25+ Awesome Digital Art Ideas

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Written by Juha

Creativity doesn’t seem to have an end. But sometimes, when the mind is crammed with too many ideas and concepts, it becomes difficult to create interesting artwork. It might seem frustrating for many that ultimately results in loss of focus.

Here in this post, I present you 25 awesome digital art ideas that will rejuvenate your imagination for digital drawing.

The emergence of digital technology has made it easy to create and present artwork to a wider audience. Graphics and illustration tablets like Wacom Cintiq, Huion, and iPad Pro help artists to create digital drawings professional as well as for personal purposes.

With so many different digital art genres out there, it is difficult to know about them all. Here I will throw light on some awesome digital drawing ideas that you can use to create new designs and illustrations.

Whether you are new or have been working within the digital art industry for a long time, you can take these ideas to practice some of them to improve your skills.

Redraw Challenge 

Often we keep looking for newer concepts or ideas that lead to nowhere. I would suggest picking up an existing drawing that you made previously and rework on it.

Whether it’s a logo, character, or a portrait, you will be surprised to see the results. For artists, there is no end to the imagination, and this process will surely make you experience it.

Inspiration from Animals

You know there is so much in nature to inspire us. When drawing characters, I might sometimes get inspiration from nature. And what impresses me the most is animals.

You can start by sketching an animal and then make alterations to the features or colors of it. First, do extensive research on animals with similar figures and start drawing an original character from there.

Combining animal and human features together will surely create something new for the world to see.

Digital Collage

I am sure all of you are familiar with collage. It is a great way to bring together different memories in one frame.

Digital collage goes a step further by letting you put together not only images but elements, graphics, etc. Many tools let you perform this with ease when we work in the digital realm.

Freehand Drawing

Just how you used to draw during childhood days, you can use the digital surface to bring your imagination to life. Use the different tools and effects in your drawing application to enhance the drawings.

I would suggest you practice freehand drawing at a stretch and see the results for yourself. Think of sketching, and not so much about the final image. Even sketches can become the final illustration.


You can take a picture of your friend, relative, or even a celebrity and sketch their portrait. It is always easy to draw a portrait.

Make sure the portrait looks straight towards the viewer, as this will make your digital drawing look more lively. Give different effects to the portrait to make it more fascinating.

Landscape Drawing

This is something which all of you (artists out there) have done in childhood. Draw a mountain, ocean, or sky and adorn it with animals or abstract elements.

You can try to animate the backgrounds by using 3D textures. Landscapes always give a grand and interesting feel.

Fan Art

One of the best digital art drawing ideas is to draw your idol or inspiration. It could be a musician, writer, politician, entrepreneur, or a cartoon character with whom you have respect or connect with.

There is no doubt in the fact that you love them, so go ahead and create them with your artist hand. If you want, you can also make modifications to their accessories and to other features, which yet again gives the world something new to experience.

2D Painting

Digital paintings are used widely by graphic illustrators. It is a simple painting with no added effects. It comes as a replacement for hand drawings as you can customize and improvise more when creating 2D paintings.

3D Painting

The advantage of digital art is that you can go a step further and create 3D paintings. It is similar to 2D paintings but adds another layer of effects and depth to the drawing. It looks more realistic and lively than 2D. You can create 3D paintings for marketing campaigns as it is known to connect well with the audience.


Doodle represents an unfocused pattern of drawing where abstract objects and shapes are used to create an artwork.

Just start drawing randomly and make your way to create a concrete representation. It is engaging and fun to do.

Don’t mix this with sketching, as in sketching, you have a goal, but with this, you don’t. You just draw and let your mind take you to new places.

Hybrid Artwork

This is where you bring different art forms together. For example, you can mix a natural landscape with a portrait. Hybrid artwork does not have restrictions and is a popular way to convey a social or moral message. It is widely used to draw attention to environmental causes.

Mathematical Artwork

You can use numbers and algebraic or algorithmic symbols to create amazing digital arts. It can come in handy while working on education projects. Explore different numbers and symbols to make an exciting digital art.

