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The best digital products to sell are digital art, online courses, eBooks, and NFTs. All of the mentioned products do not require that much effort from your side and can make plenty of money for you in a relatively short amount of time. With marketplaces like Etsy, Redbubble, Skillshare, and Amazon Kindle, it’s easier than ever to sell digital products starting today.

Digital Art

Digital art is a form of digital media that can be used to create artwork, illustrations, and designs. It encompasses a wide range of styles, from abstract to realism, and can be created using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Canva or utilizing AI art generators. You also have the option to download ready-made materials from marketplaces like Envato Elements or Creative Market. Digital art can also include 3D models created with software like Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, or Maya.

Types Of Digital Art

There are many different types of digital art for you to sell online, such as:

Vector graphics are composed of lines and shapes, which make them ideal for logos and other branding elements. In contrast, raster images are made up of pixels, making them perfect for illustrations, stock photos, or backgrounds.

Digital art illustrations or AI art are rasterized images you can sell on multiple marketplaces as printable wall art, NFTs, or TV frame art. You can also sell digital art as digital files, such as PSD or AI (file format), for artists to study and learn from.

3D models allow you to create realistic objects in three dimensions, while animations bring your creations to life with movement and sound effects. Video game assets (3D and 2D) enable you to build entire worlds within the virtual space by creating characters, environments, items, etc.

Suppose you are an artist, whether a hobbyist or an industry professional; digital art is one of the best products to sell online. You can create the digital product while you enjoy your craft, or you can use services like Canva accompanied by Envato Elements and Creative Market to create your digital art product.

Benefits Of Selling Digital Art Online

One major benefit of selling digital art online is that it’s relatively easy to do compared to traditional forms of artwork, such as painting or sculpting, which require physical materials like paintbrushes, oil paints, or clay.

There’s also no need for expensive equipment like cameras since all the work is done digitally on computers, so it’s much more cost effective than traditional methods too.

Because digital products don’t take up any physical space, they’re much easier (and cheaper) to store. You don’t have to have large warehouses or workspaces full of stock, taking up valuable resources, money, and space-wise.

Because digital products never go out-of-date (self-life), they remain relevant over time, allowing customers to purchase and access them even years after publishing them.

Online Courses


Online courses are a set of lessons and modules, and you can study the content in a self-paced manner. Online courses are not bound by time or place, so you can study the content whenever you want and wherever you want. Online courses are digital and passive, so they don’t usually require active participation from you.

Online courses work online, as the name implies, and require an internet connection from you to access the content. Online courses are more than often hosted on an online course platform like Skillshare, Udemy, or Teachable, to name a few.

Online Course Topic Ideas To Sell Online

  • Marketing
  • Investing
  • Dog training
  • Blogging
  • Personal development
  • Health & Fitness
  • Music
  • Digital Art
  • Coding
  • Design

The above topics are only the tip of the iceberg, as you can pretty much teach anything through online courses. If you feel you know enough about a certain subject or topic, you can sign up for Skillshare and launch your course there. You only need an internet connection, camera, and microphone, and you are good to go.

You can also use something like Udemy’s marketplace insights tool to do some market research on popular topics that might make you sales. It’s up to you how much you trust the tool and how much you will make it guide your decisions on what to teach.

Benefits Of Selling Online Courses

One of the main benefits of selling online courses is that you can price online courses super high. While some art courses can sell for $7 on Gumroad and Artstation, selling high-quality marketing courses through your own website can net you $5,000+/sale.

Digital art products tend to have a lower price point than online courses, so you need to sell in volume, whereas selling online courses, you might only need to make a few sales a month to cover your monthly business and living expenses.

Building your own website and brand around the online course offering can give you an edge in the market. Remember that with online courses, you are again competing with the rest of the world, and the competition can be fierce.

Online course platforms like Skillshare and Udemy already offer plenty of courses for various needs, so getting making money from your online course might not be easy.


While eBooks might sound intimidating to create, the creation process can be extremely easy. If you own a blog, you can create an eBook by just combining everything you’ve already written into an eBook, spice it up a bit and sell it through your blog or on Amazon as a Kindle book.

