How To Do Art Commissions Profitably

Drawing, painting, doing sketches, creating art. You can get paid for it, and you can get paid big time. We artists are creative and imaginative people, and we like to be appreciated for it. If you are in a position where you get commission requests


What Is Anime Art?

In the world, art is recreated from all kinds of visions and perspectives: paintings, music, writing, composition, web, etc. As well as it has all kinds of forms, there are also disciplines that try to unify all these movements in a single and harmonic representation. 


How To Color Anime Clothes

This anime art tutorial is all about how to color anime clothes, how to add shading to clothes, how shadows work on clothing, and what to know about light sources when coloring clothing. If you want to read about how to draw anime clothes, this


Drawing Anime Clothes – Essential Guide

This anime tutorial focuses on the key points of what makes clothes look like anime clothes. How to draw clothes and what to remember when drawing anime clothes. This tutorial also discusses the dynamics of anime clothes. Related: How to color anime clothes The example


How To Draw A Cute Anime Girl

Kawaiiii! In Japanese anime and manga, cute girls are an everyday joy to look at. Big eyes, big smile, joyful spirit. But there’s another form of cute too. Sad, that tear shining in the eye, fragile. That’s cute too. But only because the eyes are

Feature_image zero two darling in the franxx my darling fan art

How to Draw Zero Two

What is going on! I mean, you pilot a mecha with girls ass? And the girls pose in the cockpit? Hmmm, this has to be some Japanese humor…which I totally get!! I mean, the first time I saw the piloting scene, I just lolled. I


How To Get Back Into Drawing Again

It’s been weeks, months, years. It feels like a lifetime, it feels like there’s this creative burn inside you, but you just don’t know where to start. This is the exact thing I experienced not too long ago. I created my greatest drawing a year


Awesome Guide To Drawing Anime And Manga

Welcome! You are probably here to learn how to draw anime and manga art. Right! Well, you are in the right place, in this guide I will focus on how you can get started with anime art, few basic principles, and also provide you free

Feature_image how to shade hair cel shading hair

How To Cel Shade Hair – Step-By-Step Guide

This is a step-by-step guide to cel shade anime hair. Shading hair is so much fun that I always look forward to doing it. Yes, sometimes it’s not so much fun, but usually, it is. This particular piece was done in Adobe Photoshop. So, where to begin? Picking

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