Best 40 Manga Comic Books Of All Time

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Written by Juha

Did you know that the best anime series are based on manga comics? Well, there are thousands of manga books all over the globe, but the Japanese seem to be the best and most prominent ones.

I’m sure everyone interested in manga has something to tell about them, their history, and what they entail. So, there is no need to focus on that side too much.

This list will enlighten your knowledge concerning the best manga books out there, thus enabling you to choose the best according to your preferences and interests.

Here are the very best manga comic books available today that are worth investing:



Mainly, Berserk focuses on the character traits of Guts. Guts is born when his mother is already dead and grows up knowing nothing but a war where he ends up being a mercenary.

He spends all this like fighting and on the battlegrounds since that’s what he grew up knowing. Under the influence of Griffith, the leader of Band of the Hawk, Guts gets a warm welcome.

He becomes eager and passionate in determining and defining his purpose, thus combining both greed and power over his subjects.

 However, Berserk is considered as a simple taking on manga. Once you become a contestant of Death Battle, which is a huge show on YouTube, you will understand that Guts is one of the most badass heroes on manga, but that doesn’t mean he is an evil guy.

One Piece


One Piece is a mysterious but well-known treasure somewhere in the Grand Line where Monkey D. Luffy goes on an adventure to find it. Monkey D, as young as he is, he believes that the treasure will give him the honor of being King of Pirates.

In his way, he befriends many people including, a thief, a womanizer, a sniper, an assassin, among others. Luffy is every cheerful and determined and will do what it takes to get the treasure.

The story, art, humor, and characters found in the book enhance its popularity even today. In the Weekly Shonen, a new reader will have fun and interest going through the book.

One Piece is popular in all walks of the world hence becoming one of the best manga in the market due to its profitable media authorizations. Again, it’s no doubt that Monkey D has gone far beyond the East Blue Sea.



Aggressive character is portrayed by Shinmen Takezou, who goes away from his village in search of a purpose in life alongside his friend. The two participate in the Toyotomi army, where after the conquest, each goes their separate way.

This was when Shinmen Takezou realized that the villagers hunt him. To lead a better life, he is given a new name, Musashi Miyamoto, by a priest.

VagaBond is written on a true story of the ‘Sword Saint’ and his adventures. The manga is good for someone looking for more adventurous activities.



The story is about two orphans, Xin and Piao, who live in battle-weary China in the kingdom of Qin. The two aspire to lead the combatant forces as Great Generals.

Later, both are separated where Piao is taken away and returns on a death edge. After a critical review, Xin realizes that Piao was taken to operate as an identical-looking figure for the current empire of the Kingdom of Qin.

This is where he declares on avenging his friend as well as using the opportunity to become what he always wanted, the greatest general.

Kingdom portrays a lot of dignity and honor as well as bravery and courage. The manga is full of political and warfare themes that may not be interesting for many people, but overall, it is a well-structured comic.

Slam Dunk


According to the story, Hanamichi Sakuragi makes all ladies run due to his negligence. He comes across the girl of his dreams, Haruko Akagi, who presents him to the basketball team in the school.

Hanamichi joins the team, which later becomes more determined in winning the national championship.

Slam Dunk is a second runner story and manga for sports fans. The story shows themes of every kind, including losing, personal growth, enmities and unity, love and attachments, and the redemption arc.

It’s a nourishing manga with compelling characters even though, at some point, the plot becomes monotonous.

One-Punch Man


Saitama is your average Joe who loves being a hero. He uses a single punch to combat and defeat his opponents even though he does not receive commendations due to his incredible strength.

Eventually, all this heroic interest starts to decline, but later, he meets the cyborg Genos together with other people who encourage him to come in line with the Hero Association.

In the history of anime, it’s no doubt that Saitama is the most powered hero. He termed his style of fighting as a ‘serious punch.’ One Punch is developed in a lively manner where its characters and storyline are praised all over.

The story is growing over time, even if it began as a webcomic.

