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Hi friend! Okuha here, the artist and creative mind behind this all

I’m not an artist with some special inherited talent or skills. I just studied a LOT, and now I’ll give you the fruits of those studies to achieve the same or better results.


You see that drawing? That is from the very early stages of my artistic career.

Now, you might look at it and think, well, that’s not too bad. I can agree; it’s not terrible, but it’s not what I had in my mind, either 🙂 and that’s where my journey began…

I drew quite a few works traditionally, but something was missing. Big time. The few things I hated the most were that the coloring was uneven and that you could not erase the ink. Have you felt the same?

No matter how hard I tried, there was always some mismatch in base colors or that the line art was slightly off. It made me quit drawing for a while. I was stuck. No inspiration or motivation. Nothing. I guess I wasn’t good enough.

...I didn't know how to draw. To be completely honest...

I blamed the tools I had. The truth is, I just didn’t have the knowledge or experience. The drawings I created didn’t give me the confidence to grow further. Years went by…I didn’t draw at all…Not until…I found digital art.

My mind was blown. You could actually draw digitally!?! It wasn’t even a new technology or anything. Others had been doing it for years already. I quickly went and bought myself a drawing tablet. After that, drawing became so much easier I felt the need to draw. I had all the motivation. Finally, I could draw like I envisioned.

I feel like I am not limited anymore. I can pick up the pen and draw. I get those lines the way I want, and I can try different colors without worrying..well…anything. I know how to shade. I know how to use brushes effectively.

I can only improve myself from this point forward as I have a process which to follow. Freeing my mind for creativity.

One of the keys to really getting my artwork to another level was to find a path to follow. A process.

find your own voice in art

Developing your artistic voice might take time. You might feel lost at times. I get that. It was this for me. I was struggling a lot with how to draw things, how to color, how to draw line art, and how to arrange layers. How to approach drawing. This is one path you more than likely have to go through.

You have to search for that inner calling and really dig deep into what it is that you, as an artist, want to create. While you are searching for your inner artistic voice, you develop a style. You hone your unique drawing process, and it takes years to do that.

I developed my drawing process for years and years until I found a way to be as efficient as possible. A way that makes the coloring, line work, and drawing process feel easy and pain-free. There is a clear path to follow and go through for professional-looking illustrations. Drawing with this process helped me develop the voice I needed for my art.

Evolve as an artist

It has taken a lot of trial and error and a lot of time to get to the point where I am today. You might have experienced the same already. What a journey it has been, but I am glad I experienced it and am experiencing it. I have found new ways to draw anime art, quality line art, and new coloring techniques for art creation.

When you have a certain way of creating an artwork, you will immediately see that you focus more on the creativity and less on the technique. Following a certain path for professional drawings. That is the point where your drawings will elevate to the next level.

"I wasn't able to draw what I saw and visioned in my head"…

Now I am able to pour my imagination onto the canvas like never before…

Learning to draw wasn’t easy in the beginning. Finding the right guidance and learning the right process was hard. Countless hours of trial and error till I finally found what worked and, more importantly, what didn’t work. Now, there’s a clear path and way to drawing art, and it really speeds up the process immensely.

Triumph your creativity

By learning and studying, you develop a process that you follow and create your drawings from. This gives you the ability to start thinking more creatively when you don’t have to think about the way you are drawing. I can currently draw more creatively because I know the steps ahead and what I have to do in each drawing step. I have a system that takes the vision from my head to the canvas. I know what needs to be done at what point, and this is something you can also learn.

The piece you see below is one of the biggest drawings I made when I was younger while using traditional mediums. I have always wanted to draw that piece again, and finally, I did. Only after getting enough knowledge surrounding digital art and mastering a way to draw these were I able to Triumph My Creativity.


An old artwork re-created from a traditional medium to a digital medium.

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Thank you everyone for the awesome support!

"Now it's your turn to transform yourself to the artist you want to be."

Anime Artistry Suite

The All-in-One Resource for Digital Artists

Anime coloring secrets

Mastering Cel Shading and Beyond

Online Course

What you get

Master the Basics: Learn essential features like layers, folders, clipping masks, and transparency locks.

