Best Materials For Anime Artists To Draw Professional Art


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This guide will help you get the best materials for drawing professional-looking anime and manga art. I have used some of these materials and have been happy with the results.

When I started drawing anime and manga art, I used Copic markers, and I can’t recommend them enough to you.

Below is a carefully researched list of materials you need or should acquire for creating professional-looking anime and manga art. If you are more into digital art and want to draw anime art digitally, I suggest you read my guide: How To Draw Anime, for more information.

Key Takeaways

  • Use graphite pencils for sketching, either lead or soft blue, for best results.
  • G-pen and brush pen are great for creating that precise line art.
  • Copic markers are the best in the industry markers for coloring your drawings.
  • The smudge guard (as the name implies) protects the paper from hand sweat and prevents smudges and smears in the paper.

Zebra Mechanical Graphite Pencil for Sketching

Graphite pencils are great for sketching because the material is soft. You would want a soft pencil material for quick drawing movements that are usually done in sketching.

You should ensure that the graphite pencil is also smudge-resistant so it doesn’t smear when drawing. Graphite pencils are great for reaching different textures.

These pencils offer you the flexibility to reach the darkest of tones in your anime and manga sketches. This pencil material is excellent for different textures, such as skin, fur, and fabrics.

Zebra Pen M-301 Mechanical Pencil,...
  • 0.5mm fine point refillable mechanical...
  • Style, strength and value combine in...
  • Lightweight yet durable stainless steel...
  • Convenient clip makes these instruments...
  • This sturdy pencil is refillable with...


  • A 0.5 mm lead point provides accurate and enjoyable sketches.
  • A lightweight and stainless steel barrel offers you quick drawing movements.
  • Non-slip grip for comfort and stability.
  • Short pen length and metal clip for portability and ease of storage.
  • An excellent upgrade from plastic mechanical pencils, offering you good style, performance, and value.
  • Refillable with Zebra’s 0.5mm lead refill.

Another excellent option is to use Mitsubishi branded pencils, as some of the professional manga artists use, especially the 2B version.

Uni Wooden Pencil - 2B - Box of 12 (U2B)
  • Set of 12
  • 2B
  • A smooth writing feeling, breaking hard...

Pilot Color Eno Neox Mechanical Pencil – Soft Blue for Sketching

A non-photo blue pencil color is a common tool used in graphic design and drawings. Copy machines do not detect it and allow easy removal with art software like Adobe Photoshop.

This material allows artists to lay down a sketch of an anime or manga without needing to erase it after inking. You can choose this material for sketching because it allows you to freely draw anything that comes into your mind without worrying about erasing it before printing.

The soft or light blue color is an artist’s favorite when drafting using mechanical pencils.

This material is also perfect if you want to brainstorm and consult others for ideas for your drawing.

PILOT Color Eno 0.7mm Automatic...
  • Erasable Colors
  • This popular Color Eno line from Japan
  • This 8 Color Set includes Red, Pink,...
  • Takes 0.7 mm lead.


  • Erasable and vibrant color.
  • Pilot’s Eno line is very popular in Japan, especially for manga artists.
  • The Soft Blue color is excellent for non-photo sketches.
  • The lead size is 0.7 mm.
  • Nice fine point.
  • The plastic body is not too wide nor too narrow.
  • Each click provides the ideal amount of lead for your sketches.

Kokuyo Block Eraser

Block erasers are specifically made to lift lead markings off your drawings. You can choose this type of eraser for easy erasure of markings.

These eraser materials typically only require very light pressure to remove lead markings. Block erasers do the job cleanly without tearing or scratching the paper surface.

It is ready to use and comes with a protective sleeve for storage and to avoid contamination with ink or lead, which might smudge your drawings when you use it.


  • Erases cleanly.
  • Very tidy usage, and the crumbs stick to the eraser.
  • Able to erase dark leads like 2B pencils.
  • Erases 99% of graphite.

Faber-Castell Kneaded Eraser

Kneaded erasers are also known as “putty rubber.” These are pliable materials and are usually colored gray or black. You can choose this eraser material for picking up charcoal and graphite particles.

In addition to that, you can also use these for erasing carbon or pastel marks on your anime drawings. Kneaded erasers last much longer than traditional pencil erasers because it does not leave behind any residue or eraser crumbs.

You can use this if you want precision erasing, as it is very pliable. These erasers are not to be used in erasing large areas as it creates too much friction that may cause it to smear or stick.

