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There’s no other drawing utensil that can achieve such vibrant colors as markers. These aren’t your ordinary school markers. New innovations in the art supply industry have created better, bolder markers that don’t bleed and layers perfectly. They store well and don’t dry out. Even better, they’re affordable.

Whether you’re a beginning anime or manga artist or one of the biggest names in the industry, you’ll love the markers we’ve curated in this list. These markers are the highest rated on Amazon and have thousands of five-star reviews. Plus, many of them come with some bonus carrying cases and items. Let’s check out the best markers for drawing anime and manga.

Copic Markers Sketch 6-Piece Set: Skin Tone Markers For Anime & Manga

Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch Set, Skin...
  • Packaged in a clear plastic case, a...
  • Refillable markers and replaceable nibs,...
  • Alcohol based ink is pemranent and non...

Main Features

  • Features a variety of skin tones
  • Refillable
  • Nibs are replaceable

Copic is a brand well known for its high-quality markers, and many artists use Copic markers exclusively. Their markers are created using an alcohol-based ink that resists fading and is acid-free. Not only that, but Copic markers are compatible with their airbrush system, further expanding your creative possibilities.

This set of six markers includes a range of skin tones, including both warm and cool colors. It comes in a sturdy plastic case that you can use to store your markers. You’ll receive two nibs: one classic chisel nib and one “super brush” nib, which gives a paint-like feel to the marker. This marker set is fantastic for artists who enjoy creating character or concept art.

Copic Ciao 72 Color Set – Intermediate Level Markers For Anime & Manga

Main Features

  • Set has pretty much every color you’ll ever need
  • Unmatched quality
  • Critically acclaimed by professional artists

This premium set by Copic includes their best-selling colors and award-winning formula. You’ll get 72 colors, from natural tones to vivid anime colors that will take your art to a new level.

This wide selection of Copic markers is ideal for intermediate-level artists, although artists of any ability will find great success with them. The hard shell acrylic box is perfect for storage. When it comes to Copic, you can’t get a better deal than buying in bulk.

This collection has 4.9 stars on Amazon, with 94% 5-star reviews and absolutely no ratings under 4 stars. Copic markers speak for themselves, and the anime and manga community absolutely love them.

80 Color Double-Ended Marker Set with Carrying Case + Bag Markers For Anime & Manga

Markers Set with Base, 80 Colors Art...
  • ✈【Packing】80 colors marker, with...
  • ✈【Double-tip alcohol-based...
  • ✈【Permanent Art Markers】used for...
  • ✈【Easy to mix】These markers...
  • ✈【Better protection】they have a...

Main Features

  • It has 80 unique colors
  • Created with anime artists in mind
  • Double-ended for storage efficiency

This set by Adaxi is an incredible value for those just starting out in the art world or are looking to refresh their current stock of art supplies. These double-ended markers come in a variety of colors curated specially for the manga and anime artist. It comes with both a hard-shell carrying case and a protective bag so you can safeguard your markers for years to come.

Adaxi’s markers are smooth and produce fantastic, bold colors. They mix well and are resistant to drying out. They’re also waterproof and don’t have any particular issues with streaking. Adaxi is a fantastic choice for markers, and this set is a great way to sample all of their wares.

200 Color Double-Tipped Markers for Sketch, Illustration, and Animation 

200 Colors Alcohol Markers, Ohuhu Double...
  • ♥ 200 UNIQUE VIBRANT COLORS + 1...
  • ♥ FAST DRYING: Easily layer and mix...
  • ♥ HIGH QUALITY: Marker pens are highly...

Main Features

  • Features a massive 200 colors
  • One side is a fine tip, and the other chisel
  • Effortless blending

Ohuhu is known for its collection of both digital and traditional art supplies. This market kit is one of their best-selling products and is an amazing gift for any artist or art enthusiast in your life.

These markers are single color, double-tipped, with one side being a fine nib and the other a chisel tip. Ohuhu markers are excellent for precise lines and sharp colors. They also blend extraordinarily well, which makes them a popular choice among intermediate artists just as much as beginners.

Whether you prefer to draw landscapes, characters, fashion, or full-page manga layouts, this kit by Ohuhu has you covered for anything and everything you need.

80 Color Dual-Tipped Markers for Adults and Kids For Drawing Anime & Manga 

80-Colors Alcohol Based Markers,...
  • 【80 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol...
  • 【Color-Cpded Caps &...
  • 【Widely Applicable Art Marker】 The...
  • 【80 Permanent Primary & Secondary...
  • 【Super Quality Ink Sketch Markers】...

Main Features

  • Striking Color Assortment
  • Durable
  • Decent size for comfort

If you’re looking for the brightest colors, Alchilalart is the place to go. Their 80 piece marker assortment has a brilliant array of colors that are bolder compared to some of the other marker sets on the market. These hot and cool tones are perfect for coloring hair, outfits, and accents. Don’t worry if you’re a character artist, because you’ll have quite a few skin tones to choose from too.

