11 Best AI Art Generators for This Year – New List


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Midjourney is a leading text-to-image AI art generator founded by David Holz. It boasts a Discord community of over 13 million members and operates exclusively within the Discord server, eliminating the need for local AI art model downloads and WebUI installations.

Using large language models and diffusion models, Midjourney generates artwork based on text prompts, with image quality influenced by prompt complexity.

The pricing options include monthly and yearly subscriptions. The Basic plan costs $10/month and excludes “Fast” image generation. The Standard plan, priced at $30/month, offers the same features as the Basic but includes “Fast” image generation. The Pro plan costs $60/month, providing additional “Fast” generation time and stealth image generation.

Each plan has varying image limits. The Free plan offers a relaxed mode; Basic allows around 200 images/month, Standard provides 900 “fast” and unlimited “slow” images, while Pro and Mega offer 1,800 and 3,600 “fast” and unlimited “slow” images.

Midjourney excels as a text-to-image AI art generator, catering to diverse user needs with its impressive visuals and flexible pricing plans.

Pros And Cons

Best AI art in terms of image quality and aesthetics.User interface.
Text prompt precision.User experience.
No need to fill the text prompt with multiple negative text prompts.Pricing.
Zoom Out and Pan features (outpainting)Occasional mistakes in images (which will cost you credits as they are always counted as one image generation)
Occasional start and end job hiccups.
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Midjourney.

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Stable Diffusion (Local Install)

Example image of what Stable Diffusion can generate.

Stable Diffusion is an advanced text-to-image diffusion model that generates highly realistic images based on textual input. It harnesses the power of latent representations to produce stunning visual content autonomously. Stable Diffusion allows anyone to create impressive artwork in a matter of seconds.

Stable Diffusion is free for anyone to download and use instantly. However, Stable Diffusion has a steep learning curve, and it also requires some technical know-how to get started.

The benefit of Stable Diffusion, besides being free, is that you are not bound to any single art style but instead can create your own AI art models or download user-generated models from Civitai.

With Stable Diffusion (with AUTOMATIC1111 WebUI), you can do inpainting, outpainting, ControlNet, and even integrate it into Photoshop with a plugin.

Pros And Cons

Completely free.Needs a bit of technical know-how to get started.
Can easily generate Midjourney quality AI art.There are hardware and software requirements for using Stable Diffusion locally.
You can install and use as many diffusion models as you want.
Inpainting and outpainting can be done with different diffusion models.
It can be used in many different ways, such as text-to-video, ControlNet, Photoshop, etc.
No limits to how many images you can generate in one go.
You can use user-generated AI art models.
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Stable Diffusion locally.

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Leonardo AI is a leading AI art generator, offering a wide range of features and a vibrant community with over 1 million members on Discord. While initially focused on game asset generation, Leonardo AI has evolved into a comprehensive AI image generation platform, rivaling industry competitors like Midjourney.

The platform provides features like outpainting, inpainting, model training, and canvas editing, delivering a full-stack AI image generation experience. The user interface is engaging, displaying token balance and consumption for image generation. On average, two tokens are required per image, and up to eight images can be generated simultaneously.

A standout feature is Leonardo Alchemy, a transformative image generation tool that effortlessly produces high-resolution images of exceptional quality. It offers options for resolution increase, contrast boost, and detail enhancement.

Leonardo.ai offers various pricing plans, including a free plan with 150 daily tokens and paid plans starting from $10/month. Commercial use of AI-generated images is allowed.

With its extensive feature set and versatility, Leonardo AI provides artists with a comprehensive platform for creating AI art.

Pros And Cons

You get 150 tokens per day in the free plan.The number of features, customization, and options can overwhelm a new user.
The overall art quality.
User interface and the overall user experience.
You can generate eight images at a time.
Leonardo Alchemy.
Amount of features, options, and customization.
A genuinely viable alternative to Midjourney.
Outpainting, inpainting, and image can be done with multiple different diffusion models.
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Leonardo AI.

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Playground AI


Playground AI is one the best free AI art generators (a worthy alternative to Midjourney) that offer you 1,000 image generations per day. You can also use those AI images commercially. When you get the Pro version ($15/month) of Playground AI, you can generate 2,000 images per day, have no limits on image dimensions (which means you might not need to upscale your images), no limits on quality and steps, faster image generation, and permanent private mode.

Playground AI might not create the best possible AI art as of yet. However, getting 1,000 images per day is a great way for beginner AI artists to become professional AI artists while not paying a monthly fee for it.

