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Written by Juha

Dreaming to be the next Akira Toriyama or Hiyao Miyazaki? You have the imagination and creativity but really don’t know where to start working towards your goal?

Fortunately, we’ve scouted out some of the best anime and manga classes currently available. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The Collection By Okuha


Ok, I know it might be a bit weird to promote your own course, but I just had to include it to the list as I’m proud of it, and my students do love the content, so it had to be included.

For just $5/month, you will get access to an insane amount of content. You not only get access to three online courses but also get a massive amount of other anime and manga art resources such as brushes, line art templates, layered PSD-files, CSP-files, progress shots, high-resolution images, etc.

The mentioned three courses include:

  • A Crash Course On Anime And Manga Art
  • Professional Drawing Process
  • Line Art Mastery

But what makes the whole experience that much greater is that you will also get new content on a monthly basis in the form of in-depth art tutorials, among other resources.

For $5/month, The Collection has one of the best courses and resources to experience and learn anime and manga art there is today. Courses and the resources combined The Collection gives you the best value for the money spent.

Introduction video:


Learn Fantasy Anime Drawing on iPad with Indigo_The_Best_Anime_And_Manga_Courses_Classes_Today

This course covers 35 individual lessons and is presented by Korean Manga artist Indigo. Indigo’s style is a charming and accessible one which presents real-life characters in a heightened reality setting. If you love the work of Studio Ghibli, Indigo might be the teacher for you.

The course is designed to help you create beautiful illustrations on the iPad using the Procreate app. The lessons presented by Indigo last a total of 15 hours and 19 minutes, but you should allow sufficient time between lessons to practice the techniques. Do note, however, that access to the course is permitted for only 20 weeks from enrollment.

Indigo will give you feedback at various points on the progress you’re making. Almost 500 students so far have enrolled, and the course has a 99% approval rating!


  • The lessons are well-organized and specific
  • You get taught how to use a drawing app as well as creative insights
  • The course has an extremely high approval rating
  • Feedback is given by the course creator


  • The course is presented in Korean with English subtitles, which can be distracting.
  • Lessons are app-specific – you’ll need to download and pay for Procreate first ($10)
  • You must complete the course within 20 weeks
  • It’s a little expensive, and installment payment is not available


Artists who want to express themselves and incorporate realistic elements into their illustrations.

Udemy Manga Art School

Manga Art School - How to draw Anime and Manga Course_The_Best_Anime_And_Manga_Courses_Classes_Today

A huge discount is currently available for this course (though it seems Udemy always these), making it one of the best value anime and manga courses available.

With over 22,000 students, you can be sure the lessons are tried and tested. Udemy was founded in 2009, making it one of the longest-established online course providers.

Unlike other anime and manga classes, this online course is big on tradition, tasking you through the formal rules that are a crucial part of the Manga Anime style.

Professional digital artist Scott Harris will take you through 11 hours of lessons, backed up with ten online articles and 17 other downloadable resources.

The course is designed to be completed in 2-6 weeks of intensive study, although you get unlimited lifetime access if you’d prefer to take your time.

The course focuses heavily on character creation from the beginning, is methodical, and can be accessed online, on your mobile, or via a smart TV. Udemy offers an online community, and Scott Harris teaches two other character art courses should you want to expand your horizons.

The course is popular with students, although it can be a little didactic in terms of sticking to Japanese Manga tradition.


  • If you want to learn the traditional routes of the form, this course is thorough
  • Lots of downloadable extras and online articles to back up the video lessons
  • Extremely good value for money with lots of satisfied students
  • You learn to draw in any medium, whether screen-based or on paper.


  • Can be a bit prescriptive and rule-based
  • There is no feedback available from the instructor
  • Subtitle languages are limited
  • The course focuses primarily on facial characteristics


A Manga obsessive who wants a grounding in the rules and techniques

SkillShare Beginners Guide to Master Face Drawing

Beginner's Guide to Master Face Drawing - Anime & Manga_The_Best_Anime_And_Manga_Courses_Classes_Today

Focusing even more precisely on how to draw Manga-style faces, this short online course would suit the absolute beginner. It consists of eleven short video lessons taking you from the absolute basics of drawing to mastering the Manga facial style.

As it’s a SkillShare course, there’s a vibrant online community to join. Students can share work in progress and finished art and give feedback and encouragement to one another.

Sensei Dairo has an engaging and easy to understand style and presents a number of other classes if you want to take your skills further.

You don’t pay for the individual course, but for a SkillShare subscription. At the moment, there is a free seven-day trial, so if you’re quick, you could take this course for free.

However, by joining Skillshare, you’ll get over 29,000 courses for $17 per month, or less if you pay for a year upfront.

There are dozens of other Anime and Manga classes on Skillshare, so you’ll unlock them too with a paid membership.

If you plan to taker the course for free, be sure to cancel your membership before the free trial expires!


  • Very simple and straightforward for complete beginners
  • Can be taken for free (if you’re quick)
  • An online community of fellow students to join
  • Access to 1000s of other courses (if you get a paid subscription)


  • The course is rudimentary and face-specific
  • You need a paid subscription to access the course beyond seven days
  • No one-to-one feedback available from the teacher
  • No additional course materials offered


An absolute beginner who might be encouraged to explore further.

Udemy Anime Drawing for Beginners

Anime Drawing for Beginners_The_Best_Anime_And_Manga_Courses_Classes_Today

Here’s another Udemy course, taken by over 10,000 students, aimed at the beginner. More thorough than the SkillShare course, it is accessibly taught by artist Pluvias.

Her four-part, 2.5-hour course takes you through the basics of character creation, including body posture, clothing, and hairstyle. It’s intended as a non-prescriptive course, where you use the skills learned to develop your own style.

If you want to learn how to draw Chibis (miniature characters), too, Pluvias includes a section on this traditional character style. Note that this course is a drawing-based one; it does not go into coloring effects and techniques.

As with the other Udemy course, it’s reasonably priced, and students have found Pluvias, an encouraging teacher. Her course is presented in 30 bite-sized pieces with lots of information.

Students’ only complaint is that this can feel a little rushed. Be prepared to hit pause to freeze-frame Pluvias’ final illustrations so you can study them more closely.

Pluvias uses PaintTool Sai and DesignDoll software, and some instruction is given on the second of those. However, the lessons can be applied to pen and ink illustrations too.

Subtitles are available in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Pluvias offers the same course in Arabic too.


  • More thorough than other character-based Manga Anime art courses
  • Engagingly taught, and not at all prescriptive
  • Great value for money
  • Includes some information on clothing and Chibi illustration


  • Can feel a little rushed, without time to appreciate Pluvias’ art
  • Covers drawing only, not coloring
  • Character-specific course only
  • Pluvias offers only this one course so far


For an artist who wants to study Pluvias method of creating anime and manga art

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