Death Note


Mysteriously, Light Yagami happens to find a notebook called: ‘Death Note’ which enables its users to execute anyone they remember their face and name.

Through the book, Yagami creates seventh heaven, free from criminality. Light gets familiar with the owner of death note, Ryuk, who is the god of death.

On the manga list, death note is perhaps the most disturbing. It has gathered a lot of critical acclaims hence has a reputable image due to its dialogue, themes, and characters. Most people love it based on the number of copies sold across the globe, that is, over 30 million.

Hunter x Hunter


Gon Freecss is brought up believing he is an orphan. Later, he comes to realize that his father is a known hunter who hunts evildoers. Gon takes a hunter test by himself with an intension of finding his father and returning him home.

He comes across other candidates aiming to win the pursuit at the elite level of Hunter.

The book is one of the bestselling manga of this kind even though it doesn’t have new plot innovations. The story is ridiculous, crazy, and full of humor from its appealing characters. The dynamic nature of the story makes it an exciting fanboys’ manga.

And if you haven’t yet watched the anime version of this manga, be sure to do so as it’s one of the best ever.



The name of the manga originates from its principal characters, Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu. Inspired by great romance, Nana Komatsu follows the lead of Osaki, her boyfriend, all the way to Tokyo.

Osaki is determined to begin her music profession in Tokyo. The two meet on a train, and again they join to rent a house together. Love and fame inspire the two making their relationship go beyond friendship.

Nana is unique compared to other manga due to its drama and exciting romance. The plot of the story is based on the collective ambition of the two and their conflicting nature. The story inspires the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, which is a TV show.

Rurouni Kenshin


The story is a peacekeeper, Himura Kenshin, who is based on the Meiji era of Japan, there the roves all over carrying a sword, thus helping people. 

He becomes an assassin in the Hotokiri Battasai, where he participates in the Bakumatsu warfare. He decides to live a life free from killing people after meeting Kamiya Kaoru, who owns a dojo for swordsmanship.

The manga is also known as Samurai X, and its mechanical structure makes it the best. The story is well set, and the characters are well-designed. It makes excellent use of historical creation. The manga has sold over 70 million prints.

Hajime No Ippo


Ippo Makunouchi is a fearful and shy boy. Mamoru Takamura, a specialized boxer, saves Ippo from a violent beating where he stays with him in a nearby gym. Following his frustrations, Ippos practices boxing and is recognized by Takamura.

Ippos’ aim when training in the gym is to become the best boxer in Japan as well as a world champion.

This is the best-selling gaming manga. The story invests time in analyzing and developing its characters, storyline, and backgrounds. From the story’s perception, all the characters are equal.

Ippos takes time to understand his rivals before combating them. The story affirms that sports fiction can be meaningful and intellectual.

Tokyo Ghoul


Ken Kaneki, a college student, is a student who is almost murdered by his date, who turns out to be a ghoul, a supernatural being that consumes human flesh.

Ken undergoes surgery, and in the end, he becomes half-human and half-ghoul, and to survive, he must feed on flesh. He is taken in by a ghoul family where he learns to keep his nature a secret from other humans.

Toyko Ghoul has the same events as Santa Clarita Diet, a Netflix cult typical show where a woman is brought back from the dead, and to survive, she must feed on human flesh.

The manga is scary and leaves readers with an uncomfortable feeling from its dark nature. This makes it the best of its kind (horror).

Ouran Koukou Host Club


Ouran High School has a tradition where only prominent and wealthy students get to play.

Haruki (the main character) spills on a group of boys from the Host Club, whose role is to please girls in the school. She has a masculine nature; hence the boys see her as their errand boy.

She gets to mingle with extravagant and rich boys in the Host Club even though she is a commoner without being noticed.

The comic manga has an odd plot and is developed in a simple gold way. The situational part of the story makes it hilarious. Haruki finds herself in extraordinary scenarios in the environment of the ‘ever perfect’ students.

Black Butler


The story is about ‘the Queen’s watchdog,’ a thirteen-year-old investigator, Ciel Phantomhive, in the Victorian Era. Ciel was given the position following the brutal murder of his parents by a group of invaders. 

