4 Best Vector AI Art Generators – Create PNG, EPS, SVG Files


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Kittl AI is a platform that can help you unleash your creativity and 10x your design skills. The platform delivers unmatched speed and a seamless workflow, allowing you to create stunning vector designs with AI.

You can generate vector logo icons, and stunning merch designs, remove backgrounds with one click, and use mockups in real time. The platform allows you to easily generate images, vector graphics, clipart, and more by following a few simple steps: write a prompt, choose a style, and generate your image.

You can also use Kittl presets to create stunning images that captivate your audience. The platform guarantees a seamless workflow without any quality constraints.

Kittl pricing.

Adobe Firefly


Adobe has introduced Firefly, a family of creative, generative AI models that can be integrated into Adobe products. The first beta version of Firefly allows users to generate extraordinary new content using everyday language.

Adobe Firefly, integrated with Adobe Photoshop (also available in Adobe Express), introduces exciting new enhancements. With the latest update, Firefly-powered features in Photoshop now support text prompts in over 100 languages, ensuring a global reach for users.

Photoshop’s Generative AI capabilities have also been enriched with Generative Expand, a seamless workflow designed to resize images beyond their original aspect ratios effortlessly. This innovative feature empowers users to expand and modify images using the Crop tool, offering greater flexibility in image manipulation.

Firefly can expand into many areas, including digital imaging and photography, illustration, artwork, graphic design, video, marketing and social media, and 3D modeling. Adobe plans to build context-aware image generation and text-based video editing features into Firefly.

Adobe Firefly. Example how a sketch can be converted into a vector image with AI.

Firefly’s vision is to help people expand upon their natural creativity, offer generative AI tools made specifically for creative needs and use cases, and set a standard for accountability, responsibility, and transparency in generative AI.

Once Firefly is out of its beta stage, creators can use content generated in Firefly commercially. Adobe Firefly continues to evolve, enhancing the creative capabilities of Photoshop users worldwide.

Key features

  • Adobe Firefly is natively integrated into Adobe Express, Photoshop, and Illustrator in Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Users can choose to access Firefly through a standalone web application, Adobe Express, and Adobe Creative Cloud applications like Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Since generating content with AI models requires significant computational resources, Adobe has updated its plans to include a monthly allocation of “generative credits.”
    • Generative credits provide priority processing of generative AI content across features powered by Firefly in the applications you are entitled to. Generative credit counts reset each month.


Example image converted into EPS file and opened in Adobe Illustrator.

Vectorizer.ai is a platform that allows you to easily convert bitmap images to vector images. Simply drag and drop your image onto the page, and the platform’s powerful servers will analyze, process, and convert your image into geometric shapes.

The resulting vector image can be scaled to any resolution without losing quality and can be used for a variety of applications such as printing, cutting, and embroidering.

Image showing the original image on the left and a vectorized image on the right.

The platform boasts a range of features, including the Deep Vector Engine, a proprietary computational geometry framework, and full shape fitting, allowing for the fitting of complex geometric shapes. Additionally, Vectorizer.ai supports a variety of curve types, including straight lines, circular arcs, and quadratic and cubic Bezier curves, and offers sub-pixel precision and clean corners for a more natural-looking result.

The platform is fully automatic, and requires no user input to produce the result, and supports a range of image types, including rasterized vector art, sketches, and photographs. It also offers the ability to pre-crop your image to maximize the quality of the result.

Vectorizer.ai offers a free beta version that supports output formats, including SVG, PDF, EPS, and DXF.

CF Spark


CF Spark is an AI text-to-image generator tool that creates transparent PNG files from text prompts. It specializes in producing small PNG files or clipart for different creative projects, such as cut files for crafters and logos for graphic designers.

To use the tool, go to the website, type in your text prompt, and click the ‘Ignite’ button to generate eight unique clipart variations. The generated PNGs have transparent backgrounds and clear cut lines, making them great for die-cutting projects.

Creative Fabrica’s Spark enables you to create SVGs from AI-generated images.

You can use the PNGs for commercial purposes under the CF Spark License agreement. The community gallery contains pre-existing AI-generated PNG files for inspiration, and you can join the CF Spark AI art community to share your AI-generated PNGs.

While the images are not vector art, you can easily use platforms like Vectorizer to transform them into EPS or SVG files.



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