. Here in this post, I present you 25 awesome digital art ideas that will rejuvenate […]

20 FREE Tutorials On How To Draw Anime Heads And Faces


Drawing anime head, whether it’s male or female, is pretty simple. However, you need to know the basics of human anatomy to pull it off. Eyes, nose, ears are pretty much in the same place, as if you were drawing a realistic human head. There are, however, few small differences that we have to tackle. […]

World’s Best Anime And Manga Artists Ever


Before, anime and manga were only popular in Japan. But today, it’s now popular all around the world.  Do you enjoy watching or reading anime series, movies, and mangas? Do you have a favorite one that you revisit now and then? If yes, then I’m sure it’s not only because of its thrilling and unique […]

How to Draw Pokémons Step-by-Step

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Pokémon is a worldwide phenomenon and no wonder. Cute little creatures with weird voices. What could go wrong? There are more than 800 different Pokémons. I have to say that is a pretty impressive number there. Feels like there’s one for everyone. So many cool designs and personalities. Colorful, cute, fierce, frightening, weird, all kinds […]

Character Design | How to Design Your Own Character

Feature_image Character Design How to design your own Character - heavymetalhanzo

Designing characters is something that almost every artist wants to do at some point in their life. Creating your own character is something that gives excitement and feels very personal. Like you are breathing life into something of your creation. What has always been an absolute blast is the fact that you can create worlds. […]