Art Thoughts


Why Drawing Is Important?

Drawing is an alternative method of expression to actions and words. It is a vital communication avenue that allows both children and adults to express


Is Anime A Cartoon?

Anime is not a cartoon. At the very least, anime is not just a cartoon from a technical point of view. Most of the online


What Genre Is Naruto?

Naruto is classified as a shonen genre anime. Naruto is a long-running series created by the great mangaka Masashi Kishimoto. While Naruto started out as

How Do Concept Artists Make Money

How Do Concept Artists Make Money?

Concept artists can make money in various ways, but the following three methods are the best ones: freelance work, studio work, or selling their knowledge


Do Manga Artists Work Alone?

Reading manga might be quick and easy, but creating it takes many hours of hard work and dedication. With so much work to do in


Do Manga Artists Draw Digitally?

Modern art doesn’t just mean paint splatters and eccentric art pieces hanging in a museum. Because of technology, art has taken on a whole new


The Main Anime Styles

While we often use the word “anime” as an umbrella term for anything with a Japanese animation look and feel to it, anime itself as


Is Manga Art?

Are you a fan of manga? Fond of the distinctive art style it possesses? Well, with its beautiful and characteristic illustrations, have you ever wondered,


What Is Anime Art Called?

Many budding artists might be tempted to head down the anime route when looking for an area in which to focus their artwork. However, the


How To Make Good Fan Art

Fan art is a great way for somebody to imagine a beloved character in a new or exciting way. Or maybe you just want to


Can You Sell Anime Art?

If you’re an artist, you may have wondered whether it’s okay to sell anime art. In fact, if you’ve visited Comic-Con and other popular events,


14 Best Places To Sell Fan Art

With the growing demand for fictional works, there are many places that are available online nowadays that you may utilize to legally sell your fan


Can You Legally Sell Fan Art?

There is quite a lot of confusion around this topic because people generally struggle to understand things like copyright law and how that might impact


Is Digital Art Hard To Learn?

Previously, most artists used paint and brush to make art. From time immemorial, artists have always sorted out new forms and formats to express their


Is It Bad To Draw Anime?

With any trend comes backlash, so it begs the question, is it bad to draw anime? The answer is absolutely not! Today, anime is enjoyed by


How To Find A Drawing Style

It is too easy for people to say that they can’t draw when the truth is that they just haven’t yet figured out the best


The Most Famous Anime Artist Ever

Surely, thanks to Japanese manga and anime, you’ve enjoyed great stories that have taken you out to other worlds through your imagination, right? However, many


Top 14 Digital Art Websites

Artists around the world are using the internet to show off their work, connect with buyers, and take their designs to the next level. Whether


25+ Awesome Digital Art Ideas

Creativity doesn’t seem to have an end. But sometimes, when the mind is crammed with too many ideas and concepts, it becomes difficult to create


15+ Anime Art Styles And Genres

Anime and manga is filled with different art styles. If we think about Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Punch Man, Pokémon, etc., you can easily


How To Get Back Into Drawing

It’s been weeks, months, years. It feels like a lifetime, it feels like there’s this creative burn inside you, but you just don’t know where


Line Art And Line Drawing

In this article, I give you my insight on line art and line drawing. After drawing years on end line art and perfecting the techniques

Feature_image how to draw interesting images boring vs exciting

How to Draw Interesting Images

What’s up, guys? I thought about discussing what makes an image interesting and exciting and what makes it boring. So let’s get to it. Starting

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