9 Best SDXL Models for AI Image Generation


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Animagine XL


Animagine XL is an advanced text-to-image diffusion model, designed to generate high-resolution images from text descriptions. This model underwent a fine-tuning process, using a learning rate of 4e-7 during 27,000 global training steps, with a batch size of 16.

It was specifically trained on a carefully curated dataset containing top-tier anime-style images. Animagine XL is a variant of the Stable Diffusion XL 1.0 model. Animagine XL also supports Danbooru tags for generating images.

Nova Prime XL


Nova Prime XL is a cutting-edge diffusion model representing an inaugural venture into the new SDXL model. There’s also a complementary Lora model (Nouvis Lora) to accompany Nova Prime XL, and most of the sample images presented here are from both Nova Prime XL and the Nouvis Lora.

The training data was carefully selected from artwork that resonated with the creator’s preferences, encompassing a substantial selection of Disco diffusion art and some notable works in the style of Kandinsky.

The model creator suggests using ComfyUI (considered to be one of the best WebUI for Stable Diffusion), leveraging the refiner model in conjunction with a 4x upscaler.

DucHaiten AIart SDXL


After extensive beta testing spanning over a month and numerous iterations, DucHaiten AIart SDXL proudly presents its official v1.0 version. This model stands out with its vivid colors, delightful effects, and remarkable diversity.

Notably, it introduces a novel approach to SDXL usage, where the choice of configuration (cfg) and the number of steps significantly impact image quality.

  • Surreal imagery: cfg 3-5
  • Clear cartoon or 3D character images: cfg 6-7
  • High-precision real-life photos: cfg 7-8 or even higher.

Moreover, SDXL’s novel prompts method simplifies keyword usage and encourages descriptive writing styles like Midjourney. It seems that having more data reduces the need for keywords in prompts. This represents a new frontier in technology, and further updates will continue to refine the experience.

For those seeking a convenient alternative, mage.space offers this model, and support for DucHaiten can be found at https://linktr.ee/Duc_Haiten.

Dreamshaper XL1.0


DreamShaper XL is an exciting and evolving alpha version, finely tuned over SDXL1.0, representing a significant advancement from its earlier alpha iteration based on xl0.9. While still in its alpha phase, it already demonstrates notable improvements.

DreamShaper XL streamlines workflows, requiring Math plugins for Comfy or manual reimplementation of specific elements. Its process involves the initial generation with DreamShaper XL, followed by a 2x upscaling and an img2img step using either DreamShaper XL itself or compatible models like DreamShaper7 or AbsoluteReality.

What sets DreamShaper XL apart from SDXL1.0 is its elimination of the need for a refiner, relying instead on a high-res fix, resulting in better-looking people, crisper edges, notably improved dragon imagery, and enhanced NSFW content.

Niji SE


Niji SE (Special Edition) represents a significant upgrade, offering a remarkable boost in image quality and reduced operational issues. This version embodies the model’s ideal state, providing users with an enhanced experience.

To make the most of Niji SE, keep your prompts simple, work with a cfg scale between 3 and 8.5 (with 7 as the recommended choice), ensure a minimum of 36 steps, and take advantage of its compatibility with Hires fix and unaestheticXLv31 embedding. For optimal results, employ the DPM++ 2M SDE Karras or DPM++ 2M Karras sampling methods.

Counterfeit XL


Counterfeit XL is the successor to the fantastic Counterfeit model based on the Stable Diffusion v1.5 base model. The latest Counterfeit XL uses SDXL as the base model, and users have been delighted by the results it generates. However, there are almost the same amount of users confused about whether this model is better than the original that was based on the v1.5 of SD.

RunDiffusion XL


RunDiffusion XL (beta), one of the pioneering SDXL models by RunDiffusion.com. As part of their relentless pursuit of innovation, this model seeks to elevate the SDXL experience further.

RunDiffusion XL addresses some of the limitations found in SDXL, making strides in enhancing realism, especially for animals, cars, and people. It generates more photorealistic imagery, offers improved portraits, and provides better control over prompts.

However, it’s not without its quirks; some concepts may still appear less realistic, and there’s a slight bias towards person-centric outputs. Creativity might be slightly constrained, but it’s hailed as a “Photorealistic” model with room for experimentation.

Copax TimeLessXL


Copax TimeLessXL is an innovative diffusion model with a profound commitment to the diversity of artistic styles. By focusing on style diversity rather than restricting itself to a specific genre, Copax TimeLessXL invites users to bring their ideas to life through images that captivate and surprise them.

The diffusion model is in constant development and already offers improved character data, facial details, and enhancements in generating various artistic elements. As it evolves, this model remains a dynamic platform for artistic expression, backed by a robust community of users and a commitment to ongoing improvements in style and creativity.

SDXL Base Model


SDXL is a cutting-edge diffusion-based text-to-image generative model designed by Stability AI. This model operates through a two-step pipeline, leveraging a base model to generate latents of the desired output size and then utilizing a specialized high-resolution model and the SDEdit technique to transform these latents based on a given text prompt.

The model is beneficial for generating and modifying images based on textual input and employs two pretrained text encoders, OpenCLIP-ViT/G and CLIP-ViT/L. While the model exhibits limitations such as imperfect photorealism and struggles with complex compositional tasks, it offers a powerful tool for creative and research endeavors.

Copax TimeLessXL
Counterfeit XL
Dreamshaper XL 1.0
DucHaiten AIart SDXL
Niji SE
SDXL Base Model

Settings For AI Image Generation

  • AI Image Generator Used: Playground AI
  • Prompt: ultra highly intricate detailed 8k, UHD, professional photo, world’s most beautiful cyborg ayanami rei in evangelion, street fashion model, cyberpunk 2077, new york street, natural light
  • Negative prompt: (lowres, low quality, low detailed:1.3), makeup, overexposed, 2d, cartoon
  • Prompt guidance: 7
  • Quality and details: 50
  • Sampler: Euler A
  • Original resolution: 384 x 640

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