7 Best Free AI Art Generators – Actually Free to Use


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Leonardo AI

Image generated with Leonardo AI. Image credits.

Leonardo AI is a prominent free AI art generator, offering a diverse range of features and fostering a vibrant community of over 1 million members on Discord. While initially focused on game asset generation, Leonardo AI has evolved into a comprehensive AI image generation platform, positioning itself as a strong contender in the industry alongside competitors like Midjourney.

With the free plan, you get 150 new tokens daily (it does not roll over). On average, generating an image requires two tokens, and the platform allows up to eight images to be generated simultaneously. You can also use the image-to-image function with the free plan.

Leonardo AI offers a paid plan, but you can do a lot with the free plan, so it’s considered one of the best free AI art generators.

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Image generation features

  • You get 150 tokens daily.
  • Image generation costs roughly 2 tokens per image.
  • You can generate roughly 75 images daily.
  • Has proprietary checkpoint (diffusion) models and more than 20 fine-tuned models.
  • Images can be used commercially.
  • The paid plan offers more features, such as inpainting, outpainting, Dreambooth, etc.

Playground AI

AI art generated with Playground AI. Image credits.

With Playground AI, you can enjoy the benefit of generating up to 1,000 images per day, all available for commercial use. You can generate up to 4 images per generation run (in the Board interface) and generate images privately.

With the free plan, you can generate images with five different image resolutions:

  • 512px x 512px
  • 640px x 384px
  • 384px x 640px
  • 768px x 512px
  • 512px x 768px

The free plan also includes the Canvas functionality, which enables you to do inpainting, outpainting, and simple image editing. While the model selection is limited compared to locally installed Stable Diffusion, you can still use the top 20+ AI art filters without limits.

Playground AI uses filters instead of models, though they work similarly to standalone checkpoint models.

Image generation features

  • You can generate 1,000 images daily (you don’t see the image balance anywhere in the user interface).
  • Image generation takes roughly 10 seconds per 4 images.
  • Uses Stable Diffusion v1.5 and v2.1 as the main models
  • Has a proprietary checkpoint model as well as DALL·E 2 model (Add-on).
  • Images can be used commercially.

Stable Diffusion (local installation)

Images created with Stable Diffusion by using one of the best Stable Diffusion models called DreamshaperV6.

Stable Diffusion is an advanced text-to-image diffusion model that generates highly realistic images based on textual input (text prompts). To use Stable Diffusion, you need a WebUI (web user interface), and AUTOMATIC1111 is the preferred WebUI.

Stable Diffusion and AUTOMATIC1111’s WebUI are free to use and open-source in nature.

Key Features:

  • Free and Instant Access: Stable Diffusion is available for free download, allowing you to use it without cost or delay.
  • Versatility: Unlike other tools, Stable Diffusion is not limited to a single art style. You can create your own AI art models or access user-generated models from Civitai, expanding the artistic possibilities.
  • Inpainting and Outpainting: Stable Diffusion with AUTOMATIC1111’s WebUI offers the ability to perform seamless inpainting and outpainting, enhancing existing images or extending their content.
  • ControlNet: With Stable Diffusion, you can leverage the power of ControlNet to exert precise control over the generated images, allowing for customized outputs that align with your creative vision.
  • Photoshop Integration: Stable Diffusion seamlessly integrates with Photoshop through a plugin, streamlining the creative workflow and enhancing editing capabilities.

While Stable Diffusion provides these powerful features, it’s important to note that it has a steep learning curve and requires some technical knowledge to use effectively. You should be prepared to invest time in understanding the model’s intricacies to achieve optimal results.

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Image generation features

PixAI Art

Images generated with the PixAI art generator. Image credits.

PixAI stands out as a platform that resembles the renowned Pixiv.net, the largest anime art website. Upon signing up for PixAI, you receive 10,000 daily credits and an additional 3,000 credits as a welcome bonus. The platform boasts an impressive collection of top-tier and distinctive anime diffusion models, setting it apart as a hub for anime art enthusiasts.

PixAI offers anime Stable Diffusion models sourced from Civitai and exclusive models like RuviStyle_V2.0 and Neverland that cannot be found elsewhere.

You can claim 10,000 credits daily on PixAI and collect them for later use.

Image generation costs 1,800 credits per batch of four images (slow generation) and 4,400 credits (fast generation). You can generate roughly 2-5 images daily with their anime AI art generator. While the number of images is not huge, you can claim 10,000 credits daily and accrue them over time.

Image generation costs:

  • Single image (slow generation): 400 credits.
  • Single image (fast generation): 1,400 credits.
  • A batch of four images (slow generation): 1,800 credits.
  • A batch of four images (fast generation): 4,400 credits.

Image generation features

  • Get 10,000 credits daily. You can claim them every day and accumulate them over time.
  • Image generation takes roughly 8 seconds per 4 images.
  • PixAI has some of the best free anime AI art models.
  • You can use a plethora of different anime-inspired LoRAs when generating images in PixAI.
  • Images can be used commercially.


Images generated with Lexica AI art generator.

Lexica emerged as an early AI art generator dedicated to delivering a user-friendly and captivating experience. Based in San Francisco, the Lexica team strives to seamlessly integrate exceptional AI capabilities, focusing on providing an enchanting end-user journey.

One of Lexica’s key strengths lies in its outstanding user interface and overall user experience, setting it apart from competitors like Midjourney. The platform’s intuitive design and thoughtful interface contribute to a smooth and engaging creative process, making it accessible to artists and enthusiasts of varying skill levels.

With Lexica, you can generate 100 high-quality images every single month. While that might not be a lot, Lexica is one of the easiest AI art generators to use and is a highly beginner-friendly option to start generating AI art.

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Image generation features

  • Generate 100 images per month.
  • You can generate four images per image generation run.
  • All functions are available regardless of a free or paid plan.
  • Image generation is relatively fast.
  • Has two proprietary checkpoint models.
  • Images can be used commercially.


Artworks created with Mage.space. Image credits.

Mage.space is an AI art generator that offers a wide selection of resources and models for creating unlimited stunning artwork. The art generator offers Stable Diffusion v1.5 and v2.1 for the free plan, and with those two major checkpoint models, you can create unlimited artwork in Mage.space.

All your creations are private, but the downside is that you can only create one image at a time. You can select different schedulers, such as DDIM, Euler, Euler A, DPMM, etc., to fine-tune the creation process.

To make the process more accessible for beginners, Mage.space includes an ‘Easy Mode’ setting that incorporates common sense presets, ensuring high-quality outputs.

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Image generation features

  • Unlimited creations
  • Private creations.
  • Unlimited image enhancement.
  • You can create only one image at a time.
  • Safety filter.
  • Images can be used commercially.



Getimg.ai is a comprehensive suite of AI tools designed to offer image generation and manipulation tasks at scale. Whether you need to generate original images, modify photos, expand pictures beyond their original borders, or even create custom AI models, Getimg.ai has them.

Getimg offers 100 monthly credits, and one image generation consumes one credit. If you use the ‘Fix faces’ parameter, it will consume an additional credit.

The platform offers a diverse selection of 20+ AI models, ranging from Stable Diffusion models to custom user-generated models. With a focus on speed and efficiency, Getimg.ai provides a fully integrated suite of image-generation tools capable of generating up to 4 images in a matter of seconds.

Getimg’s free plan offers you text-to-image creation, inpainting, outpainting, and image-to-image creation.

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Image generation features

  • 100 monthly credits (credits do not roll over)
  • Inpainting, outpainting, image editing
  • Image-to-image creations.
  • You can create four images at a time.
  • Images can be used commercially.

Feature image credits.



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