9 Best Online Digital Art Courses And Classes – New Selection


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Key Takeaways

  • Skillshare and Udemy offer affordable courses for various digital art topics.
    • Easy to get started courses from industry professionals and amateurs alike.
  • CG Spectrum and CG Master Academy offer digital art courses from industry professionals.
    • These courses are extensive and costly but also result-oriented.
  • Domestika offers high-quality course experience from multiple digital art professionals.
    • Production quality is at the center of these courses.
  • Schoolism and Gnomon Workshop are fantastic sites to learn digital art.
  • Artstation Learning offers free digital art courses.

Digital Concept Art: Designing Creatures | Learn with Wacom


Unleash your imagination and bring your creature to life with the help of concept artist Justin Fields in this exhilarating step-by-step Digital Concept Art class! Learn to sculpt with “digital clay,” and add realistic textures and colors that will make your character jump off the page or screen.

With techniques applied to blockbuster movies and video games, you’ll discover how to sculpt your creature’s head and face, add fine details, and create a realistic pop of color. Don’t worry if you’re new to ZBrush – Justin will guide you through the basics so that beginners and intermediate designers can join the fun.

Characters in Motion: Capturing Motion in Illustration

digital-art-courses-Characters in Motion

Get ready to bring your characters to life with the dynamic energy of talented illustrator Patrick Brown! From gaming to movies to comics, Patrick’s artwork is full of movement and excitement, and in this Characters in Motion class, he’ll teach you how to create characters that leap off the page.

With a focus on anatomy, motion, lighting, and shading, you’ll learn how to sketch a superhero or supervillain in action and add the fine details that will make your art pop.

From dynamic poses to facial expressions to tricky perspectives, Patrick will guide you through the process of creating polished digital artwork that is sure to impress.

Painting for Pattern Design: Create Botanical Patterns with Gouache & Photoshop

digital-art-courses-Painting for Pattern Design

Looking to add some creativity to your life? Join surface pattern designer Angela Mckay in her exciting course on Painting for Pattern Design, where you’ll learn to paint your own beautiful floral pattern using a unique blend of analog and digital techniques.

By using real objects for inspiration, painting with gouache, and arranging elements in Photoshop, you’ll create a pattern that’s perfect for textiles, paper, and more. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, Angela’s step-by-step lessons will teach you how to create a final pattern that seamlessly repeats.

CG Spectrum – Foundations of Concept Art & Digital Illustration Course


Unleash your inner artist and turn your passion into a career with CG Spectrum’s Foundations of Concept Art and Illustration course! Learn to create professionally polished art for film, video games, and publishing industries using Adobe Photoshop with the guidance of award-winning artists.

In this private and/or small group setting, you’ll receive hands-on experience working with client briefs and delivering high-quality work that will make them want to come back for more. With the opportunity to specialize in either concept art or illustration and continue with advanced courses, you’ll be on your way to a successful career in the entertainment industry.

CG Spectrum – Study 3D Modeling


Are you ready to jumpstart your career in 3D modeling and digital sculpting? Look no further than CG Spectrum’s industry-focused 3D Modeling course! With mentoring from top 3D artists who have worked on major films and games, you’ll learn professional workflows from experienced artists at world-class studios such as Disney, Ubisoft, ILM, Sony, EA, and Weta.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, CG Spectrum offers the right study options to help you reach your career goals. With specialized courses designed to give you personalized education and get you job-ready, you’ll have a variety of career opportunities available to you after graduating.

CGMA – Matte Painting and Concept Art for Production


Ready to create epic and believable matte shots? Join this exciting Matte Painting and Concept Art for Production class that will take you in-depth into what matte painting has become today and how to design and paint a shot of your own.

You’ll learn every tiny aspect of the profession, from coming up with strong ideas to utilizing lighting to tell the story in the best way possible. With a focus on traditional art essentials, you’ll learn design and compositional rules, color studies, and a wide range of tools and techniques to achieve photorealistic quality in your final matte painting.

Using a combination of 2D, 2.5D, and 3D techniques, you’ll use software like Photoshop, World Machine, Maya, Vray, 3D Coat, and Nuke to create a final moving shot. No matter your level of expertise, this course is designed to help you achieve the best results in your work.

Character Creation for Games


Do you have a passion for creating characters? Look no further than this exciting course in Character Creation for Games! You’ll learn the fundamentals of creating appealing, production-ready character busts from start to finish, using techniques such as blocking, sculpting, retopology, UVs, texturing, and presentation.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a stunning, portfolio-ready character render that showcases your skills and sets you apart in the industry.

Initiation to Concept Art: Designing the Future


Explore the limits of your imagination and learn to create captivating digital art scenes with concept artist Guillem H. Pongiluppi, who has worked with major clients such as PlayStation and National Geographic. In this Initiation to Concept Art online course, you will discover how to create concept art from scratch using digital composition techniques, learn the fundamentals of composition, and create a black-and-white sketch.

You will also learn how to use photobashing and apply tone and saturation, light up your scene, and add final details to your fantasy world. No prior knowledge or drawing skills are necessary, and all you need is a computer with Photoshop installed and a graphics tablet.

Creating and Painting Fantasy Scenarios in Photoshop


Learn to bring your sci-fi fantasies to life with digital painting techniques in Photoshop in this exciting Creating and Painting Fantasy Scenarios in Photoshop online course with Burda. Aspiring digital artists will learn the fundamentals of composition and brushstrokes to conceptualize, design, and paint a fantasy scene.

Burda guides students through the creative process, from selecting inspiring reference images to exporting the final artwork. This course is perfect for designers, visual artists, and anyone interested in working in the film and video game industries. All that’s required is a working knowledge of Photoshop and image digitization and the ability to draw.



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