5 Tips on How to Design a Creature

In this post, I will explaing my top 5 tips on how to design a creature. I will also be telling the steps I took to create this creature (obviously a chicken if you look at it). The creature will be called Chickemono because every


How to Draw Hair

First of all, lets’ get this out of the way. Drawing hair is not easy. It’s actually pretty hard to draw good looking hair. The difficulties already start from the fact of thinking where the center line is? Where the hair is split in half.

Feature_image how to draw interesting images boring vs exciting

How to Draw Interesting Images

What’s up, guys? I thought about discussing what makes an image interesting and exciting and what makes it boring. So let’s get to it. Starting to draw that image in your head The starting point was that I wanted to create a portrait of a


10 Drawing Ideas for Digital Artists

There are always times when our artist heads are just empty or just way too filled with stuff. It could be that we think that we have drawn everything there is to be drawn. Feels like there is nothing more to give to the world.

Feature_image Character Design How to design your own Character - heavymetalhanzo

Character Design | How to Design Your Own Character

Designing characters is something that almost every artist wants to do at some point in their life. Creating your own character is something that gives excitement and feels very personal. Like you are breathing life into something of your creation. What has always been an