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“I just love crisp and straight line art. I believe it gives excellent framework for an awesome anime art. With professional line art drawing, you already have an artwork to sell!

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How the checklist will help you?

With this checklist, you can quickly check if you made the right decisions with your line art. Line art is truly something that gives your drawing a solid structure. Structure, so you can see if the drawing as you intended it to work. It also gives you a nice base which you can then color and see how the drawing comes to life. If you decide to color, that is.

You see, creating professional line art drawing is already something that people want and are willing to pay for!

There are 5 steps you should take when creating that professional line art. 5 steps to remind you where you should put your focus on. I will be showing you those steps with an example drawing. Also explaining what to look for in different situations.

Checklist for Professional Line Art