9 Best Photography & Realistic AI Stable Diffusion Models


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Realistic Vision


Realistic Vision produces some of the best realistic, life-like, and photography AI images. It’s a versatile AI art model that’s been in constant development. The developer suggests using Detail Tweaker LoRA to reduce contrast from the images.

From users:

“Maybe is the best photorealistic model I ever used!! Thanks for sharing!!”

“I get very realistic faces with Realistic Vision, especially with a lot of the available lora and lycoris, but I notice that lora which modify bodies don’t seem to work quite as well – either the model seems to ignore the lora, or they combine to negatively impact output quality. “



CyberRealistic is an innovative and versatile photorealistic model that is the result of a rigorous testing process, blending various cutting-edge models to achieve the desired output. This exceptional model incorporates several custom elements, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to its output.

A key strength of the model lies in its ability to effectively process textual inversions and LoRAs, providing accurate and detailed outputs. Moreover, the model’s user-friendly nature stands out as it requires minimal prompts, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

From users:

“Thanks for your very versatile and consistently great performing models. Always a go to for me. Thanks for your hard work!”

“If you are new to AI get this model, I guarantee you will be satisfied. Use 3.0. The results amazed me tbh”

MajicMIX realistic


MajicMIX AI art model leans more toward Asian aesthetics. The diffusion model is constantly developed and is one of the best Stable Diffusion models out there. The model creates realistic-looking images that have a hint of cinematic touch to them.

From users:

“Thx for nice work, this is my most favorite model.”

“this is a great model but doesnt seem to work with any TI, anyone having the same issue?”



ChilloutMix is one of the oldest AI latent diffusion models developed. You can download the fp32 (floating point) and fp16 versions of the model. This model is slightly more tuned to Asian aesthetics than western-look.

From users:

“For the most popular model on Civitai, it is very hard to read and understand the description”

“This is my favorite model.”



The creators of the Henmix_Real model have made significant efforts to ensure that it caters to both Western and Asian users. Special attention has been given to enhancing dark expressions, making them more vibrant and dynamic. As a consequence, the overall tone of the generated content tends to be darker, which complements and looks particularly appealing on dark backgrounds.

Through these intentional design choices, the model aims to offer a more inclusive and versatile experience, accommodating a broader range of preferences and artistic expressions.

From users:

“thanks for this great model, best model so far with my test for both man and woman, and great for multiple people too, deserve more attention!!”

“This is by far my favorite model for people, but I would really love if it had a bit more diversity. It is very asian biased, and does not do other skin tones and shapes quite as well. It’s definitely harder to do fair skin, even using pale prompting and negative asian.”



epiCRealism is a great AI art model for producing photography and realistic-looking images. The model’s next iterations will likely be made with the SDXL as a base model. Some of the images generated with this latent model look so real it’s already hard to distinguish whether it’s actually created with AI or not.

From users:

“Fantastic Model – Many thanks for spending the time and effort to produce it, it’s very much appreciated!”

“For me this is the best realistic model for portrait, great job !”

A-Zovya Photoreal


After weeks of dedicated work, the A-Zovya Photoreal developer has created a significantly improved photorealistic model. Instead of merely merging existing models, the developer took an innovative approach by incorporating additional training to address certain limitations identified in the current models.

To ensure a more inclusive representation, the training focused on enhancing skin textures, lighting, and non-Asian faces, aiming to strike a balance against the dominance of Asian features in previous models.

The model comes in two versions: a standard model and an ultra model. The ultra model, though nearly three times larger, is not three times better in every aspect. It does possess a broader knowledge base, and in many cases, it can generate images of higher resolution, reaching up to 1024×1024.

From users:

“Thank you very much! your model is the best by far, and I tested all of them…”

“v1 was one of my favorites! Thanks for the great work!”



AbsoluteReality creates a bit more cinematic photographs than pure realism. The images have a certain softness in them, while still making them look like it was a photograph. AbsoluteReality is based on the Stable Diffusion 1.5 version.

From users:

“incredibly good work. the best model I have come across, better than reality. and believe me, I had them all ;-)”

“The diversity in people that this model is capable of generating is super impressive. Nice stuff!”

ICBINP – “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Photography”


ICBINP is in its final form with Stable Diffusion 1.5 version. The strength of this model is creating people, but it can also create stunning landscapes. The developer of this great model hasn’t yet announced whether there will be a continuation with the SDXL.

From users:

“Best model for skin, but it constantly tries to make everyone have hairy arms”

“Dude! Outstanding new model, well done, each time you outdo yourself again! Thankyou for all the work you’ve put in and I hope we see you in SDXL”

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