He strikes a deal with a demon that offers to help him avenge his parents and give out his soul in return. The devil appears as Sebastian Michaelis, a butler, in Ciel’s day-to-day investigations.

Black Butler is a beautiful and dark comic. Sebastian’s relationship with Ciel enhances a fantasy thriller based on the guise of the dark, thus bringing out the humor in its level best. The story is all rounded and wholesome with great plot lines.

Attack on Titan


Eren Yeager happens to witness huge humanoid beings called ‘Titans’ who destroy his homeland and murder his mother. Humanity built walls to enhance their safety, but unfortunately, the Titans find a way to breach them.

To satisfy their need for human flesh, the Titans return in large numbers. Eren comes in line with Survey Corps, and with the help of his friend Armin and his sister Mikasa, he is determined to conquer the Titans.

Attack on Titans is taking the world by storm, mostly due to its more than awesome anime series. It is one of its kinds on the manga list. It has become an actual evident that boundaries enhance active character development hence forming a powerful story.

Dragon Ball


The story is about a boy, Son Goku, who resembles a monkey and is one of the most prevailing worriers in the land. Unknowingly, Son searches for the seven mythological dragon balls, which can summon a wish-granting dragon.

Son meets different people on his way, where he forms friendships and rivalries. Goku is unstoppable because of his fleeting nature.

At first, Dragon Ball may sound like an ordinary story, but be assured it’s enjoyable to read. It is structured in a way that it’s comic and action natures are exciting.

It provides a complete package of the mythos and folklore of the Chinese and the Japanese. If you are a fantasy and comedy lover, then Dragon Ball is a superb manga to read.

Fruits Basket


Tohru Honda loses her mother in a car crash and is forced to live with her grandfather. Later she moves in with Yuki Soma and his family.

She missteps the secret of the family, and they have to pay the price by turning into animals based on their Chinese zodiac symbol.

Fruit Basket has a subject matter, which makes it enjoyable to read even though its plot is narrowly structured. The strong characters and usage of Chinese prophecy, make the story that much more exciting.

Fruit Basket is a fantastic manga showing that entertainment and culture can come together.



Nobita Nobi is a lazy kid with unpleasant grades and a center of a bully. Doraemon comes in where Nobita’s offspring believe that the gadget will save Notiba and improve his life.

He is very keen on how he operates the device by keeping it in the pocket in case of any occurrence.

Doraemon is not that popular, but most people consider it the best. It is most prevalent in India and Japan, having sold millions of copies. The manga is suitable for both children and adults.

Fullmetal Alchemist


The act of Alchemy prohibits human transformations, but two brothers, Alphonse and Edward, decide to break the rule. As a result, Edward lost his right arm, and his brother lost his whole body. The two tries to find ways to bring back their actual bodies.

Fullmetal Alchemist has received critical approvals due to its way of relating both scientific and mythical themes. It has unforgettable characters, thus raising different questions about humanity and people’s physical nature.



Gintoki Sakata forms Yorozura after he overtook the Amanto battle of aliens in feudal Japan. When not on the run from anyone, Sakata does big jobs for small pay to afford his beloved milkshakes.

Gintama is a renowned manga comic of all time. It is well-written following cultural events and full of humor to make a reader laugh. It has funny characters making it fun to read.

Cardcaptor Sakura


Sakura Kinomoto, a 10-year -old, happens to unknowingly discharge Clow Cards, which is a set of cards hidden by an antique sorcerer. Cerberus, the guardian of the cards, orders her to retrieve them with the help of her brother Toya and her friend Tomoyo.

The manga increased acceptance, especially in the states due to its anime and its constant humor. It focuses on the primary purpose of being recreational. It makes the reader end up feeling kind and light-hearted.

The Rose of Versailles


It is about two main characters, the first being Oscar and his woman. Oscar is the Principal of the French Royal guard while his woman is brought up like a man.

