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This post collects some of the best anime art YouTubers that share tips and tricks for anime artists of all levels. Most of the YouTube channels are ones that the creator updates frequently.

Key Takeaways

  • While some YouTubers don’t speak English, there’s still much to learn from them.
  • You can learn a lot by just watching speed paintings.



Created in 2015, Milkywaes is an anime art YouTube channel that mainly revolves around traditional pen-and-paper sketching, though the channel has several digital sketching videos.

If you’re into watercolor painting, you’ll be happy to know that Milkywaes has several watercoloring videos. The channel also does the occasional Q&A and vlogging-style videos.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 291,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 8,600,000



Lackism is one of the oldest anime art channels on YouTube, having been created in 2009. The channel provides speed-painting videos of popular manga series like Chainsaw Man and One Piece.

Lackism uses different software to create anime art, including Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop CS3. Sadly, this channel doesn’t have that many videos. We’d love to see it pumping out more content.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 212,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 15,000,000

Chroma Moma


Chrome Moma is a diverse art channel that tackles several topics, from color theory and how to make ink out of vaseline to sketching anime art, mechs, and even real-life people!

This YouTube channel also provides sketching-related vlogs and advice videos for aspiring artists. It’s by far one of the most entertaining and value-packed channels on the list.  

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 170,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 7,400,000

Naoki Saito


Naoki Saito is a professional anime art illustrator that hails from Japan. His channel covers a wide range of topics with regard to anime art, from illustration techniques to recommended tools.

One of the coolest things about this channel is that it allows for illustration-related questions and consultations via the community tab. So if you want to become an anime art illustrator, this channel is for you.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 1,280,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 150,800,000

Eva Mashiro


Posting videos every Thursday, Eva Mahsiro is a YouTube channel that provides illustration tutorials and tips, as well as commentary videos on popular drawing videos.

While you don’t get to see the artist behind the channel, you get to see their interactive, anime-inspired avatar, which adds a lot of fun and flare to the viewing experience.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 48,900
  • Total Views: ≈ 2,000,000



CankingSketch, also known as Empty Can King, covers different aspects of drawing, from traditional hand drawing and projector and AI drawing to software and tools selection.  

There’s a lot to learn from this channel if you’re looking to hone your anime art drawing chops. Plus, the channel owner has a sketching course that provides a great deal of value.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 555,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 37,600,000



Mmmmonexx is a YouTube channel that will appeal to your inner anime artist. It revolves around drawing body parts and has quite a few videos about hatching techniques.

This channel tackles both digital art and traditional pen-and-paper art. It’s very geometric and bit-by-bit with the way it tackles drawing, which beginners will definitely appreciate.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 1,110,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 43,800,000

Clip Studio


This is the official YouTube channel for Clip Studio Paint, one of the most popular illustration software used by both anime art professionals and production studios.

As you’d expect, this channel highlights everything you need to know about using Clip Studio Paint, from how to use each feature to how you can sketch full-blown anime art pieces.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 182,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 26,600,000



If you’re fascinated by anime art and looking to indulge in speed-painting videos, Fajyobore is for you. From sketching to coloring, this channel’s videos cover it all.

Even if you’re an aspiring anime artist, you can still learn a lot from this channel. Simply set the playback speed to 0.5 or 0.25 to see what the artist is doing in detail.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 160,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 6,500,000



This is the main YouTube channel for a visual artist named Cecile. You can find speed-painting videos on this channel and other types of anime art videos, in addition to the occasional live streams .

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 210,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 7,600,000



HxxG is an anime art channel that has been around since 2011. You can expect to find different types of videos there, from tutorials and tips to discussions on art-related topics, such as eroticism and AI painting.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 57,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 2,200,000

Hide Channel


Hide Channel is yet another popular channel that offers a wide range of how-to videos related to anime art. From how to draw attractive faces from different angles to how you can make your illustrations pop, this channel has it all!

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 457,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 47,200,000



This is the official YouTube channel for Wacom, one of the most notable providers of pen displays and tablets. The channel mainly revolves around how to use Wacom’s products.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 316,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 59,500,000

Akihito Yoshitomi


This is the official YouTube channel for Akihito Yoshitomi, a manga artist known for his work on Eat-Man and Ray. The channel showcases his prowess as an artist and the techniques he uses.

  • Total Subscribers: ≈ 800,000
  • Total Views: ≈ 37,500,000


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