Playground Ai has different kinds of ‘Filters’ that you can use to generate AI images. I see them more as style guides than AI art models. It feels as though the filter adds words to the text prompt to guide the AI art generation rather than using an AI art model to do the image generation.

Playground’s user interface is easy-to-use and intuitive, and you have a lot of the same options available as you would if you were using Stable Diffusion locally.

Pros And Cons

Pricing.You can only create 4 images per generation.
User interface and the ease-of-use.Limited model selection.
A vast array of different art style filters.Overall art quality.
Canvas and its outpainting, inpainting, and image correction capabilities.
You can create 1,000 images for free and use them commercially as you like.
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Playground AI.

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Mage.space is an AI art generator offering over 60 of the best checkpoint models and LoRA models. While the user interface may be challenging at first, it provides extensive customization options.

The generator supports text-to-image, image-to-image, and image-to-GIF functionalities. It stands out with its collection of diffusion and LoRA models, ensuring high-quality and diverse outputs.

For beginners, an ‘Easy Mode’ setting simplifies the process and produces excellent results. However, outpainting and inpainting capabilities are currently unavailable.

The platform offers a free plan with access to image generation and Stable Diffusion V1.5 and V2.1. The Pro plan, priced at $15/month, unlocks all features and models for exceptional AI art creation.

With Mage.space, you can create AI art without worrying about VRAM or hardware requirements for Stable Diffusion.

Pros And Cons

You can use over 60+ of the top checkpoint models found online.You can only generate 1 image at a time. You can increase this by having multiple sessions open (browser windows), which hinders the overall user experience (UX).
Pricing.The user interface is not the most intuitive.
Offers image-to-image generation.No outpainting or inpainting (at the time of writing).
You can create images privately (even with the free version).
Unlimited creations.
Image generation is relatively fast.
The overall art quality is dependent on the checkpoint model you’re using and the text prompt.
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Mage.space.

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Getimg has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for generating AI art.

Getimg.ai is a suite of AI tools that allow you to generate original images at scale, modify photos, expand pictures beyond their original borders, or create custom AI models.

The platform provides 20+ AI models from Stable Diffusion to custom community styles and works for every use case, such as art creation, photo editing, and design inspiration. Getimg.ai offers a fully integrated suite of image-generation tools built for speed and can generate up to 4 images in seconds.

AI Editor features outpainting and inpainting capabilities, which allow you to expand pictures beyond their borders and edit images with only text, respectively. Finally, Dreambooth allows you to create your custom AI art models by uploading ten pictures, making personalized AI models easily accessible.

You can easily start using the service by logging in with your Google account, for example. You get 100 credits (image generations) per month when you create an account.

Pros And Cons

Get 100 credits every month for free (free plan).Outpainting (beta).
User interface and overall user experience.Inpainting (beta).
Dreambooth.ControlNet (beta).
Vast feature catalog, including 30+ different AI art models.AI Editor is a bit stiff to work with.
You can generate four images at a time.
The overall art quality is good, while not great.
Easy-to-use platform and excellent for beginners.
Image generation speed.
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Getimg.

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Lexica is an early AI art generator that aims to provide a user-friendly and enchanting experience. The San Francisco-based team focuses on integrating exceptional AI capabilities with a seamless end-user experience.

Lexica stands out with its excellent user interface and user experience, distinguishing it from Midjourney.

Pricing follows a similar structure to Midjourney, offering 1,000 fast generations per month for the cheapest plan ($8/month) and 7,000 for the most expensive plan ($48/month).

What sets Lexica apart is its emphasis on ease of use and overall art quality, though images tend to be saturated across the board.

Pros And Cons

The overall art quality is excellent.You can only generate 4 images in one go.
The user interface is one of the best I’ve seen and used.Limited model selection.
Outpainting, image-to-image, and upscaling work flawlessly.All of the artworks are quite saturated, and you can’t disable that.
Proprietary AI art models.You can’t guide the image-to-image and outpainting process.
You need to pay $48/month to generate images privately.
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Lexica.

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Craiyon, formerly known as DALL·E mini, is an AI art generator with a user-friendly interface. It offers straightforward AI art generation with text prompts and the ability to include positive and negative prompts. However, it may lack excitement and inspiration compared to other platforms.

Craiyon provides four image-generation models, but the results may not be as impressive as those from other AI art generators. Platforms like Lexica and Playground offer more features and customization options, even on their free plans.

Notable features of Craiyon include the “Next prompt” option, which suggests new prompts based on previous input, and showcasing AI-generated images on t-shirt mockups.

Craiyon offers free access and subscription plans priced at $5/month and $20/month. However, the value of the $20/month plan may be questioned as it primarily offers faster image generation and access to upcoming features.