Pro Techniques: Dive into cel shading, lighting, and finalization effects.

Hands-On Practice: Apply principles to color and shade an example drawing.

For All Levels: Suitable for beginners and veterans – packed with tips for everyone.

Bonus Timelapses: Exclusive videos for added insight into the creation process.

Value $14.99

Introduction, Basic Settings, And Tools

Fundamentals Of Coloring And Shading Anime Art

Coloring And Shading The Anime Drawing

Digital Inking Pro

Master the Art of Line Work with Confidence

Online Course

What you get

Essential Setup: Get acquainted with drawing tablet, canvas, and brush settings for optimal results.

Brush Mastery: Understand the nuances between textured and solid line art and thick and thin lines, and explore brush types for precision drawing.

Practical Demonstration: Utilize provided templates to practice techniques, with insights into the entire line art process.

Overcome Line Art Struggles: Gain confidence and clarity to tackle any line art challenge head-on.

Value $14.99

Introduction and Basic Settings

Fundamentals Of Drawing Digital Line Art

The Process Of Drawing Line Art

Digital Art MAstery

Unveiling My Creative Process

Online Course

What you get

Artistic Development: Nurturing the growth of your unique art style, this course guides you from brainstorming to sharing your creation online.

Sketch to Share: Learn to turn ideas into a detailed blueprint, refining and bringing your vision to life with line art.

Progress Unveiled: Dive into progress shots that demystify each phase, ensuring you understand the purpose and significance of every phase.

Structured Process: Bid farewell to uncertainties in starting or finishing your digital drawings.

Value $9.99

Igniting Inspiration

Line Work

Shading and Coloring

Finalizing the Drawing

Digital Art Brushes for clip studio paint

30+ Fine-tuned and custom brushes for Clip Studio Paint + 6 flower stamp brushes

What you get

Value $9.99

It has taken a lot of time and effort to tweak and create these brushes for my own art creation, and now I’m finally able to share them with you.

This brush pack is perfect for beginner and advanced digital artists looking to add that Japanese flair to their digital illustrations. From the brush pack, you will find more than 30 different brushes, including special kanji calligraphy brushes, 6 flower stamp brushes, and 3 tools, and you also get a quickstart guide on how to use the brushes.

Anime Insight Pro Packs

Fueling Your Artistic Progress

In-depth Art Tutorials

What you get

Value $22.99

Seeking the Details and Knowledge Behind an Artwork: In-depth art tutorials are packed with insights not found online. Insights that have taken time and effort to produce and manifest. The art tutorials offer you insights into the specific drawing, what decisions were made, and why. Timelapse videos showcase the process, and the layered CLIP and PSD files show you the depth each artwork needs and takes. These art resources are for those who want the details, structure, and knowledge behind an artwork.


Spark for anime and manga art

Online Course

What you get

In this transformative journey, you will master the essential foundations of drawing believable anime and manga art. We begin by going through the structure of anime eyes, progressing to explore the various nose styles and the boundless possibilities of anime mouths. Together, we’ll craft an anime face and head from scratch, with step-by-step guidance ensuring you can effortlessly follow along and create alongside me.

Unlock the secrets to anime hairstyles, eyebrows, and subtle tweaks that dramatically alter facial expressions. In the final chapters, we demystify the art of sketching hands and reveal the fundamental human body proportions.

Imagine this course as your comprehensive guide to the heart and soul of authentic anime and manga artistry. By the end, you’ll not only understand what makes manga truly manga, but you’ll also exude confidence in bringing your anime and manga characters to life.

Value $9.99

Anime Artistry Suite

The All-in-One Resource for Digital Artists: The Anime Artistry Suite includes online courses about mastering line art and cel shading, as well as in-depth art tutorials and brushes. The suite is a compilation of the different courses, resources, and products I’ve created over the years. The product is updated every time any other product is updated. This means the Anime Artistry Suite is always up to date.


The All-in-One Resource for Digital Artists

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Art Resources


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