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The user interface of DreamStudio.

DreamStudio is a paid service that provides access to the latest open-source Stable Diffusion models (including SDXL) developed by Stability AI. DreamStudio is designed to be a user-friendly platform that allows individuals to harness the power of Stable Diffusion models without the need for software installation, coding expertise, or a high-performance local GPU.

You have full ownership of the images you generate using DreamStudio, as stated in the platform’s Terms of Service. The service employs image blurring to ensure that the generated content is safe for public consumption, and you are not charged any credits for blurred results.

The DreamStudio team is continuously developing new features and toolsets, and they plan to release updates regularly.

Currently, the pricing model for DreamStudio involves paying per image by purchasing credits. However, the platform remains open to feedback from the community, and they are considering introducing a monthly subscription plan for unlimited generations.

Overall, DreamStudio offers a convenient and accessible way for you to leverage Stable Diffusion models for creative purposes without the need for advanced technical knowledge or local GPU resources.

Stable Diffusion Online

The homepage of Stable Diffusion Online.

Stable Diffusion Online is a free and user-friendly platform designed to turn text prompts into high-quality images using the Stable Diffusion image generation model. You can generate images without the need for coding skills or any complex setup.

The platform offers a seamless experience for you, allowing you to quickly create stunning images from your text prompts.

Privacy is a priority for Stable Diffusion Online, as the platform emphasizes anonymity and data protection. The service does not collect or use any personal information from you; neither text nor images are stored.

With Stable Diffusion Online, you have complete freedom regarding the content you can input as prompts, as there are no limitations on the type of text that can be used to generate images.

However, due to the platform’s popularity, there may be occasional server issues. In such cases, you are encouraged to try again if you encounter an error.

Stable Diffusion AI

The homepage of Stable Diffusion AI.

Stable Diffusion AI is a versatile image generation interface based on the recently released Stable Diffusion imaging model.

The main advantage of Stable Diffusion AI is its versatility, allowing you to create images across a wide variety of settings and themes. The platform can cater to various creative needs, whether it’s photography, animation, sketches, paintings, or more.

One notable feature of Stable Diffusion AI is its speed in image creation. You can generate images in a matter of seconds, enabling you to quickly bring your ideas to life. The platform offers different looks and styles, making it convenient to create content for different purposes, such as Instagram stories, YouTube thumbnails, or book covers.

Privacy is a priority with Stable Diffusion AI, as the service ensures that personal data remains anonymous and is not involved in the creative process.

Another significant advantage of Stable Diffusion AI is that it is entirely free of charge.


The user interface of Mage.

Mage is an AI art generator platform offering a rich selection of over 80 top checkpoint models, 20,000+ textual inversions, and LoRA models. The platform’s user interface may present a challenge for newcomers initially, but it compensates with a wide range of features and customization options for creating unique artwork.

The generator provides support for various functionalities, including text-to-image, image-to-image, animate, and image-to-GIF, offering you diverse creative possibilities. One of the standout advantages of Mage is its extensive collection of diffusion checkpoint models and LoRA AI art models, contributing to the enhanced quality and variety of the generated artwork.

Regarding pricing, the platform offers a free plan that gives you access to Stable Diffusion V1.5, V2.1, and SDXL. For a more comprehensive experience, you can opt for the Pro plan, priced at $15 per month, which provides access to all features, models, and resources necessary for creating exceptional AI art.

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Happy Accidents

The user interface of Happy Accidents.

Happy Accidents is a cloud-based platform designed to simplify the process of working with AI models for creative projects. It manages models, embeddings, datasets, and more, allowing you to focus your time on creative endeavors.

The platform offers seamless integration with open-source AI models available on HuggingSpace or Civitai, eliminating the need for manual downloading or uploading. You can easily generate images from these models without hassle.

With Happy Accidents, you can effortlessly bring your creative ideas to life, whether designing board games, creating video games, editing photos, or pursuing any other passion project.

You even have the option to train your own embeddings, teaching the AI about specific people, objects, styles, and more using just a few photos. This capability empowers you to create a wide range of imaginative content based on their chosen subjects and styles.

Happy Accidents aims to maintain a user-friendly experience. The platform strives to provide all the core functionalities of Automatic1111, delivering a simple user interface that even those without technical expertise can navigate easily.

Happy Accidents supports various image generation techniques, including Text2Image (text-to-image) and Image2Image (image-to-image), utilizing a powerful cloud GPU for processing.

The platform offers access to a diverse set of features, such as inpainting for iterating on work until perfection, upscaling using popular image upscalers like ESRGAN and Karras, and Face Restore with support for GFPGAN and CodeFormer.

You get 100 credits when you sign-up for the service, and each image generation costs 1 credit.

Playground AI

The homepage of Playground AI.

Playground AI is a leading AI art generator that provides a captivating alternative to Midjourney. As a (mainly) free platform, it allows you to access and create up to 1,000 images daily, with the added benefit of using these generated images for commercial purposes.

If you are seeking enhanced features, there is an option to upgrade to the Pro version, which is priced at $15 per month and permits the generation of 2,000 images daily.

The Pro version of Playground AI brings several improvements to the table. Notably, it removes restrictions on image dimensions, reducing the need for upscaling and enabling you to work with images of any size.

Additionally, the Pro version offers unlimited quality and steps during the image generation process, resulting in more refined and detailed artwork. Speed is also enhanced, as the Pro version boasts faster image generation capabilities. It also introduces a permanent private mode, allowing you to keep your creations private or selectively share them.

While Playground AI might not currently produce the absolute best AI art, it presents a valuable opportunity for aspiring AI artists to grow from beginners to professionals without monthly fees.

The user interface of Playground AI is extremely user-friendly, and it has an intuitive design. It offers diverse options, akin to those found in locally installed AUTOMATIC1111’s Stable Diffusion WebUI, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for artists of all skill levels.

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The homepage of RunDiffusion.

RunDiffusion is a cloud-based platform offering fully managed open-source AI tools for image and video generation, with a focus on stability, security, and ease of use. The platform provides various user interfaces, including Automatic1111 and InvokeAI, to streamline the AI image generation process without requiring manual code running or package installations.

The service allows you to launch sessions quickly and easily, with no upfront credits required, using a pay-as-you-go pricing model starting at $0.50 per hour. You are offered a 30-minute free trial to explore the platform before committing.

RunDiffusion offers powerful proprietary AI models like “Photorealistic” and “2.5D” that can enhance image generation to a higher level.

Security and privacy are emphasized, with options for private sessions and encryption features. You have complete control over your sessions. The platform also includes an integrated file browser, allowing you to access your files in every session.

RunDiffusion offers a smart timer feature, allowing you to set session durations and monitor costs effectively. Unused session time is credited back, providing flexibility and cost empowerment.

Deforum, a powerful video creation tool, comes preloaded on all servers, allowing you to unleash your creativity and create stunning music videos and other video projects.

Sink In

The user interface of Sink In.

Sink In is a simple user interface for using different latent diffusion models. From the homepage, you can select a diffusion model you are most interested in and start using it right away. Using models will spend credits, which you can buy more through a subscription.

The pricing starts at $10/month, and the highest plan costs $90/month, giving you 20,000 credits/month. Each image generation costs roughly 3 credits. While there’s no Stable Diffusion v1.5, 2.1, or SDXL, you can be surprised by the other models you can use to generate AI art.

A simple platform for simple image generation.



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