The Best Midjourney Prompts For Stunning Results – Examples And Ideas


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Prompt For Realism


Add the below words to your text prompt to get realism to your AI images:

3D camera, realistic, hyper-detailed, ultra-detailed, intricate details, unreal engine 5, unreal engine, photorealism, high-resolution, cinematic, cinematic lighting

Additional parameters to be used with the realism prompt:

--ar 7:4 --v 5.1 --no pixelation --no artifacts --q 2

Prompt For Photography


Add the below words to your text prompt to generate AI photograps:

stunning close-up portrait, realistic, award-winning, film photography, hyper-detailed, professional studio, natural skin texture, analog, modern, sunlight, photography, taken with a 50mm prime lens at f/ 2. 8, focused, sharp, high contrast color photograph

Additional parameters to be used with the photography prompt:

--ar 3:2 --v 5.1 --q 2

Additional artist names to be added to the prompt (for example, in the style of Cindy Sherman):

  • Edward Weston (Landscape Photography)
  • Dorothea Lange (Documentary Photography)
  • Robert Frank (Street Photography)
  • Robert Mapplethorpe (Fine Art Photography)
  • Cindy Sherman (Conceptual Photography)
  • Richard Avedon (Fashion Photography)
  • Helmut Newton (Fashion Photography)
  • Diane Arbus (Fine Art Photography)
  • Ansel Adams (Landscape Photography)
  • Henri Cartier-Bresson (Street Photography)

Prompt For Characters


Add the below words to your text prompt to create characters:

marvel, dc, characters, superhero, fantasy, detailed, concept, comics, video game, character art, full body, highly detailed, intricate

Additional parameters to be used with the characters prompt:

--v 5.1 --ar 3:2 --quality 1 --no watermark --no text --no signature --stylize 250

Prompt For Video Games


Add the below words to your text prompt to create video game style art:

full body, professional, epic, cinematic, detailed character design, focused, RPG, video game style, 2D, 3D, character concept, unreal engine, artstation, digital art, digital painting, unreal engine, multiple concept designs, concept design sheet

Additional parameters to be used with the video game prompt:

--v 5.1 --quality 1 --stylize 750

Prompt For Art Style


Add the below words to your text prompt to create different art styles:

dreamy, ambient, beautiful, splatters, extremely detailed, artstation, digital art, digital painting

Additional parameters to be used with the art style prompt:

--ar 3:2 --no realistic --q 1 --v 5.1

Additional artist names to be added to the prompt (for example, in the style of yoji shinkawa):

  • Yoji Shinkawa style (Japanese ink)
  • Frida Kahlo (Naive Art)
  • Henri Matisse (Fauvism)
  • René Magritte (Surrealism)
  • Banksy (Street Art)
  • Edvard Munch (Expressionism)
  • Salvador Dali (Surrealism)
  • Pablo Picasso (Cubism)
  • Vincent van Gogh (Post-Impressionism)
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat (Graffiti Art)
  • Gustav Klimt (Art Nouveau)
  • Alphonse Mucha (Art Nouveau)
  • Greg Rutkowski (Concept Artist)

Art Style Themes for Midjourney Prompts

Add the following words to your text prompt and before the ar, q, style, etc. parameters:

  • 16-bit video game style
  • 8-bit video game style
  • Ukiyo-e style
  • caricature style
  • layered papercraft
  • symmetrical flat icon design
  • emoji style
  • knolling style
  • synthwave
  • naive art style
  • vintage photo style
  • tilt-shift
  • isometric
  • double exposure
  • cutaway diagram
  • coloring page
  • macro photo
  • fisheye lens



Prompt: One panda is rolling down a slope. Layered paper craft, paper art, diorama


Prompt: consciousness, cutaway diagram, parchment, annotations, vintage --ar 2:3 --v 5 --q 2


Prompt: synthwave album cover, featuring starry black sky, orange sun and blue terrain with mountains --v 4

Midjourney Prompt Ideas


Prompt idea #1:

spider mecha cyber robot, + setting on a floating platform + leaning on Tachikoma mechanical robot, HD photo, cyberpunk Motoko Kusanagi and LeeLoo Milla Jovovich wearing latex catsuit fighting robots, high definition vivid eyes, symmetrical proportions, full-body dynamic action photo, sharp details, cinematic lighting, tilt shift, 8k, epic, creative, fashion, vogue, photography, octane render, no rasterization, vivid colors, maximum detail, glamour Photo Shoot, soft shadows, golden-ratio, glint, smooth-render, no-brush-strokes, dynamic-pose, dynamic lighting, sharp-focus, diffuse-back-lighting, low-contrast, High-sharpness, facial-symmetry, depth-of-field, style of cyberpunk futurism, fashion outfit and boots, full body, eyes looking at you, fit build, pose, realistic, professional photography, in the style of realistic and hyperdetailed renderings, zbrush, hyperrealistic oil, contoured shading, lilia alvarado, shang dynasty, andrzej sykut, bold, vibrant colors, close up, vray --niji 5 --s 300 --style expressive --q 2 --v 5.1


Prompt idea #2:

Transport viewers into a realm of enchantment and mysticism with a cryptid artwork influenced by the artistic styles of Kay Nielsen, Gustav Klimt, and Odilon Redon, with a touch of Magic: The Gathering artists such as Rebecca Guay, Noah Bradley, and Jesper Ejsing.::1 Picture a creature that embodies the ethereal beauty found in their works, with intricate details and symbolic motifs adorning its form.::1.3 Embrace the delicate lines, vibrant colors, and rich symbolism of these artists, both traditional and Magic: The Gathering illustrators, to create a visual masterpiece that captures the essence of magic, enchantment, and the unknown ::1 --v 5.1 --s 333 --ar 3:4 --chaos 10


Prompt idea #3:

cartoon stoner character super detailed cartoon monkey cartoon guy smoking, in the style of colorful moebius, hip-hop culture exploration, precisionist lines, bronzepunk, pseudo-realistic, aurorapunk, mcdonaldpunk


Prompt idea #4:

the goth anime lady in wearing sunglasses, in the style of crisp drawing, highly stylized anime illustration, hyper – detailed illustrations, Tsutomu Nihei, Kuvshinov Ilya, Rolf Armstrong, contemporary, by Tsutomu Nihei, bright colors, ultra detailed, Keiichi Tanaami, photo-realistic hyperbole, photo-realistic hyperbole, kunio okawara, nobuo sekine --ar 1:2 --v 5.1 --q 2


Prompt idea #5:

Cryptid, movie still, flat vector art, anime, high quality, 8k --ar 21:9 --v 5.1


Prompt idea #6:

Blackhole Baroness, nefarious cosmic supervillainess, spacecore, --q 2 --s 750 --v 5.1

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