Best Pens For Drawing Anime And Manga Art

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Written by Juha

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No anime or manga piece is finished without having a vivid ink pen nearby. Pens are essential to achieving crisp, sharp lines or bold blocks of color. With the micro-sized nibs that artists’ pens offer, you’ll be able to mark the finest of details. Not only that, but these markers come with specially designed formulas with graphic artists in mind.

These colors won’t bleed or fray, and you can be confident that your pens will never dry out. Store them in their carrying case for easy access and travel. Not sure what pens to buy? We’ve got you covered with the best pens for drawing anime and manga out there on the web.

Fineliner Color Gel Pen Set of 10 for Professional Drawing and Inking

Fineliner Color Pen Set 0.38mm Nib Sizes...
  • 10 bright and vibrant colors, NO...
  • 0.38mm fine tips,tiny point, perfect for...
  • True to color, matt black cap and...
  • Using tips: Generally speaking, it will...
  • Multifunctional fineliner color pens,...


  • 0.38 ultra-fine nib
  • No duplicates
  • Smooth writing

These pens by brand BXT are sworn by anime artists and Amazon reviewers. You’ll receive a set of ten pens, each a unique color. This set includes a jet black and medium-toned brown color for your outlining needs. It also includes a hot pink, a color you often see left out of sets.

Let’s talk about why BXT’s pens are so great. They are anti-skip and offer a smooth writing experience. They don’t bleed on the page, so you can be sure that your outlines will remain crisp and not feather. They’re also great for multipurpose. Many artists use them for lettering, card making, journaling, and outlining. But they perform just as well in character art and manga.

The pens themselves are packaged quite nicely. They come in a classic matte black shell and have a secure lock cap. You’ll receive a resealable plastic carrying case to store them in. The ends are color-coded for easy access. Finally, these pens have ultra-fine nibs in 0.38 mm, so you can achieve those sharp lines and edges.

These pens are great for a variety of artists, including both beginners and intermediate artists. If you’re new to using ink in your artwork, this pack makes a great choice to start with. The pens write well and don’t require any special techniques.

Black Pigment Microliner Drawing Pens for Comics and Manga


  • Jet black ink, fast drying
  • It comes with nine unique nibs, including a brush nib
  • Anti-bleed and feather formula

Beupro’s set of black pigment microliner drawing pens are perfect for the artist looking for professional quality at an unbeatable price. Beurpro’s ink formula is vivid black, dries fast, and never bleeds. One of the best things about this company’s acclaimed pen set is that it comes with nine different nibs, ranging in material and thickness.

You’ll receive a bolder, 0.8mm nib that’s great for thick lines and general outlining. You’ll also get the more popular 0.5 and 0.7mm sizes which work well for multipurpose use as well as medium detailing. The smallest pen nib that Beupro offers is 0.05mm, which is one of the smallest on the market and offers unparalleled detail and the most minuscule lines.

One more unique aspect of Beupro’s pen set is that they made sure to include a brush tip. The brush tip offers a different inking experience, which is quite similar to painting with watercolors or traditional ink calligraphy. This brush nib gives a silky, artistic feel. Manga artists will appreciate this unique pen nib which has the same highly pigmented formula as Beupro’s other pens.

Overall, Beurpo’s black pigment microliner pen set is a great pick for artists looking to enter the world of inking and outlining and any artist who works in the comic or manga art styles. The wide range of nibs is great for anywhere your art may take you.

Micron Pen Collection (6 Count) with Pigma Ink Technology

Sakura Pigma 30062 Micron Blister Card...
  • Experience smooth, skip-free writing in...
  • Professional inking pens used by comic...
  • Pigma ink is archival quality on paper:...
  • No smears, feathers, or bleed-through on...
  • Precise line widths make this fine line...


  • Unique Pigma ink for sharp lines
  • It comes in 6 sizes
  • Highly rated

If this product’s 16,637 ratings and 4.9 stars aren’t enough to sway you, then you’ll just have to try them yourself! Sakura has long been held as one of the top names in the pen and ink industry, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find an artist without a micron ink pen in their toolbox. Sakura swears by their Pigma color technologies, and their self-described reasoning is that the magic is in ink.

In this set, you’ll get six pens in Sakura’s classic micron line. It includes one of each size, which ranges from the ultra-fine 005 to the bolder 08. These pens are archival quality, meaning that they are fade-resistant, acid-free, and pH neutral. They’re also quick-drying, so you’ll never have to worry about smudging or feathering. Even better, these pens don’t bleed, making these ideals for manga artists, illustrators, and more.