Geometric Shapes

The uses of mathematical shapes in creating digital artwork are known as geometric arts. Several geometric shapes can be utilized to create an intriguing piece of artwork.

Use simple shapes like circle, rectangle, and square or complex polygons to create wonderful patterns. Many applications have built-in shapes that you can add to the screen and customize.

Action Painting

This is a dynamic form of painting where color is randomly splashed and smeared on the screen to give vivid patterns. Though it looks abstract, the use of digital technology can give it an attractive and modern feel. The trick to creating amazing action painting is to use vibrant colors.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

For the professional animation industry, CGI has a lot of importance. Computer Generated Imagery uses computer-based models to create digital artwork.

You can make both 2D and 3D imagery by using CGI. Widely used in the gaming and automobile industry, you can use this to draw inspiration for your digital artwork.


This is a relatively new form of digital art, but it is gaining popularity as it enables you to create realistic-looking illustration by bashing together different photos or 3D elements and objects to create your final masterpiece.

In photobashing, you can also use art software like Adobe Photoshop, to draw and paint on top of the bashed photographs to further expand your creativity and imagination.

Digital Lettering

This is a process in which you use customized letter patterns to create digital artwork. Generally, designers use pre-defined fonts in their artwork.

But generating customized digital letters using various applications, you can add a peculiar feel to the logos or the art that you are creating. This makes your digital artwork stand out in the crowd.

Vector Drawings

Vector drawings are a form of digital art that saves different elements of the image in an editable format. This gives you control over the individual elements in the image, like customizing the size, color, transparency, etc. 

You can create one vector drawing and build upon that to make various digital arts.

Future Technology

Technology has gripped almost the whole of humanity by storm. You can use different aspects of technology to create an intriguing piece of digital art.

Use things like chipsets, cloud computing infrastructure, and other elements of technology to design interesting works. This is a little difficult than other ideas, but once executed properly, it will look amazing.

Fractal art

Fractal art is computer-generated art, which creates super complex patterns and images by calculating fractal objects and representing the results like images, animation, or media.

While the idea was already presented in the mid-1980s, I would say that currently, what is being produced expands imagination in a wonderful way.

Themed Art

Drawing with a theme always gives incredible results. You can pick a theme and base your characters and elements around it. For example, if your theme is unity, you can create digital artwork that conspicuously conveys this message.

This can be done by showing hands supporting each other or trees bending in one direction. Be free to choose and experiment with different themes.

Miniature Concepts

You can give a wonderful twist to your digital artwork by creating miniature objects. A quick example would be miniature humans climbing a burger.

In this way, you can create several interesting digital art concepts that look both fresh and different. You can base it on a theme or create using an abstract setting.

Traditional Symbols

Every culture has its traditions and symbolical representation. You can use them to create inspiring digital artwork that conveys a beautiful message.

These can be used in both object-oriented and landscape-oriented digital arts. To add depth, explore the significance of these symbols to dwell deeper into ideas.

Monumental Drawings

You can take reference of popular monuments to create incredible digital artwork. Experiment with them and put monuments from different continents in a single frame. Many marketers have used these ideas to create exciting digital campaigns. You should also experiment with this.

Drip Effect

It is an effect that creates a trickle-down look in your digital art. The objects or characters in your digital art will have a layer of color flowing from top to bottom, giving a fascinating look to your work. You can add this to any of your digital artworks.

Filter Effect

To make your digital art look palpable, you can add filter effects to them. To give a simple and dull tone, you can apply the grayscale or monochrome filters.

For a brighter tone, you can apply Vintage, Oil Painting, or Art filter. Filters can enhance your digital illustrations and works by adding a layer of brilliance and finish to the drawings.

However, overusing them will more than likely kill the spirit and soul from the artwork that your mind and skill created. So try not to overuse filters.

Be Imaginative

The last of the 25+ awesome digital art drawing ideas would be to just sit and draw anything. Studying all the concepts and patterns will saturate your mind.

Often just by starting without thinking, you can arrive at beautiful artwork. Sometimes you may find nothing, and other times you would be surprised to see how your digital art has come together.

Use the combination of different tools and applications to generate an amazing design and memory for everyone to experience.

Table Of Contents

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