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Key Takeaways

  • Stable Diffusion offers the best AI anime art models to create amazing anime AI art.
  • AnimeGenius offers one of the most user-friendly experiences for AI art generation.
  • PixAI offers anime models not acquirable elsewhere.
  • Midjourney is one of the most popular AI anime art generators.
  • Lexica offers a simple and highly intuitive user interface for quick AI anime art creation and text prompting.

Stable Diffusion

The best anime AI art generator is Stable Diffusion, as you can upgrade the base SD (Stable Diffusion) model with checkpoint models created by users worldwide. You can find the best anime AI art models from Civitai.

While the learning curve to use Stable Diffusion is a bit steep at the beginning, when you get used to it, and your computer’s hardware can manage it, Stable Diffusion is the best one to use. On top of everything, it’s free to use, and users constantly create new and exciting models to play around with.

Stable Diffusion uses VRAM to generate the images, so the more VRAM you have, the better.

With other solutions like Midjourney, Crypko, NovelAI, etc., you are limited to the models, embeddings, etc., they use, and you might not get precisely the results you are looking for.

The best anime AI art checkpoint models for Stable Diffusion:


Midjourney is one of the most well-known AI art generators worldwide, and lately, they updated their algorithm to use NijiJourney v5 with their V5 model. Midjourney has, from the beginning, produced some of the best-looking AI anime art, and with their recent upgrade, that hasn’t changed.

While Midjourney offers a free trial, it most likely won’t work due to extreme demand from paying customers. It costs $10/month to use Midjourney, and with that, you get roughly 200 generations.

The pros of using Midjourney are that you can generate stunning images without worrying about whether your hardware can handle image generation.

The cons of using Midjourney is that you are limited to their AI art models.

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AnimeGenius is a cutting-edge anime AI art generator developed by Live3D, designed to empower individuals to transform their creative ideas into stunning AI-generated artwork. This service leverages state-of-the-art AIGC (AI-generated content) technology and a repository of pre-trained AI models to facilitate the creation of high-quality AI art with remarkable ease.

AnimeGenius is trusted by over 1 million users thanks to its user-friendly interface and impressive results.

Key features of AnimeGenius:

  • High-Quality AI Generations: AnimeGenius’s AI models have undergone rigorous training to produce exceptional results, ensuring that every user’s creative vision is brought to life with precision and finesse.
  • Boundless AI Creativity Library: The platform offers a vast collection of AI creative cases, drawing from the experiences of other users. This library is an endless source of inspiration, enabling users to explore various artistic possibilities and styles.
  • Friendly AI Art Community: AnimeGenius fosters a warm and helpful AI anime community on Discord. Here, users can connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for AI art.
  • No Prior Knowledge Required: Unlike many other AI art generators, AnimeGenius is incredibly beginner-friendly. Simply input your prompt word, click generate, and let the AI work its magic.
  • Highly Customizable Art: The platform offers a high degree of customization, allowing users to tailor their AI-generated artwork to their preferences.
  • Diverse Character Styles: The platform boasts over 40 LoRA models, making it easy to create unique and captivating artwork inspired by your favorite cartoon or game characters.
  • Getting More Credits: Users can acquire additional credits by upgrading their subscription or purchasing credits directly. Free users receive a daily credit refresh at 0:00 (UTC +0), while paid users’ credits are updated upon subscription renewal.
  • AI Model Licensing: AnimeGenius’s AI models are derivative models of stable diffusion and comply with the CreativeML Open RAIL-M License. Users must review this license when using AI images for commercial purposes.
  • Free Trial: AnimeGenius offers a free trial with some limitations. Users can generate up to 20 free images, making it accessible to those who wish to explore the service before considering subscription options.

