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How To Do Art Commissions Profitably

Drawing, painting, doing sketches, creating art. You can get paid for it, and you can get paid big time. We artists are creative and imaginative people, and we like to be appreciated for it. If you are in a position where you get commission requests


What Is Anime Art?

In the world, art is recreated from all kinds of visions and perspectives: paintings, music, writing, composition, web, etc. As well as it has all kinds of forms, there are also disciplines that try to unify all these movements in a single and harmonic representation. 


How To Get Back Into Drawing Again

It’s been weeks, months, years. It feels like a lifetime, it feels like there’s this creative burn inside you, but you just don’t know where to start. This is the exact thing I experienced not too long ago. I created my greatest drawing a year


Line Art And Line Drawing

In this article, I give you my insight on line art and line drawing. After drawing years on end line art and perfecting the techniques related to it, I thought it would be cool to share my thoughts on it and how I see line

Feature_image_Easy and Fast Drawing Idea - Draw This Again

Fast and Easy Drawing Idea – Draw This Again

You are staring at a blank canvas, and your mind is empty, you want to draw though. So how to go forward? How about you look through your folders a few years back and draw something you feel like you could vision better today than


Rock it with only a few colors

Sometimes it is just nice to color a drawing with simple colors and with as few as possible. I didn’t intend to color this piece black, white, grey and red. Originally I wanted to draw a portrait but somehow this is what came up. I


Wacom Cintiq 12WX Graphics Tablet Honest Review

Wacom. How I love and hate their product(s) at the same time. However love always conquers, right? Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? I started drawing digitally around 2010 or so. Originally I bought the Wacom Bamboo back then and also had a laptop

What Art Style Is and How To Create It

What Art Style Is and How To Create It

What is an art style? Something that differentiates one artwork from another? Could it be so? Something so simple. What I am after here is an art/drawing style that is noticeably different from one another. A style that is different from the next one. If

Feature_image values and composition on digital art

Values and Composition on Digital Art

In this tutorial, I will be explaining the thought process behind the drawing and also how and why the drawing came to be. This tutorial is concentrated on the Values and Composition, looking in-depth on the areas and explaining it easily and in an easy

Feature_image clip studio paint symmetrical ruler

Maybe the Coolest Clip Studio Paint Feature I Know

I just love to draw portraits and for that reason, I wanted to show you one of the fastest ways to draw those. Not every art softwhashave this feature but then again, Clip Studio Paint does have. So here is my short introduction to the

Feature_image using typography and texture in your works

Using Typography and Textures In Your Drawings

In this tutorial, I will be explaining how I used textures and typography to complete the image and gave it this design feel to it. Creating awesome art is hardly ever simple. Composition, colors, different elements such as hair, body, background, foreground, smoke etc. has

Feature_image create your own t-shirt design

How To Create Your Own T-shirt Design

There are a lot of things to know before starting to design a t-shirt. However, you don’t have to know everything there is to it. Modern-day printing machines can print quite literally any image you throw at them. So we can forget the 4 color

Feature_image how to organize your mind for creativity

How to Organize Your Mind For Creativity

I have had this bad habit of starting an artwork and leaving it incomplete. I believe that is rather common for artists but past few weeks that has really started to annoy me. Having all these unfinished drawings and no clear idea on when to

Feature_image draw with a theme in mind

Draw With a Theme in Mind | Drawing Idea Revealed

When you are facing a slight boredom or some kind of creative block and don’t really know what to draw. One way to overcome that is to create a certain theme in your mind. The theme could be mythology, games, nature, life horoscopes etc. anything

How to Use Patreon to Make Money Online 2

How to Use Patreon to Make Money Online

Being a creative person gives you plenty of opportunities to monetize your abilities and possibly one of the best ones out there is Patreon. Patreon is like crowdfunding, except it’s crowdfunding at a constant pace. The typical form of Patreon is a monthly based subscription

Drawing Tablet and Tools for Drawing

Thought about writing some basics for a change. Kind of my thoughts on a drawing tablet and tools for drawing. When I first started out drawing with a photoshop back in the days. I did it with a laptop that didn’t have too much processing

Create Print-on-Demand Business To Make Money Online

Create Print-on-Demand Business And Make Money Online

Print-on-demand has been around for some time. But only recently has been getting a lot of traction as more and more Youtube videos have been showing up online on how you can generate some insane amounts of cash using these services. Making a million dollars

What Music to Listen While Drawing

Oh, how I just love to listen to different music while drawing. Music just gives me this nice feel and flow to the drawing. Couldn’t live without music. Well, I guess I could live but it is nice to hear. I bet you have also


5 Tips on How to Design a Creature

In this post, I will explaing my top 5 tips on how to design a creature. I will also be telling the steps I took to create this creature (obviously a chicken if you look at it). The creature will be called Chickemono because every

Feature_image how to draw interesting images boring vs exciting

How to Draw Interesting Images

What’s up, guys? I thought about discussing what makes an image interesting and exciting and what makes it boring. So let’s get to it. Starting to draw that image in your head The starting point was that I wanted to create a portrait of a


10 Drawing Ideas for Digital Artists

There are always times when our artist heads are just empty or just way too filled with stuff. It could be that we think that we have drawn everything there is to be drawn. Feels like there is nothing more to give to the world.

Feature_image Character Design How to design your own Character - heavymetalhanzo

Character Design | How to Design Your Own Character

Designing characters is something that almost every artist wants to do at some point in their life. Creating your own character is something that gives excitement and feels very personal. Like you are breathing life into something of your creation. What has always been an

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