Faber-Castell Erasers - Drawing Art...
  • Art Eraser Kneaded : Sold in Pack of 4...
  • Faber castell kneadable eraser - The...
  • For correcting and lightening charcoal,...
  • An eraser that is extremely kneadable...
  • Size : Large. These putty eraser comes...


  • Excellent for correcting and lightening charcoal, pastel, and pencil marks.
  • Great for final drawing touch-ups.
  • Extremely absorbent and kneadable for precision erasing.
  • It comes with a plastic storage case for easy storage.

Pentel Arts Brush Pen for Inking

You can use brush pens for inking and for finalizing your drawings. Brush provides you with the feeling of paintbrushes due to their brush-like tip. 

Brush pens offer flexibility with the line widths and how clean the lines would look.

These pens come in different tip sizes, such as thin, medium, and broad. Use the thin size of the pen if you opt for sketching and like to add more fine details to your drawing.

Medium and broad tips are excellent for bot sketching and shading, depending on your preference.

Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen, Includes 2...
3,032 Reviews
Pentel Arts Pocket Brush Pen, Includes 2...
  • Portable, neat and easy-to-use versus...
  • Permanent pigment ink is both fade- and...
  • Durable, Premium bristles help create...
  • Refill cartridges make for an easy, no...


  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Permanent pigment ink is fade-resistant and water-resistant.
  • Premium bristles that help you create broad lines in a single stroke.
  • Refill cartridges for convenience and tidiness, no mess ink replacement.

G-Pen for Detailed Inking

You can choose G-pens for detailed inking for your anime and manga drawings. These pens offer precise lines for your drawings. You can adjust your pressure to have thick or thin lines.

Keep in mind that some practice must be required to make the most out of this pen.

Zebra Comic G Model

Zebra Comic G Model Chrome Pen Nib, 10...
  • Features: Elastic and soft, so you can...
  • Color: Chrome
  • Uses: For cartoons and illustrations
  • Quantity: 10 pieces
  • Note: Please use the compatible axis on...


  • Flexible nibs.
  • Offer excellent line variation.
  • The tip does not pick up fibers.

Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder

Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder, Model 40...
  • Tachikawa Comic Pen Nib Holder
  • with Sky Blue Grip
  • T-40


  • Excellent quality.
  • Offers comfort when drawing.
  • Convenient nib cover.
  • The foam grip is very comfortable to use.

Deleter Manga Ink

Deleter Manga Ink, Black 4, Versatile,...
2,475 Reviews
Deleter Manga Ink, Black 4, Versatile,...
  • Super black drawing ink for dip nib pen...
  • Waterproof, marker proof
  • No feathering and resistant to fading...
  • Matte finish once dries
  • Made in Japan


  • Super black drawing ink.
  • Waterproof and marker-proof.
  • Fade-resistant and has no feathering.
  • Matte finish when it is dried.
  • Beautiful opaqueness that appears glossy and smooth.

Deleter Comic Book Paper

Comic book paper is specifically designed for artists that need consistent, high-quality paper for their drawings and illustrations. You can choose comic book paper over traditional white paper for your art as these have suitable paper surfaces for pencils and markers.

Drawing on these papers feels very consistent and accurate. These can take ink brilliantly and makes the ink dry fast and look nice. It prevents smudges and smears from markers and inks.

This type of paper comes with pre-lined comic book templates for your preferred dimensions.

No products found.


  • A4-sized / Printing size: 182 x 257 mm.
  • Standard guidelines with ruler bleed, corner crop, frame mark, and page number box.
  • Premium and heavyweight paper.
  • 40 sheets per pack.
  • Smooth and handles erasures very well.

Copic Markers

You can choose Copic markers for your anime and manga drawings as they are specifically made for these kinds of art. Copic is a Japanese brand of art supplies that has become popular because of its high-quality art products.

Copic markers are considered the best because of their smooth application and brilliant variety of colors. These markers have nibs that are double-sided with a reservoir in the middle.

Copic markers can be blended and layered and are streak-free. The ink is refillable, and the nibs can be replaced, making them an excellent choice if you want a long-lasting marker that you can use for years.

I personally own a set of Copic markers and have been extremely happy with them. I don’t use them that much anymore as I have transitioned to digital art, but Copic markers are the ones I wholeheartedly recommend.

