Top 11 AI Headshot Generators for Studio Quality Results


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Aragon is a user-friendly solution that transforms regular photos into impressive headshots in just 30 minutes, requiring 12 photos to train its AI algorithm. With a focus on enhancing your LinkedIn profile picture, Aragon ensures you make a great first impression in the professional world. Plus, your data is kept secure with AES256 encryption and responsible data handling practices.



HeadshotPro offers a seamless solution for creating high-quality headshots without physical photo shoots. Using your photos as a reference, its AI algorithm produces nearly indistinguishable headshots, and you can even generate striking headshots for your team members.

With options for backgrounds and clothing, the tool provides over 120 headshots per team member, ensuring optimal quality. Your data is secure, as the tool auto-deletes photos and avatars within a week, and you retain full ownership of the outputs. Individual plans start at $29 per shoot, and team plans begin at $39 per person.



Media.io AI Headshot Generator is your quick online solution for generating realistic and customizable headshots for your professional profiles on social media platforms. It empowers you to effortlessly create impressive profile photos without needing photography expertise or a studio.

With various styles and a fast turnaround time (under thirty minutes), it’s a convenient option for leaving a lasting impression. Pricing starts at a one-time payment of $4.99.


ProPhotos. Image credits.

ProPhotos offers high-quality, lifelike AI headshots as a professional replacement for business and corporate portraits. Their proprietary technology analyzes facial features, customizes lighting, and offers AI background removal, allowing users to have consistent, professional headshots.

With results ready in 30-45 minutes and requiring only 5-10 casual photos, users retain full ownership and the flexibility to use the headshots in various contexts. This quick, accurate, and affordable service is ideal for those seeking a hassle-free upgrade to their professional image, starting at just $25 for the base package.



Fotor’s AI headshot generator caters to digital artists seeking stylish art creations for social media rather than professional headshots. It employs powerful algorithms using both images and text prompts.

While offering free use for beginners with limited free credits, Fotor allows AI-generated headshots for commercial use. Pricing options include Pro at $3.33 per month and Pro+ at $7.49 monthly.



StudioShot delivers virtual headshots in minutes, eliminating the need for traditional photo shoots. Offering a variety of styles, including LinkedIn, Real Estate, Executive, and more, each style features unique lighting and aesthetics.

The StudioShot team ensures satisfaction with infinite touch-ups, resulting in stunning headshots suitable for various professional applications. Plans are available for different team sizes, starting at $29.25 per person for 1-5 members.



AirBrush Headshot, from the creators of AirBrush with over seven years of industry experience and a massive user base, offers trusted and convenient AI-generated professional headshots, starting at just $4.99.

It saves time and money compared to traditional studios, allowing customization of clothing and backgrounds for an efficient and affordable solution for high-quality headshots.

Headshot AI

Headshot AI.

Headshot AI delivers quick, professional headshots in just 2 minutes. Upload your photos in various formats, and this tool creates natural-looking AI avatars resembling your source image. It prioritizes privacy, deleting uploaded pictures after 30 days. With three paid packages starting at a one-time payment of $21 and a two-week refund option before AI training begins, Headshot AI offers a hassle-free solution for stunning headshots.

Secta AI


Secta AI, despite requiring over 25 images, offers a gallery of over 300+ styles with various clothing and scenery options for creating detailed headshots. The service provides speedy results in under an hour, albeit at a steep price of $49 with no alternative plans, making it a promising choice for those willing to invest the effort and cost.



Dreamwave.ai, an AI headshot generator, transforms your uploaded photos into high-quality headshots with various outfit and scene options, including pet images. It offers user-friendly editing features, text animation, and background removal.

While it may be costly for those on a tight budget, it’s a versatile tool for creating advanced AI headshots, priced at $39 for 40 images.

Headshots by AI

Headshots by AI.

For photorealistic headshots, choose Headshots by AI. Its AI technology analyzes your facial features to create a personalized model, delivering multiple headshots within 3 hours. Privacy is a priority, with automatic photo deletion after 24 hours. However, note that this service is paid with an upfront payment required, and no refund options are available.

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