The second character is Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France, who follows ways of the royals, thus sacrificing her interests and dreams.

The manga portrays a complicated story of its characters. It has love, political, and lust aspects. It illustrates the theme of gender uncertainty, where Oscar expresses a feminine touch in everything and everyone.

Black Jack


Black Jack is a paradoxical medical doctor who has no identity. He is seen as a genius due to his ability to cure all kinds of diseases to people willing to pay healing prices. He works in the shadows with the help of Pinoko intending to take away illnesses from the world.

The manga is formed under weirdly dark drama. The comic liberation in the story appears when Pinoko is said to be 28-year-old but is confined in a 7-year-old body, thus acting as the wife of Black Jack.



The story is about a Japanese girl Mizuki Ashiya who falls for Izumi Sano, a high jumper on TV. Following championships taking place in Osaka High School, Mizuri wears like a male since it is a boys’ school. She gets a chance to meet Izumi in the dormitory.

Readers who love Japan’s stories are best suited for this manga. It excitingly portrays different cultures. It is similar to the Amanda Bynes TV show due to its high school’s features and romance. Their different TV series have been made as a result of this manga.



Shape-shifter demons by the name Yoma evade Raki’s homeland. Raki follows Clare, who is half Claymore and half-human to take revenge, and they discover more Claymore evil secrets.

Claymore has a well-structured visual perspective because of its characters who are uniquely designed. It is very engaging, even though it is a sad story. If you need a thoughtful genre, then Claymore is the best.

Case Closed


Jimmy Kudo operates as a high school investigator, and at the point, he helps the police. Following an example, the Black Organization kidnaps him and gives him transformational poison where he emerges to be a small child.

He gets the Conan identity, where he performs his detective duties with Rachel and Richard, her dad.

This is the fourth most selling manga, with over 200 million copies sold out. The plot is well-written with intellectual and mystical activities. All characters actively contribute to the story making it more interesting to read.

Sailor Moon


Usagi is a lazy teenager who makes friends with Luna, a black cat. Luna gives her magical power to protect her kingdom as the Sailor Moon by fighting monsters and fighting sailors.

The manga is influential and was sold widely and excites both boys and girls to read. Its engaging nature revolves around mystical elements, magical friendships, comedy, and action.

The Seven Deadly Sins


The Lioness Kingdom is surpassed by the Holy Knights, which makes Elizabeth the third princess go looking for the Seven Deadly Sins. The seven hero knights are believed to be long dead, but she does what it takes to protect her kingdom.

This manga is popular due to its appearance on Netflix, which increases its accessibility. The characters and story are well-written, enjoyable, and entertaining to read following magical and action features.



This story follows the scene of Neo-Tokyo, a Post-apocalyptic dystopian after 31 years of a shattering nuclear bomb attack. Here, a former chief of a biker gang, Shotaro Kaneda, declares to protect and save his friend Tetsuo from being used by the government, military, and terrorists.

This manga resembles a graphic novel from its dark but influential structure. It is filled with artwork consisting of a shading, visual imagery, and dark color. At some point, the story can be a bit depressing to read.

While the manga might not have received many views, its anime version has received a lot of praise and has become a sort of a cult classic.

Akira’s anime version differs quite a lot from the manga version, but nevertheless is a joy to read and watch. Be sure not to miss this classic.



A curse of spirals afflicts Kurozu-Cho, the home town of Kirie and Shuichi, leading to the closure of their high school romance. The two lovebirds must find a way to stop the spread of the spirals.

This manga is a real horror as, at some point, it truly gets scary and nerve-wracking. It has disturbing but well-done visuals. It is a utopia manga with some humor here and there. It is best for fantasy readers.



Naruto Uzumaki is a fun-loving teen who aspires to be a ninja, but inside his body lives a sealed beast. He joins Sasuke and Sakura in training to succeed in his father’s positions as the leader of Hokage by learning the Chi ways.

Naruto is among the top three best-selling mangas across the globe. It is exciting and absorbing due to its well-structured form of characters to war scenes and finally to storyline development.



