Can Artists Survive Without Social Media?


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You can survive as an artist without social media. Selling artwork and art products does not require social media, and you can be successful without it. Social media is only one touch point in the customer’s journey, and it’s not required to make sales in the art industry.

In this article, we explore what options you have when you don’t want to be on the social media treadmill.

Key Takeaways

  • Artists can survive without social media
  • You can sell products without social media and make a living
  • There are plenty of ways to share your artwork without being on social media
  • You can use social media platforms and turn off commenting if you don’t want to socialize in the platforms

How To Share Your Artwork Without Social Media

It does not help if you want to grow your art business or get clients your way if no one knows about you. While the general opinion is that social media is the place to grow your audience, there are plenty of other ways to grow an audience and get exposure as an artist.

Paid Ads and a Website

One of the most effective ways to grow a following and do art business is to have a website, either a blog or a personal brand. Creating a website is as easy as getting a domain name (Namecheap), setting up hosting (Bluehost), and start creating your website (WordPress + Elementor Pro). We use the mentioned services, and they have served us well.

If you feel that WordPress hosting is a bit too much, you can try Squarespace and see what it has to offer. Squarespace is an affordable solution and easy to start with when you want to build your website.

Even if you would have a website, you need the traffic to it. One way is to do Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or use paid ads such as Google Ads.

Use Search Engines

While search engine optimization is coming to Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, those are considered social media platforms, so we don’t focus on those.

Google and Pinterest are both search engines which means that when you produce search-engine-friendly content, you start to get the traffic your way. When aiming to get Google traffic, you need a website.

Pinterest, on the other hand, is a visual search engine, and the pros of using Pinterest are that you can direct that traffic anywhere and avoid the social media aspect completely.

We consider YouTube a search engine, too, even though it has a social media element. The reason why we list YouTube is that you can use YouTube with comments disabled. This way, YouTube becomes a content platform but not a platform where you socialize with people.

How To Survive As An Artist Without Social Media

The main reason you can easily survive without social media is that social media is just one touch point for your customers to act with. Social media is not (only) a platform which you make money from. While people can buy products through Instagram, most often, the purchase process is made on a website or in a marketplace.

This means that to survive as an artist without social media, is that you need to make money. For you to make money, you need to create products. When you have products, you have something to sell. Without sales, you don’t survive. You can make products without social media, so essentially, you can make money without social media and thus survive.

Many focus on building a social media following when in fact, the money comes from products. Products that people want to buy and social media does not have anything to do with it. When a product is too good to avoid, people will buy it, whether the seller has an Instagram account or not.

Where To Sell Products Without Social Media

Yet again, there are plenty of ways to sell products while being anonymous, without being on social media, and do just fine.

The best places to sell art without being on social media:

The key here is to understand that all of these platforms serve as an organic traffic engines. Etsy, Creative Market, and Envato Elements, for example, have millions of visitors every single month, and so all that is required from you is to launch your products for sale.

Pinterest, for example, works nicely with Etsy as Pinterest is a place where people look for beautiful images and inspiration, and Etsy, on the other hand, is a place where people buy handmade and digital artwork. When you have good product images on display, you increase the likelihood of getting traffic to your store or anywhere you want to direct that traffic.

Remember to use high-quality mockups (the best ones from Placeit) to get views of your store and to get those initial sales.

How To Be On Social Media Without Socializing

If you don’t want to socialize on social media but still see it as the best way to grow an audience and followers, turn off the comments. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube allow you to turn off commenting.

This way, you don’t have to spend your time commenting or socializing on social media but still be able to grow a following. It’s been tested that turning comments off does not affect whether your posts are shown or not.

If your content is great and people like what they see, they will follow you whether you have comments enabled or disabled.

Before starting to use any social media platform, check how you can turn off comments. Twitter, for example, does not have such an option on its platform.


Artists don’t need social media to grow a following and to survive as an artist. Social media can help grow an audience, but even that can be done by turning off comments. Social media can also be extremely toxic, so artists can even do better without social media, but this depends on the type of person you are.

To survive as an artist, you need to sell products, and there are plenty of marketplaces like Etsy and Creative Market that gather millions of customers to their sites. All you need to focus on is how to make sales if you are not into social media.

By maximizing your focus on making sales and creating the best possible artwork or art products, you can make a living and never have to worry about being on social media.



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