Pigma color technologies may not really be magic, but it sure does seem like it. There’s actually a lot of science involved in Sakura’s proprietary ink formula. Because it’s pigment-based ink, the ink stays on top of the paper. Dye-based inks, on the other hand, absorb into the paper, causing a blow out, feathering, and fuzzy lines. With Sakura’s special blend of pigments, you’ll get rich color without anything to worry about–making this a surefire collection for anyone to add to their art supplies.

Premium Fineliner Drawing Pens, Set of 10

Premium Drawing Pens - Set of 10 Various...
  • BLACK PEN TIP SIZES: This black fine...
  • CRISP CLEAN SMOOTH INK: Brite Crown...
  • VARIETY OF USES: Unleash your...


  • Includes 9 sizes and a brush tip
  • Waterproof, nontoxic ink
  • Layers well with other materials

This set by Brite Crown is sleek and professional, and their pens draw the same way. You’ll receive 10 various-sized nibs in black, including a brush-tip pen. Brite Crown’s nibs hold up well over time. The sharp nibs are compatible with a needle, giving the illusion of drawing with a tattoo gun!

It’s no wonder, then, that these pens are so popular among tattoo artists. Not only are they ultra-precise, but they don’t skip or bump while drawing. This smooth feel is essential for handling and leads to a clear lineart every time.

Brite Crown includes a complimentary storage pouch with their pen set and has a satisfaction guarantee. Their finerliner pens make an excellent addition to any collection.

Professional Ultra Black Fineliner Pens with Brush, Felt, and Pen Nibs

Professional Black Fineliner Pens, Ink...
  • WHAT YOU GET: 9 piece different size...
  • ARCHIVAL INK PEN: Archival quality ink...
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: Black fineliner pens...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Premium micro-line pen...
  • WARRANTY AND SERVICE: 24-hour online...


  • Includes both a brush nib and wide felt tip nib
  • Sleek pen casing for comfort
  • Archival quality with no smears

Boxun is an up-and-coming name in the art industry. Their pens have found great success, particularly among anime and manga artists. This set of 10 black lining pens comes with your standard assortment of pen nibs and sizes. However, it also includes two rather unique nibs as well.

You’ll receive a brush nib and Boxun’s “wide” nib, which is a larger felt nib for thick lines. This offers the perfect variety of textures and sizes for comprehensive line work. Their ink is nontoxic and waterproof, and it appears that watercolor artists are particularly fond of their compatibility with water-based materials (i.e., no running or bleeding).

If you do a lot of line art, this set is perfect for you. It’s also incredibly handy if you frequently scan your line art into a digital program, as the thicker lines read well.

Sakura Pigma Micron Color Sets, Assorted, 73 Pack

Sakura Pigma Micron Color Sets,...
12 Reviews
Sakura Pigma Micron Color Sets,...
  • PRECISE POINTS & LINES: Create precise...
  • SMOOTH WRITING: Experience smooth,...
  • ARCHIVAL QUALITY: Pigma pigment based...
  • JAPANESE QUALITY: Micron is the...
  • CERTIFIED NON-TOXIC: Approved by ACMI...


  • The number one pen, with Sakura’s best selling colors
  • A one-stop-shop for a complete art set
  • Vibrant colors include a variety of nib sizes

Sakura’s Micron line, complete with their Pigma technology, is nothing short of legendary. It’s used by the best mangakas and anime artists, and they’ve been using Micron for years at that. Now, you can enjoy the full range of Sakura’s Micron fineliners in a variety of colors, nib sizes, and types.

You’ll receive a whopping 73 individual pens, each a unique color or nib style. This is the ultimate way to sample Sakura’s wares or to patch up any holes in your collection. These pens are long-lasting, and you’ll never have to worry about flattened or frayed nibs.

It’s rare to see so much of Sakura’s fine product bundled into one, so this is a great find for any artist. Sakura pens have long been the herald of anime and manga-style art, and their unbeatable quality is the reason why.

Pens are an important art supply, regardless if you draw traditionally or digitally. Why? Crisp, clear outlines are essential for drawing software to recognize and potentially vectorize your line art. You’ll find that these pens are invaluable for sketching and thinking on the page.

Moreover, they have so much to offer as multipurpose art tools. You’ll be able to add detail and color to a piece without worrying about bleed-through, feathering, or any other issues that some tools like markers come with.

It’s a good idea to pick up a decent range of black pens for linework and another set of colors. Even if you use markers for the majority of your coloring, you’ll appreciate having a pen to line that particular area instead of relying on graphite, which can smudge. Which pens do you swear by? Let us know in the comments below.

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Table Of Contents

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