Craiyon AI Art Generator Review – Can It Compete Anymore?


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Craiyon’s homepage.

Craiyon is an AI art generator formerly known as DALL·E mini. Craiyon gives you a user-friendly interface for AI art generation, though it may lack excitement and inspiration. With simple text prompts and the option to include positive and negative prompts, generating AI art on Craiyon is straightforward.

The platform offers four image-generation models: Art, Drawing, Photo, and None. While having multiple models is an advantage, the results may not be as impressive as those from other AI art generators in the market. Other platforms like Lexica and Playground offer more features and customization options even on their free plans.

Craiyon’s notable features include the “Next prompt” option, which suggests new prompts based on your previous input, leveraging ChatGPT. Additionally, Craiyon showcases AI-generated images on t-shirt mockups, providing a glimpse of how your art might appear on merchandise.

Craiyon’s pricing model is simply free, $5/month, and $20/month. However, some may question whether the $20/month price is justified, considering it primarily offers faster image generation and access to upcoming features. While Craiyon offers free AI art generation, that’s an industry standard already.

While Craiyon provides a convenient platform for AI art generation, it may not offer the same level of features, image quality, and customization as some competing platforms.

Features And User Interface

Craiyon’s user interface is clear and simple while not too exciting and inspirational for AI art generation. Generating art with Craiyon is easy as you only need to write a normal text prompt (positive prompt) and a negative text prompt.

Craiyon offers four different image-generation models:

  • Art
  • Drawing
  • Photo
  • None

Craiyon’s features are not too exciting or rich. While the four models are better than one, the results are not that great compared to other AI art generators in the market.

From top to bottom (in groups of four). AI art model used: Photo, None, Drawing, Art. Images sharpened with Upscayl image upscaler.

Example text prompt used:

1 girl, white hair, symbol-shaped pupils, space goddess, galaxy, light particles, light rays, wallpaper, high contrast, colorful

Negative text prompt used:

(worst quality, low quality:1.4), zombie, (interlocked fingers), deformed sword

Using the same text prompt and negative text prompt that was used with Craiyon in Lexica, the results are vastly different and of higher quality.

The comparison shows that the DALL·E mini AI art model that Craiyon uses is not competitive enough in today’s markets. Lexica and Playground both offer free plans with way more features and customization than Craiyon.

Something that many other AI art generators already offer is non-fixed image ratio, outpainting, inpainting, and higher image resolutions.

One feature that Craiyon does have that is not visible in other AI art generators is the ‘Next prompt’ option. The next prompt is crafted with ChatGPT and is based on the text prompt you previously used. Another feature is that Craiyon showcases your AI-generated image on a t-shirt mockup, so you get an idea of what your art could look like on merchandise.


Craiyon’s pricing plans.

Craiyon’s pricing model is simple, even though it’s highly questionable whether the $20 price point is justified by having early access to new features and getting a bit faster image generation. Craiyon offers free AI art generation (though it seems like it’s the industry standard already).

Craiyon’s Supporter plan costs $5/month, and with that, you can generate nine images in roughly 45 seconds. The best part is that you can generate as many images as you want, as many other services limit the number of images you can generate per plan.

Craiyon also offers custom pricing for those who are interested in creating their own AI art models and who wish to integrate Craiyon into their own projects.

You can use the generated images for personal, academic, or commercial use as long as they respect the Terms of Use and credit the site.

Check out: Copyright and Ownership in AI art

Pros And Cons

You can generate as many images as you want.It only generates a 1:1 image ratio with a 256px x 256px resolution.
Beginner-friendly platform.Image quality.
Craiyon offers a free plan, but the images come with watermarks.
Lacks many features such as outpainting, inpainting, non-fixed image ratio, etc.
Only four image generation methods/models.
A table detailing the pros and cons of using Craiyon.

My Experience

“You can definitely find better AI art generator alternatives from the market. Lexica and Playground AI offer better image quality and are also beginner-friendly. It feels like Craiyon is getting left behind by the competition, and while the lowest pricing plan is affordable, if the image quality isn’t there, there’s no point paying even the low price”.

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