Feature_image using typography and texture in your works

Using Typography and Textures In Your Drawings

In this tutorial, I will be explaining how I used textures and typography to complete the image and gave it this design feel to it. Creating awesome art is hardly ever simple. Composition, colors, different elements such as hair, body, background, foreground, smoke etc. has

Feature_image create your own t-shirt design

How To Create Your Own T-shirt Design

There are a lot of things to know before starting to design a t-shirt. However, you don’t have to know everything there is to it. Modern-day printing machines can print quite literally any image you throw at them. So we can forget the 4 color

Feature_image how to organize your mind for creativity

How to Organize Your Mind For Creativity

I have had this bad habit of starting an artwork and leaving it incomplete. I believe that is rather common for artists but past few weeks that has really started to annoy me. Having all these unfinished drawings and no clear idea on when to

Feature_image how to draw awesome mecha

How to Draw Awesome Mecha | Drawing Process Explained

In this art tutorial, I’m going to go through the process of creating a mech, what to keep in mind and how to approach coloring, shadows, lighting and such. Mechs have always been on my list to draw but somehow never got to the point


Akira, Anime and Manga Masterpiece From the Past

I remember when my good friend told me about this way cool movie called Akira and suggested to watch it. I remember going to the rental shop to pick up Akira VHS (yes it was that time when they still existed). First I was slightly

Feature_image draw with a theme in mind

Draw With a Theme in Mind | Drawing Idea Revealed

When you are facing a slight boredom or some kind of creative block and don’t really know what to draw. One way to overcome that is to create a certain theme in your mind. The theme could be mythology, games, nature, life horoscopes etc. anything

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