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Key Takeaways

  • You can sell Midjourney AI art, regardless of whether it was made by you or someone else.
  • Midjourney art is not automatically copyrighted, and ownership can’t be claimed.
  • AI art can be copyrighted if a sufficient amount of authorship is visible.

Can Midjourney Images Be Used Commercially

You can use any image created with Midjourney commercially and sell them as you like. U.S. Copyright Office’s current ruling is that machines can not be viewed as authors. Copyright is based on authorship, and AI art generators (including Midjourney) are seen as machines, and only humans can be authors of an artwork.

Legislation for copyright and ownership of AI art is still under development in the U.S. Copyright Office. Still, the general ruling is that AI art can be copyrighted if sufficient human authorship supports a copyright claim.

The interesting thing is that as copyright and ownership can’t be claimed on AI art, any image generated with AI art generators can be sold freely. This means images created by anyone with any AI art generator.

Midjourney General Commercial Terms

Midjourney’s terms of service state that “If You are not a Paid Member, You don’t own the Assets You create.” According to U.S. Copyright law (which applies to Midjourney as a Californian company), a machine can’t be an author, and AI art is not copyright protected, and ownership can’t be claimed.

By following what is stated in the U.S. Copyright law, Midjourney doesn’t own the AI art either. So while they grant the subscribers a license to sell the AI art, it’s unnecessary as they don’t own the rights to the art.

By following this logic, you can sell the AI art you find from Midjourney, whether it was created by you or someone else.

All of this could change when and if the AI art copyright is clarified, but as for now, Midjourney, AI art generators, or anyone else does not own pure AI art.

Midjourney License

According to Midjourney’s terms of service, they grant you a license to the Assets under the Creative Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License (the “Asset License”).

As Midjourney acts under the U.S. Copyright Law, they kind of can’t grant you a license as they don’t own the assets (AI art) either. It’s weird that they have taken the commercial license route when pure AI art can’t be owned.

The subscription plans should be based on performance improvements, creating Midjourney signature style art, and GPU availability, and the commercial license should be re-evaluated as it’s pointless.

Tips for Selling Midjourney Art

  • Have a high enough image resolution, preferably 4000 pixels x 7000 pixels.
  • Follow what type of digital art sells best on Etsy (if you are aiming for Etsy).
  • Check what type of AI art models rank in Civitai and get inspiration for your next AI artwork.
  • If you are doing printable wall art, use the PNG file format when preparing the artwork for printing.
  • Focus on one specific niche and create artwork with that particular audience in mind. For example, dog art for dog owners, etc.
  • Check what types of products are already available on Artstation and see if you could create something for their marketplace.
  • AI art is perfect for stickers. If you use Redbubble, remember to change the markup (profit-%) to something that makes sense (50-100%).

Where to Sell Midjourney Art

Currently, a lot of people are selling printable wall art and digital art on Etsy and making stickers for Redbubble. While selling AI art on Redbubble just got harder (with their new fee structure), there are other print-on-demand stores like Society6 and Zazzle that you can try out.

Some are also using Kittl to design AI art merchandise. You can add creative text to your design, create logos, etc. It’s a useful platform for a lot of purposes.

The best places to sell AI art are currently Etsy, various print-on-demand sites, and Artstation.



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