Best Apps to Draw Anime and Manga Art On the Go


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Manga and anime art as an art style is well established among us artists. In this post, I will be highlighting some of the best apps for drawing anime and manga, with a focus on their features and capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • The best app for drawing anime and manga art is Procreate.
  • Most drawing apps are available for iPad and iPhone but not for Android.
  • The best drawing app for Android is MediBang Paint and Krita.
  • For Windows tablets, Adobe Fresco and Photoshop are some of the best options.



Procreate is the best anime and manga drawing app you can get on your tablet. There is hardly any application that can compete with Procreate. Procreate is affordable and has many features, intuitive brushes and user interface.

Procreate showcase image (image source)

Procreate has a minimalist interface, so if you’re starting out with digital art, you won’t feel too overwhelmed by the tools.

The main reasons why Procreate is the best app for drawing anime and manga art:

  • The brushes that come with the Procreate are great, and to get even more brushes, you can import Photoshop brushes (.abr) to the app
  • It gives you a smooth workflow. Zooming in and out and rotating the canvas works extremely smoothly.
  • Brushes don’t experience any lag
  • You can do time-lapse recordings
  • Procreate enables you to save in PSD file, which means you can continue your work in Photoshop but also Clip Studio Paint (our choice of software for professional anime art)

While Procreate is the best app to draw anime art, it does have a few cons, such as the way masks work, the lack of vector shapes and masks, and the fact that it’s only available for iPad.

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is available for both iOS and Android

Clip Studio Paint hasn’t received much praise from the app users. 3.2 and 3.3 stars on Apple app store and on Google Play Store. Clip Studio Paint is, in our opinion, the best anime and manga drawing software, but as an app, it lacks quite a bit.

CELSYS wanted to create an app from their software, and it shows many of the features that work flawlessly on desktop software don’t work on the app, such as Sub View, importing files, etc.

The reason why Procreate is the best drawing app is that they specifically created the app for one use case.

Adobe Fresco


Adobe Fresco is, essentially, a mobile version of Photoshop. Adobe Fresco is available for iPad, iPhone, and Windows tablets. It has lots of features, but it isn’t particularly unique in comparison to other illustration apps, considering that you can also use Photoshop with iPad.

What is nice about Adobe Fresco is that it has lifelike brushes and the ability to edit vector graphics. Some of the cons are that it’s not available for Chrome, and you can’t create new brushes for it.

Other Anime and Manga Drawing Apps Worth Mentioning

When we have Procreate, Fresco, Photoshop, and Clip Studio Paint to choose from, there’s little reason to check other options. However, the mentioned options do cost some money, and for that reason, it’s good to have options.

Below are some of the best options for drawing anime and manga art on the go:

  • MediBang Paint / Free to use / Android and iPhone/iPad
  • ibisPaint X / Free and paid version / Android and iPad/iPhone
  • Krita / Free to use / Available for Android


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I’m a digital artist who is passionate about anime and manga art. My true artist journey pretty much started with CTRL+Z. When I experienced that and the limitless color choices and the number of tools I could use with art software, I was sold. Drawing digital anime art is the thing that makes me happy among eating cheeseburgers in between veggie meals.

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