Ramna and his father Genma are possessed by cussed springs when training martial arts. Every time Ranma is flapped with cold water, he becomes a girl. On the other hand, Ranma becomes a panda, and he must be very keen when dealing with Akane, his wife.

This manga has a crazy design, and it resembles initial tales that were narrated to children. It requires a lot of intelligence to understand.

Fist of the North Star


After the war in 1990, Kenshiro inherits the old martial arts, where he is determined to outdo his opponents mostly in a horrible fashion. He focuses on eradicating prime rivals targeting him and his hometown, including his blood brothers and some friends.

You can’t get enough of this manga if you enjoy bone-crushing action. Its setting and art make it one of the most outstanding action manga. It compresses video games, anime, and media permits.

Love Hina

love hina

As a child, Keitaro Urashima makes a promise to a girl, and later in life, he is determined to join the University of Tokyo to fulfill the obligation. He settles in Hinata in his grandmother’s hotel, who gives him the managerial role, and he has to study and work.

This manga is one of the most entertaining, even if it’s not one of the most selling on the list. The characters’ cast makes the plot more enjoyable to read.

Inu Yasha


Kagome Higurashi, a fifteen-year-old, is moved by a Well to the dated Sengoku of Japan. He comes across Inuyasha a half-dog wizard with a mystical Shikon and other allies, but as they continue with the journey, they come across Naraku, a half-spider wizard.

The writer of the manga puts violence and dark in the story hence maintaining a bit of comic feeling to it. The story feels outdated when reading due to its old-timely nature. A reader can have every kind of emotion while reading.

Fairy Tale


The Fairy Tale wizards use mystic for paid works. Natsu Dragneel is on a mission to look for his father, the dragon Igneel and on the way, he meets with other allies and Lucy (a wizard).

The manga has a lot of magical and action scenes. It has sold over 100 million copies, mostly due to the power of its characters.



Ichigo Kurosaki becomes a hero after saving Rukia Kuchiki, a soul reaper. He asks Rukia for some powers and uses them to reap lost souls. He must balance both education and reaping souls with the help of his friends.

Bleach is another best-selling manga due to its popularity in the west. Its characters are well-developed, making it exciting to read. It includes music, movie, anime, and coloring books to add flavor.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


The story is about men who discover their unique abilities in the Joestar family. They want to use the powers to outdo evil foes. Their names are abbreviated to form ‘Jojo.’

This manga is rather twisted, though still an awesome superhero manga. The division of its story to eight volumes and top listing the characters makes it more exciting. It portrays light humor and manliness narrations.

Astro Boy


Dr. Tenma loses his son Tobi in a car accident in a futuristic setting where people co-exist as machines (robots). This creates Astro, a robot that looks like his son in all ways.

Later, he abandons Astro, where Professor Ochanomizu realizes that he has magical powers and can be used to combat criminals.

This manga is the oldest in the list, but its structure is not outdated. It has motivated the world of manga and anime in a colossal way. It is the bestselling manga ever since it is filled with emotions and action.

And we shouldn’t forget that with Astro Boy and its creator Osamu Tezuka is considered the father of manga.

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Kanakichi, a police officer, is finding a new gadget to make fast liabilities because he is lazy and greedy. He works for Nakagawa, who is a wealthy businessman. Reiko is Nakagawa’s successor, but he is always frustrated and short-tempered.

This manga is mostly popular in Japan and India. It is written disturbingly and can leave you winding in pain. It has silly characters, and the plot is pretty, well…pointless.

A final note 

Consequently, manga comics are the best thing to read when you are bored or when you want to feel entertained. Manga is well-written to capture the reader’s attention hence yearning to learn more.

Copies are all over the globe, online and in book stores depending on your preferences.

This list was gathered to give you the very best manga comics you can find today. And while the list is as comprehensive as it is, the world is full of other superb mangas, so even though you didn’t see your favorite here, don’t be bummed. 

This list was to give you a glimpse of what is on offer and what is considered to be the very best. 

Table Of Contents

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