This kit is great for those who draw in the sci-fi genre or are just looking to add a touch of vibrance to their art. Anime artists will enjoy picking out hair colors from the wide array and experimenting with the different combinations!

The Lettering, Journaling, and Coloring 72 Piece Marker Kit Markers For Anime & Manga

Caliart 72 Dual Brush Pens Art Markers,...
  • Each art markers set Includes 72...
  • This convenient dual-tip design allows...
  • Premium Multifunction Coloring Markers...
  • 100% Safe: odorless and harmless,...

Main Features

  • Beautiful storage box
  • Unique brush tip and an ultra-fine tip
  • Ideal for lettering, calligraphy, and fine lines

This pick from Caliart is the manga artist’s dream. For starters, it comes in a unique round box that will keep your markers nicely organized (and look great on your desk, too). These markers are distinctive because they feature more uncommon nibs. One side is the classic brush nib, which is great for detailing as well as color blocking. The other side is an ultra-fine nib, similar to a fine-tipped permanent marker or pen.

This set of markers is marketed (get it? marketed) towards artists who specialize in calligraphy and bullet journaling, among other things. That includes manga artists. Why have so many mangakas raved about this set?

It’s perfect for lettering, layouts, and adding color to small areas, something that often happens when you’re working within the limited space of manga frames. It comes in 72 colors, featuring pastels, bright colors, skin tones, and grayscale. They blend and layer well, making them great for as a multipurpose art supply.

Pentouch Extra Fine Paint Marker in Gold, Silver, and Copper Markers For Anime & Manga

Sakura 42191 3-Piece Extra Fine Pentouch...
  • Archival quality, chemically stable,...
  • Low odor and xylene free; writes on...
  • Metallic Paint flows directly to the tip...
  • 0.7mm Extra Fine Tip
  • 3Pc Set includes Gold, Silver and Copper

Main Features

  • Markers have a 0.7mm nib
  • Gleaming metallics
  • Compatible with many mediums and surfaces

You can have every color in the world, but nothing will be an adequate substitute for metal tones in your work. Your art will have a dynamic edge with authentic metallics, and these markers by Sakura are popular for just that. You’ll get three markers, in gold, silver, and copper, covering all your bases for your artwork.

These markers are extra fine and feature a 0.7mm nib. This ultra-precision is fantastic for drawing in jewelry, sword blades, and small details like barrettes.

One of the best things about Sakura’s Pentouch line is that these markers are compatible with a variety of mediums and surfaces. They’re paint markers, so they’ll have a slightly different feel from the alcohol-ink-based markers on this list, but they’ll draw just as beautifully without running or fading.

Small details like jewelry, electronics, and phones will look dull and flat in your work if you simply substitute a gray or yellow. By using a metallic marker, these details will be more clear to the viewer (and striking as well).

60 Piece Water Based Markers for Sketching, School Supplies, and Kids

ZSCM Dual Brush Pens Art Markers, 60...
  • 💕 FAST DRYING: Water-based dye inks,...
  • 💕 LIFETIME WARRANTY - Customer is our...

Main Features

  • Great for beginners
  • Water-based for different techniques
  • Easier learning curve for beginners

If you have no prior experience with professional markers, this set by ZSCM has a significantly lower learning curve. That’s because they’re water-based, just like the markers you grew up in within the school. Water-based markers are different for a number of reasons. They’re easier for blocking in color, as well as creating sharp lines. Unlike the markers you’ll find in school, these come with paint-brush nibs and .4mm fine line nibs. This makes ZSCM a step up for the budding artist who’s looking to upgrade from your average art supplies.

These markers are great for fine lines and lettering, so more advanced artists will appreciate them as well. One other advantage to water-based markers is that they don’t stain and are easy to clean up. The ink lasts just as long as alcohol-based markers and will layer with them as well. This kit comes with a stylish round case for easy display and access.

A Hue or Two For Artists Of All Abilities

Artists’ markers are not your ordinary markers. They often have the same feel as a paint-brush and come with a finer nib for details. Each of these market kits has received raving reviews by anime and manga artists on Amazon. Whether you’re looking to add to your art box for professional use or for fun, you’ll find unmatched quality in these brands.

We’ve covered three types of markers today: alcohol ink-based, paint-based, and water-based. Each base has its own unique advantages. The base might affect how these markers blend and layer upon each other. Alcohol ink is known to be less “streaky” and holds up well over time. Paint markers produce brilliant colors and can house unique pigments, such as metallics. Water-based markers can produce bold lines and are considered “steadier” compared to alcohol markers. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to cap your markers, so they don’t dry out, and have fun experimenting!

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Table Of Contents

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