The Promise of A New Platform Called Cara Gives Hope To Artists


I recently watched Bobby Chiu’s video about this “new” art platform app called Cara (the video had 18K views when I watched it; now it has way more than that). It seems it’s been around for a year or more already. However, this was the first time I heard about it and now suddenly it’s gaining traction more and more.

I like the concept. I like the fact that the art that we post on the platform is somewhat protected (Glazed). I like the fact that the artwork isn’t just scraped for AI purposes without the consent of an artist.

It is unfortunate that the damage has already been done. The AI engines have already been developed and created, and the data has already been scraped.

Luckily, we have people who are passionate about art. As I mentioned in my last letter, it’s not about the final artwork that gets us artists to create art. It’s the satisfying creative process that makes us pour our heart and soul into a piece.

And the finalized artwork that we see is something we can be proud of and feel like, damn, I did that.

Luckily, we also have people who create platforms for us artists to use and share our finalized artwork. It would be a shame to leave your wonderful artwork in your private folders.

With innovation comes further innovation.

AI is innovative, and now people get innovative again, just to combat another innovation. Interesting how things work. I hope Cara will become a beacon of light for us artists, and I think it has already become so, in a way. 700K+ users already. That’s quite something.

What I find more interesting than just the number is the fact there are 700K artists who want this. That’s a lot of us (and yes, there are probably 100M+ artists, but still, 700K pure artists is awesome). We are a big group in the world, and very often, I feel like I’m doing this alone.

I wish the platform wouldn’t get overly infested with ads, but it’s just cruel business logic that to support the platform, there has to be quite a lot of cash flow coming in. Whether it’s a subscription service, one-time payment, ads, donations, or something else (buying a coffee might not be enough with the exponential growth they are having). But money has to flow in to support the platform’s continuous growth (which I hope will happen).

Currently, server expenses have risen to $100K. To cover those kinds of expenses, a lot of coffee needs to be bought. You can do this here: https://buymeacoffee.com/cara.app.

I already supported the platform, and this isn’t to say that look at me. I supported it. No. I did that to signal to the team that I love what they are doing and try to support them the best way I can.

I also wish that people and artists could somehow make sure that the platform stays AI-free, spam-free, and maybe even ad-free, but that’s something we have to wait and see.

I hope Cara will continue to have exponential growth and we can leave platforms like Instagram to the past.

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