AnimeGenius uses three main modes:

  • text2img: Describe the AI image you want to create in the prompt words, and AnimeGenius will generate the artwork based on your description.
  • img2img: Upload a reference picture and use the ControlNet function to generate a picture with a similar outline but in a different style. You have the freedom to adjust details and styles according to your prompt.
  • pose2img: Pose a 3D model using the 3D pose placer and input your desired effect in the prompt. AnimeGenius will generate artwork that matches your prompt within the chosen pose.



PixAI reminds me a lot of Pixiv.net (the biggest anime art website). After you’ve signed up to use PixAI, you will get 10,000 credits (daily reward) and 3,000 credits as you sign up to use the service. PixAI also has membership plans. PixAI has some of the best and most unique anime diffusion models available.

PixAI offers anime Stable Diffusion models that you can find from Civitai, but they also have models such as RuviStyle_V2.0 and Neverland that you can’t get anywhere else.

PixAI generated images using the Neverland diffusion model (available only in PixAI).
PixAI generated images using the Ruvi_Style_v2.0 diffusion model (available only in PixAI). The same prompt was used as with the Neverland model.


Lexica is a lot like Midjourney, except the user interface and the overall user experience are on a whole other level. What I like the most about Lexica is the easy image search, easy image generation (100 generations for free), and how you can browse creations right from the homepage.

When you find something you like, you can explore the style further, copy the prompt, or open it in the editor and start adjusting the image to your liking.

Lexica has put a lot of effort into simplifying everything for the AI artist, so you don’t have to spend time figuring things out, as with Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

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It has the same image prompt, but the middle image was done using the Inkpunk Diffusion model.

Getimg is another great AI anime art generator available for free (100 credits/generations). You can easily sign up with your Google account and start generating images.

Getimg offers many different diffusion models, and the ones anime enthusiasts are interested in are Ghibli diffusion, Anime diffusion, and NeverEnding Dream.

Getimg is adding new models to its algorithm, which makes it a good option for those who want to play around with different models.

Getimg also offers Dreambooth, which is basically an image-to-image algorithm. So, if you have a selfie or some other existing image that you would like to transform into an anime avatar, Getimg has a solution for that.

Getimg also supports negative prompts, something that Midjourney does not. Getimg basically has a lot of parameters that are available if you were to install Stable Diffusion locally.

What is also nice about Getimg is that you can change models on the fly to get different images with the same prompt.

The standard output is roughly 512px x 768px, but enabling High-Res (+1 credit/image) bumps the resolution to 1024px × 1536px. You still need to upscale the image if you plan to sell AI art online.

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AI Anime Maker


AI Anime Maker is a powerful service that offers unlimited rendering and HD upscaling. It works on any device without requiring any model downloads or WebUI installations. The service includes a web app, chatbot, and features like photo editing with AI, unlimited AI upscale, and access to 1Tb+ of pre-installed models.

It provides commercial licenses and 24/7 VIP support and emphasizes the positive impact of AI on art. Graydient (the company behind AI Anime Maker) AI maintains content safety measures and has a strong track record in the technology industry.


Same image prompt using different anime art styles in ImgCreator.

ZMO.ai’s ImgCreator is an easy-to-use AI art generator platform that allows users to create stunning images by providing simple prompts. The platform offers free access to its AI algorithms, enabling users to generate high-quality art, images, anime, and realistic photos with a click of a button.

You can sign up to their platform with your Google account and get 60 credits, which you can use to generate AI art.

Under the anime category, you can add different styles for creating AI anime art.

ZMO.ai offers a category specifically for creating anime art. Inside the category, you can add different anime styles, such as:

  • Anime vivacity
  • Anime drawing
  • Japanese anime
  • Anime art
  • Fairy girl
  • Gorgeous Girl
  • Bright Girl
  • Makoto Shinkai
  • Miyazaki
  • Ukiyo-E
  • Anime Classic

While there are many different anime art styles, the overall results disappointed me. While the prompt could always be improved, I found that using the same prompt in different art generators like Getimg did produce excellent results on the first try.

Feature image credits.



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