Can You Make Money With AI Art? Absolutely!


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You can make money with AI art, and there are already a lot of people who make money with AI art. AI art is still a relatively fresh form of art, so people are taking advantage of that and monetizing their artworks in multiple ways.

The only downside that AI art has is that it’s not automatically copyrighted. So if you sell an AI art design (without alterations to it) on marketplaces as a digital download, there’s no protection on how the buyer can use it.

Key Takeaways

  • You can make money with AI-generated art.
  • The best way to make money with AI art is by selling wall art or t-shirts.
  • The best marketplaces to sell AI art are Etsy, Redbubble, Artstation, or through your own website.
  • The best platforms to sell AI art are Podia and Shopify.
  • The best AI art generators to make high-quality designs are Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and DALL-E 2.
  • AI art isn’t automatically copyright protected, and anyone can use your designs as they see fit.
  • One of the highest-selling AI art pieces is Scene Precede by Botto, sold for 100ETH ($430.2k).

How To Make Money From AI Art?

Here are the steps needed to make money from AI art:

  • Market research: Do market research on what is selling the best currently, what product types, and what design themes. You can use some Etsy research tools, Google Keyword planner, and Google Trends to help you with this.
  • Competitors: Do a competitor analysis, see what others are selling, at what price point, and what type of designs.
  • Creation: Create AI art using Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, or any other high-quality AI art generator.
  • Quality-check: Make the AI art big enough in resolution so you can use your designs as wall art, on t-shirts, as a sticker, or send it as a digital download.
  • Select a platform: Choose a marketplace or an eCommerce platform. Popular ones are Etsy, Artstation, Shopify, Redbubble, Society6, and create product listings.
  • Marketing: Promote your products and designs. You can use Facebook ads, Etsy ads, and Google ads or do organic promotion through Pinterest or social media.

Everything starts with market research and analyzing your competition. You do not want to create a design or a product for the market if there’s no demand for it. Use Google Keyword planner or Google Trends to see what is trending and if you could create a design to meet the interest shown on those tools.

If you are planning to publish products on Etsy, then you could use some Etsy research tools like EtsyHunt to do market research on what is selling on Etsy.

One of the key things here is that your designs need to be high-quality. Using Midjourney, DALL-E, or Stable Diffusion will enable you to create the best possible designs. Don’t forget to upscale the images for better use cases. If you have a low-resolution file (72DPI and 512x512px), it will look good on your computer screen but bad in the final products.

When you have your designs, you need to select a marketplace to sell your AI art on, create your own online shop with WordPress and WooCommerce, or sign up for eCommerce platforms like Shopify. If you choose to create your own store with WordPress, we recommend checking Bluehost to get started.

The last thing is marketing and making sure you get sales, and one of the fastest ways is to use ads. Whether it’s Facebook ads, Google ads, or even Etsy ads, paid advertising can instantly bring that traffic and possible sales your way.

Another way is to use social media and Pinterest to do the marketing for you, but you might need a bit of a following to get the initial sales.

Where To Sell AI Art?

You have a few options:

Your website

WordPress with a WooCommerce plugin is one option to go for. For this setup, you need a domain name and a hosting service. You can get both easily from Bluehost without breaking the bank, so no worries there. The benefit of choosing WordPress is the ability to fully own your online business. You are also able to create a strong brand behind your products and truly create a website that looks like yours.

Another option is to get Squarespace which is an even easier option than WordPress and WooCommerce. The benefit of choosing Squarespace is that you don’t have to worry about hosting, plugins, or managing your WordPress site (which isn’t that difficult, to be honest). Squarespace also has a built-in drag-and-drop website builder, unlike WordPress.

Though with WordPress, you can get world-class website builder such as Elementor, and it’s even more powerful than Squarespace in website design, so there are pros and cons for each option.


A marketplace is a site where you just upload your designs and products and start to sell them. Marketplaces have their own fees and guidelines that will affect the way you can sell your products. One of the biggest marketplaces online is Etsy. When it comes to selling AI-generated art in various products, Etsy would be our recommendation for a marketplace.

Another option is to sell digital AI art resources, such as sticker designs, game assets, 3D models, etc. The best place to sell AI art resources is Artstation, and if you go to Artstation, you can see that there are already plenty of merchants selling AI-generated art resources.

If you want to sell t-shirts that have AI art designs on them, then Redbubble or Society6 would be your choice. They are big marketplaces with thousands of customers visiting every day. All you need to do is upload your designs to the store, adjust the designs to the print-on-demand products, and wait for the sales to happen.

Remember that with print-on-demand stores, you need to have a high-resolution file to be able to upload your designs. Redbubble recommends that your designs are around 9075 x 6201 pixels in size to cover the entire product lineup they have.


A platform works as a way for you to “host” your products on a site and then sell them, either through your website or social media platforms. Platforms like Podia, Payhip, Sellfy, and Gumroad are all excellent choices for selling digital downloads. After all, the AI art file you get from the AI art generator is a digital file that can then be sold as a digital download.