Copic Marker C72A Classic 72 Color Marker

Copic Classic Alcohol Markers, 72pc Set...
373 Reviews
Copic Classic Alcohol Markers, 72pc Set...
  • This model has been discontinued by the...
  • Premium alcohol-based markers made in...
  • Nibs: Standard Fine and Standard Broad.


  • The broad nib offers smooth drawing.
  • Consistent and accurate coverage for large areas.
  • Fine nib for detailed art.
  • Photocopy safe.
  • Color consistency is guaranteed.

Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch Set – Skin Tones

COPIC Sketch Marker Set of 6 Skin Tone...
4,934 Reviews
COPIC Sketch Marker Set of 6 Skin Tone...
  • ๐•๐ˆ๐๐‘๐€๐๐“...
  • ๐ƒ๐”๐€๐‹-๐“๐ˆ๐...
  • ๐„๐…๐…๐ˆ๐‚๐ˆ๐„๐๐“...
  • ๐๐”๐€๐‹๐ˆ๐“๐˜...
  • ๐•๐„๐‘๐’๐€๐“๐ˆ๐‹๐„...


  • It comes with a clear plastic case for easy storage.
  • Refillable markers.
  • Alcohol-based ink is non-toxic and permanent.
  • Vibrant and smooth color.
  • Excellent skin tone color replication.

Copic Marker SB12 12-Piece Sketch Basic Set

Copic Sketch, Alcohol-Based Markers,...
2,567 Reviews
Copic Sketch, Alcohol-Based Markers,...
  • ใ€REFILLABLEใ€‘a separate ink refill...
  • ใ€ACMI certifiedใ€‘all Copic markers...
  • This 12 color set includes basic and...


  • Copic ink can be applied smoothly and evenly.
  • Ink is easy to blend.
  • Alcohol-based ink does not destroy paper fibers.
  • Flexible brush nub for smooth blends.
  • Paint-like Application.

White Ink

White ink can be useful for drawing on black illustrations or dark-colored papers. In your anime and manga drawings, you can choose white ink to lighten dark objects.

Adding white to dark parts of art creates uniqueness and tones. The right white ink can highlight some parts of your drawings. White ink color can be used to highlight the whites on the eyes or highlight on hair.

Its color is convenient and useful, especially in anime and manga, wherein whites on the eyes and hair are common.

Speedball 2-Ounce Super Pigmented Acrylic White Ink

Speedball Super Pigmented Acrylic Ink...
  • Pigmented acrylic ink has rick vivid...
  • Permanent and archival quality with...
  • Ideal for drawing, calligraphy, stamping...
  • Non-toxic, acid free
  • Available in White color


  • Pigmented white color is rich and vivid.
  • Waterproof and fade-resistant.
  • Permanent and dries fast.
  • Excellent for drawing anime and manga.
  • Accurate white color.

Smudge Guard

Smudge guards help prevent any smudges or smears on your drawing. It also functions like an apron, preventing smudges from getting on your hand.

The smudge guard is worn at the side of your hand and pinky to prevent smears and smudges. A smudge guard also helps your hand to glide over the paper surface smoothly.

You can choose a smudge guard for your anime and manga drawings to prevent unexpected fingerprints and palm touches on your drawings.

Digital artists can find this smudge guard very convenient as palms can get sweaty and can get to the tablet screen’s surface. It can make unwanted marks and lines on your digital drawing, which can be annoying.

Smudge guard can solve all problems of unwanted hand-to-screen interfaces when making art and I personally use smudge guard any time I draw.

Mixoo Artists Gloves 2 Pack - Palm...
5,867 Reviews
Mixoo Artists Gloves 2 Pack - Palm...
  • ใ€Artist Glove With Two...
  • ใ€Premium Breathable and Comfortable...
  • ใ€Special Padding Patch Designใ€‘ The...
  • ใ€Useful Palm Rejection Glovesใ€‘...
  • ใ€Three Size Availableใ€‘There are...


  • Removes friction between paper or drawing tablets.
  • Soft elastic Lycra is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Provides smooth glide on paper or screens.
  • The package includes two pieces of gloves for your needs.
  • Stretchable to fit any hand nicely, whether it is left or right.
  • Breathable and very comfortable.
  • Prevents sticky and sweaty hands when drawing.


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Iโ€™m a digital artist who is passionate about anime and manga art. My true artist journey pretty much started with CTRL+Z. When I experienced that and the limitless color choices and the number of tools I could use with art software, I was sold. Drawing digital anime art is the thing that makes me happy among eating cheeseburgers in between veggie meals.

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