Feature_image how to draw a dragon

How to Draw a Dragon Anime Style

Haven’t been drawing like in a month or so and it does feel like it. I kicked myself in the head and started a new drawing. I have had this dragon on my mind for a while. Huge inspiration coming from Tan Zhi Hui. I

Feature_image values and composition on digital art

Values and Composition on Digital Art

In this tutorial, I will be explaining the thought process behind the drawing and also how and why the drawing came to be. This tutorial is concentrated on the Values and Composition, looking in-depth on the areas and explaining it easily and in an easy

Feature_image clip studio paint symmetrical ruler

Maybe the Coolest Clip Studio Paint Feature I Know

I just love to draw portraits and for that reason, I wanted to show you one of the fastest ways to draw those. Not every art softwhashave this feature but then again, Clip Studio Paint does have. So here is my short introduction to the

Feature_image using typography and texture in your works

Using Typography and Textures In Your Drawings

In this tutorial, I will be explaining how I used textures and typography to complete the image and gave it this design feel to it. Creating awesome art is hardly ever simple. Composition, colors, different elements such as hair, body, background, foreground, smoke etc. has

Feature_image how to shade hair cel shading hair

How to Shade Hair – Step-by-Step Process

A step-by-step guide to cel shade anime hair. Shading hair is so much fun, that I always look forward to doing it. Yes, sometimes it’s not so much fun but usually, it is. This particular piece was done in Adobe Photoshop.     So where