5 Best AI-Generated Digital Products to Sell Online


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AI Art, Patterns, Images, And Stock Photo


AI art generators like Midjourney, Leonardo AI, Playground AI, etc., all enable you to create amazing AI art, images, patterns, and stock photos which you can sell in multiple marketplaces such as Etsy, Creative Market, Society6, Redbubble, etc.

Type of AI art you can create and sell online:

As the market is already quite saturated with AI art, AI stock photos, images, and patterns, it can be difficult to make a living selling AI-generated visuals.

Your best bet is to tap into a trend, create designs for a specific holiday or offer custom art services. One of the easiest ways to create custom art offers is to use customer-provided images and use an image-to-image function in an art generator to create custom art.

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Coloring books And Storybooks

Example images for a coloring book.

With AI art generators, you can create black-and-white images to be used as a coloring book. Pick a topic that is either ever-trendy (dinosaurs, cars, anime, etc.) or just trending (use Google Trends), design it with Canva (for example), package it up in Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), and start selling it online.

Example images for storybook style illustrations.

Another way to sell AI digital products online is to create a storybook. You can easily create a compelling story and characters with ChatGPT. Then use the story, characters, theme, and setting to guide Midjourney to create art for your book. The difficult part is to make the characters look consistent.

A workaround is to create a storybook that has varied characters and not one main character.

It’s good to have design skills and an eye for visuals. You also need to find a nice font (Creative Market, Creative Fabrica) for your books, making them visually appealing in the crowded market.

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Videos, Stock Music, And Sound Effects

With AI, you can create videos without an actor, cameras, or even a microphone. FlexClip, Synthesia, and InVideo are some services that enable you to do just that: text-to-video content. You can also create an AI avatar (best image-based AI art generators), animate that, and create YouTube videos that way.

To make sales, you can offer video editing services while doing the work with the assistance of AI.

You can now use text-to-song services (Voicemod) to create music, songs, sound effects, etc.

Epidemic Sound, Artlist, and Storyblocks are all places where you can sell AI-generated music, sound effects, video, etc.

Virtual Backgrounds

best-ai-digital-products-to-sell-online-virtual backgrounds
Example image of a virtual background. Image credits.

Virtual backgrounds can be used in Zoom calls, YouTube videos, and in company meeting calls. Virtual backgrounds are easy to create, while not maybe easy to sell. You can create virtual backgrounds with any AI art generator.

Remember to set the aspect ratio preferably to 16:9 and the resolution to 1920×1080 at minimum. You can use an AI image upscaler to scale the image to a larger size if needed.

Etsy is currently one of the best places to sell virtual backgrounds.

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Logo And Brand Design

Logo design example made with Midjourney. Image credits.

With ChatGPT, you can create brand guidelines, logo ideas, and color schemes and explore the best fonts and font combinations for a specific brand and industry case. After getting the needed guide from ChatGPT, you can create a brand design kit with Canva or Adobe to be sold to clients or as a unique pack in a digital product format.

You can also use services like Colormind to test how AI-selected brand colors work together.

Type of AI-generated digital products you can sell for businesses:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Fonts
  • Logo design
  • Social media kit
  • Website template
  • User interface (UI) design

Current AI art generators add a background to every image generated. This means you have to remove the background from the image and upscale it to be used properly in brand design. While AI generates pretty good logo designs, they still have errors in them, so in some cases, you also have to fix and clean up the image before sending it to the client.

Website templates, social media kits, fonts, user interface designs, etc., can be generated with AI but treat the generations as inspiration and guidelines rather than ready-made digital products.

Best places to offer brand and logo design services:

In the design business, AI is mostly a tool than a service that creates digital products by command. With the latest innovation in text-to-image, text-to-GIF, text-to-song, and text-to-video generation, you can speed up the workflow but not replace traditional design work and product creation.

Feature image credits: mockup and art.



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