Types Of Ebooks To Sell

  • Coloring books
  • Informational books
  • Inspirational books
  • Motivational books
  • Biographies
  • Sketchbooks
  • Drawing ideas
  • Artbooks
  • Cookbooks
  • Recipe books
  • History
  • Fictional
  • Children’s books

The above list is only a fraction of what types of ebooks you can sell as a digital products. If you are an enthusiastic cook or a dog trainer, you can easily create an eBook from your passion. All you need is a computer and lots of coffee. The amount of time to create your eBook depends on your writing speed and skills.

Leverage Ghostwriters

There are plenty of professional writers and writing services out there that can help you write your book to completion. Having an outline, main headlines, topics, and some ideas are already enough to get your ghostwriter a good idea of what your ebook is all about.

Services that offer ghostwriters:

  • iWriter
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • The Urban Writers
  • Elite Authors

In the ever-evolving AI technology frontier, you can even have AI write some parts of your ebook. While the general consensus is that it’s always preferred that you write your own eBook as then the book will be more personal and have information that you’ve acquired through your own life experiences



The reason why NFTs are one of the best digital products to sell online is because of their ability to make you money even after the initial sale. If you are selling NFT collections or one-of-a-kind collectibles, you can set royalties to your NFT and earn money whenever your product is resold on the market.

NFTs are smart contracts that live inside a blockchain like Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, etc. The smart contract has rules by which the royalties are paid and in which amount. You can create NFTs through platforms like OpenSea and Magic Eden or with the aid of NFT art generators.

While OpenSea has a roof of 10% for royalties, Magic Eden has no such rules, and you can set it to 50% if you so choose. This means that if you sell your NFT for 0.1 ETH (approximately $120 at the time of writing) and you have set 10% as royalties.

If someone re-sells your digital product/NFT (digital art, music, video, animation, etc.) for 0.2 ETH, you will make 0.02 (in this example, it would be roughly $24) ETH in the process.

This ETH will be sent to the wallet you have assigned to the smart contract, and it will be done automatically without worrying about whether or not you will get the royalty. That’s the beauty of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Types Of NFTs To Sell Online

  • Digital art
  • Memberships
  • Event tickets
  • V.I.P Access to a discord server
  • Audio files
  • Animations
  • Videos
  • Collectibles
  • Video game items
  • Metaverse items

Yet again, only a small list of the digital products you can sell as an NFT. At the same time, companies are pushing metaverse and blockchain technology and adding Web3 applications to their businesses. NFTs as digital products will only see new and different applications, and when you are early on this, you can get yourself a nice market share.


There are many digital products you can sell online to make a profit. Whether it’s digital art, online courses, NFTs, or eBooks, there’s something for everyone to create. The main benefit of selling digital products is the efficiency they bring to your online business, no warehouses, no workspaces, and minimal production/creation expenses.

To ensure success in selling any of the mentioned digital products online, it is important to do your research and understand the benefits and risks associated with each digital product type before investing time and money into them. By doing so, you will be able to identify which digital product best suits your skills and offers the highest return on investment for your business.

FAQs For Best Digital Products To Sell

What Digital Products Are Most Profitable?

Online courses are the most profitable way to make money online as the pricing can be anything from $7 to $10,000, depending on the industry and niche you are in. Digital products that are most profitable depend on the type of business and target audience. For example, digital art is popular among creative people, graphic designers, and digital artists.

Profitability depends on the niche, pricing, and time spent to produce the digital product.

What Type Of Digital Products Sell The Most?

The most popular digital products tend to be those that offer convenience, entertainment, and/or utility. Examples include streaming services like Netflix or Spotify or subscription services like Microsoft Office, Apple iCloud, etc.

When the digital product offers high utility and reaches a global audience as per need, then you can expect to make a lot of sales. Adobe’s Creative Cloud is an excellent example of a digital product that offers a lot of utility and covers a lot of customer needs (image editing, video editing, logo design, etc.).

What Are Trending Digital Products?

Trending digital products include AI-powered tools (AI art generators, AI content generators), blockchain technology (Web3), virtual reality experiences (metaverse), online streaming services (HBO Max, Disney Plus), mobile applications, and games. AI-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular for automating mundane tasks and speeding up content and art creation (with mixed reactions from the art community).

AI art-based digital products have exploded in marketplaces, and the offering only increases weekly. Whether it’s selling AI art as wall art or selling subscription services for generating AI art, AI-powered tools are trending in 2023 and in years to come.



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