While Craiyon provides a convenient platform for AI art generation, it may not match the features, image quality, and customization some competitors offer.

Pros And Cons

You can generate as many images as you want.It only generates a 1:1 image ratio with a 256px x 256px resolution.
Beginner-friendly platform.Image quality.
Craiyon offers a free plan, but the images come with watermarks.
Lacks many features such as outpainting, inpainting, non-fixed image ratio, etc.
Only four image generation methods/models.
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Craiyon.

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NightCafe is an AI Art Generator app with multiple methods of AI art generation. Using neural style transfer, you can turn your photo into artwork. Using text-to-image AI, you can create artwork by typing different text prompts.

Anything you create with NightCafe belongs to you, and you can do whatever you want with them (notice that you need to have permission to use the input images or have permission from the copyright owner of any input images, and subject to Copyright laws in your country). The NightCafe is free to use and works on Android and iOS phones.

NightCafe has five different ways/models you can create AI art with:

  • Stable (Stable Diffusion)
  • DALL-E 2 (OpenAI)
  • Coherent (CLIP-Guided Diffusion)
  • Artistic (VQGAN+CLIP)
  • Style Transfer

Jasper Art


Jasper Art is part of the product family of Jasper AI. Jasper Art is free to use for 5 days, after which it will cost $20 per month. Inside the free trial period, you can create 200 images, and if you opt to have the paid plan, then there’s no limit to how many images you can create. All images created by the platform are yours to own and use (commercially or non-commercially.).

Jasper Art has plenty of features and options you can use to create your AI art. Below is a list of art styles you can choose from:

  • Line art
  • Retro
  • Cartoon
  • Abstract
  • Pop art
  • Modern oil painting
  • Portrait
  • Surrealism
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Anime
  • Pixel Art
  • Cyberpunk
  • Fan art of [CELEB, CHARACTER]

In Jasper Art, you can select different inputs such as art syle, lighting, etc., and all the inputs have further details to choose from, for example, Lighting -> Ambient Light, etc. Below is a list of inputs you can select:

  • Descriptive subject (objects, characters)
  • Background/Scene (close-up, Cityscape)
  • Keywords (detailed, realistic)
  • Art style (cartoon, abstract, anime)
  • Illustration (watercolor, colored pencil, airbrush)
  • Medium (acrylic, charcoal, ink)
  • Lighting (ambient light, backlit, colorful lighting)
  • Artist (Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol)
  • Modifiers (4K, 35mm lens)

For a full list, check tips and tricks for Jasper Art.



DALL·E 2 is another popular AI art generator from OpenAI. When you sign-up to use DALL·E 2, you will get 50 free credits during your first month, and 15 free credits will be given every month after that. You can buy up to 11,500 credits, which would cost you $1,500.

When you log into DALL·E 2, you can start using the generator immediately, and the ‘Suprise me’ button will give you a text prompt you can work with. This will help you understand how the DALL·E 2 and text prompts work in general.

Testing how DALL-E works and what kind of results it can create

DALL·E 2 will create images in a batch of four, so every time you insert a text prompt and click the Generate button, it will produce four different images for you. From those images, you can create variations by selecting the three small dots on the upper right corner of the image and selecting ‘Generate variations.’ You can also edit the image or download the image for further use.

My Experience

“Midjourney is one of the best AI art generators out there, and there’s no denying that. However, using Stable Diffusions user-generated models will give you slightly better results (free of charge). Now the thing is that installing the SD models locally can be a lot of hassle, so for that reason, I suggest you check out Mage.space. For complete beginners, Playground AI and Lexica are perfect choices.”


AI Art GeneratorFreePricingThings to note
Playground AIFree 1000 images per day$15/month (2,000 images/month)Perfect for beginners.
GetimgFree 100 credits/month$12-99/monthEasy-to-use.
LexicaFree 100 credits/month$8-48/monthSaturated images.
MidjourneyFree (extremely limited availability)$10-120/monthHigh-quality images and artwork.
Mage.SpaceFree & unlimited.$4-15/monthUse the best Stable Diffusion models without worrying about hardware or software.
Jasper ArtFree 5-day trial (200 images for free)$39-99/monthGetting old.
DALL·E 2Free (50 credits + 15 new credits/month)115 Credits for $15Getting old.
Stable DiffusionFreeFreeBest-in-class.
Leonardo.ai150 tokens per day$10-$48/monthRivaling Midjourney.
CraiyonFree$5-20/monthThere are better options.
Table of AI art generators, showing pricing and notable things.

Other AI Art Generators

Feature image credits.



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