The benefits of using a platform are that you have direct integration with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. The platforms enable you to build a brand, create customer relationships, use email marketing to drive further sales, and overall have a robust system to deliver the file and the product to your customer.

We recommend Podia as the best platform when selling AI art resources as digital downloads.

Examples Of How People Are Making Money With AI Art

Below we have gathered some of the use cases on how you can make money with AI art. The examples are there only to showcase the potential. There are surely many other ways available in the future.

Selling AI Wall Art

AI art-based wall art being sold on Etsy

Etsy is only one of many places where you can sell wall art that has AI art on it. Redbubble, Society6, Fine Art America, Saatchi Art, and others also offer the option of selling high-quality wall art.

The best part about digital art, whether AI or original digital art, is that you can sell the same print on many different marketplaces. So you don’t just have to stick with one marketplace; diversify and sell the same design on multiple sites.

Selling AI Art As An NFT

You can definitely sell AI art as an NFT. A famous example of this is the Blossoming Cadaver sold by Botto. This specific piece was sold for 40.326 ETH and, at the time of sale, was valued at $184.7k. The sales were made in SuperRare (for some reason, the sale has been said to be $1.3M (on other websites), but that is not true, and this can be checked from the on-chain data). Botto is a decentralized autonomous artist governed by the community. While the Blossoming Cadaver might be a bit of an extreme example of how you can make money with AI art NFTs, it still shows that it’s possible.

The below image shows another example of AI art being sold as an NFT. At the time of writing, the latest offer was $24.92, and the creator’s earnings is set at 5%. This means that every time this piece sells, the creator will get 5% of the sale price to their digital wallet. NFTs enable you to earn that passive income even after the initial sale, making them one of the best ways to make money online.

bittersweet symphony – AI-generated art being sold on OpenSea

Selling AI Art Resources

The beauty of AI art is that it’s digital art, and thus it’s a digital file that you get out of AI art generators. With this digital file, you can do anything with it, as we can see above. There are plenty of AI art resources that you can sell and buy and use to your benefit. The above sticker sets, for example, are ones that you could buy and sell on Redbubble as stickers.

The con of AI art is that because it’s not automatically copyright protected, you can pretty much do anything you want with the resources you bought from these marketplaces. As a machine has made the creation, there’s no ownership of the creation, and thus you can resell and do whatever with the files.

This has a few benefits for the seller but also for the buyer. The buyer doesn’t have to figure out how to do AI art; they can just buy it and then create different products from them. The seller, on the other hand, benefits by actually selling the AI art. The key here is to price your resources accordingly.

FAQs About AI Art And Making Money With It

Can I sell AI-generated art as NFT?

Yes, you can sell AI-generated art as NFT. Currently, AI art does not have automatic copyright protection, meaning you can sell your own AI art creations or other people’s creations as you see fit.

Can you claim AI art as your own?

No, you can’t claim AI art as your own. AI art does not have automatic copyright protection. From the U.S. Copyright Law: “The U.S. Copyright Office will register an original work of authorship, provided that the work was created by a human being.” This means that the AI art you created does not have an owner. It was a machine that created the artwork, and thus it isn’t yours or anyone else’s either.

Now there has been one case where a designer got a copyright (and partly lost it afterward) for her creation that had AI art in it. The key here is that the work wasn’t just AI art but had implemented AI art as part of the creation. So it’s not an individual artwork that got the copyright but an implementation of AI art on something.

Krista Kashtanova got copyright protection for her novel that included AI art in it—ultimately losing the copyright for the images later on.

The U.S. copyright office has consistently ruled that AI art can not have copyright protection. From Steven Thaler’s case: Currently, “the Office will refuse to register a claim if it determines that a human being did not create the work.” and that the “Court has continued to articulate the nexus between the human mind and creative expression as a prerequisite for copyright protection.”. So when there’s nothing else than a machine creating the work, you currently can’t claim ownership of the work.

What is the best AI art marketplace?

Currently, one of the best AI art marketplaces to buy AI art is Artstation. Artstation is also a good place to sell AI art, but Etsy might be a bit better as there’s more product variation of what you can sell there.

Can I sell AI-generated art from Wonder?

Yes, you can sell AI-generated art from Wonder. Selling AI art does not have any restrictions. Only the marketplace or the platform that you use might restrict the sale of AI art. Selling AI art that was generated with Wonder is totally ok.

Can I use AI art commercially?

Yes, you can use AI art commercially. The only thing you need to remember is that AI art does not have automatic copyright protection, so anyone can use your creations the same way you use them. But there are no restrictions on how you can use AI art. Some marketplaces and platforms might have guidelines and terms that disapprove of the selling of AI art.

What is AI art worth?

One of the highest-selling AI art known today is the Scene Precede by Botto. The piece was sold for 100ETH, and at the time, it was worth $430.2k. So we can conclude that AI can be worth $430.2k.


Can I publish AI art?

Yes, you can publish AI art, just know that you don’t own the right to the work or claim ownership of the work. Currently, AI art does not have automatic copyright protection the same way original handmade digital art has.



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