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Written by Juha

Every digital artist should have a subscription to these fine digital art magazines. They feature some legendary names in the industry, along with up-and-coming artists.

It’s a goldmine of inspiration, practical advice, and watercooler banter. Even if you’re just a digital art fan, you’ll be amazed flipping through some of the artwork featured in these magazines. Who knows, you might just wind up in an issue yourself someday!

Let’s take a look at the very best digital art magazines you can download or order today and why people are flocking to them.




  • As low as $2.39 per issue
  • Monthly issues
  • For the career digital artist

ImagineFX bills itself as the number one magazine in the world for digital artists, and it’s true! For years, it’s been the crown jewel of the digital art industry, featuring workshops, tutorials, artist bios, and more. It’s not uncommon to get exclusive access to custom brushes or assets with a new issue, as well as discounts on software and hardware for drawing.

They feature a variety of digital artists, from sci-fi to concept art and beyond. In addition to the plentiful tutorials and guides they provide, the editors at ImagineFX also make it a point to include advice for navigating the industry and tips on your portfolio.

For any digital artist who has a career in the field, you can’t pass up on the value that this magazine provides.

One thing that makes ImagineFX popular is its regular inclusion of niche tutorials and guides. For instance, the most recent issue includes a guide on how to paint ethereal fairies in watercolor by the stunning artist Iris Compiet.

If you’ve ever seen her work, then you know how talented she is. Her guide to using digital watercolor for creating incredible creatures is exclusive to ImagineFX, and that alone makes it worth the buy.

ImagineFX is a great over-arching view of the digital art world and its many niches. If you’re not dedicated to a specific art style, like CGI, this magazine has an all-encompassing approach that offers everyone something to take away.

Character Design Quarterly



  • As low as $14.63 per quarter
  • Quarterly issues
  • Focuses on character development and design

This magazine by 3DTotal is a treasure to have and to hold. They spare no expense when it comes to high-quality printing, so this magazine is of great value. Part art book and part instructional, Character Design Quarterly, dives into the current trends of digital art and sheds light on some techniques to help you achieve a signature look.

If character design is something you’d like to improve upon, this magazine is perfect for that inspiration. Character design, in general, is something important for digital artists to distinguish their work and have a unique edge compared to other artists.

Your long-term success as a digital artist, whether you’re making a few small sales or looking to hit it big in the industry, is dependent upon your style and how you stand out from the crowd. Not only will CDQ sharpen your skills, but it will offer tangible advice from fellow artists who have some incredible portfolios.

CDQ is full of stunning images with a variety of themes, from mythical creatures to dystopian heroes. It’s great to have on your bookshelf as a reference, and the binding of the magazine, in particular, makes it camouflage well among your graphic novels.

The artists in Character Design Quarterly work in a variety of different art styles, which is great for its abroad audience. Many of these artists work in 2D, but CGI and 3D artists are included as well. Character design is something that any artist needs to learn, even if they work with traditional materials.

Practical Photoshop



  • From $1.50 (€1.25) per issue
  • Monthly issues
  • Focuses on photography and photoshop tutorials

Photoshop is an essential skill for digital artists, regardless if you work in photography or not. Some digital artists prefer to work exclusively in photoshop because the application is familiar to them. Photoshop is an expansive program with many unique tools and techniques, especially if you’re accustomed to using another program.

That’s why Practical Photoshop, a monthly magazine featuring tutorials and help, is a worthwhile addition to your toolbox. It addresses photoshop from both photography and digital art slant. The tutorials range from beginner to advanced, which is a plus if you’re not familiar with the platform.

But Practical Photoshop isn’t all just education and resources for the digital artist. It’s also where the photoshop pros go to show off their best work. From bringing old photos to life to creatively manipulating reality, you’re sure to be impressed by the artists featured.

One other neat thing about Practical Photoshop is that it keeps up to date with the technology. That includes software updates and changes in the program, but also the new technologies coming out every day.

The most recent issue had an interesting article on the use of artificial intelligence in photo editing and how it’s had a massive impact. With practical Photoshop, you’ll gain a new perspective on the world of digital art.

3D World



  • From $2.39 per issue
  • Monthly issues
  • Focuses on the latest and greatest of CGI artists

The digital art industry is rapidly expanding with new developments in technology. Of all the niches within digital art, CGI might just be the frontrunner of this technology boom. 3D World is the choice monthly magazine of the best CGI artists, and no detail is spared.

You’ll be reading this magazine cover to cover to gain all of the helpful info and techniques it shares. It’s equal parts tutorial and art, serving as a wealth of inspiration.

The CGI industry is one that’s very competitive, so it may seem intimidating as a beginner to break into this art form. 3D World is aware of that as well, so that’s why they also make it a point to curate guides for those just starting out.

Some magazines on digital art don’t include CGI artists as much, instead of giving precedence to 2D artists. 2D artists do make up a large number of the digital art community, but CGI is quickly gaining notoriety as well. 3D World gives CGI artists the representation and exclusivity they deserve, and fans adore it for that reason.

Like some of the other magazines on this list, each issue often includes free assets, courses, or guides. Material assets, for instance, are often free to download and come with an extensive tutorial in the magazine.

3D World pulls from some of the best individual artists and collective studios in the world to produce an amazing array of monthly content. If you want to be just like the greats, 3D World is a must.

3D Artist



  • From $4.99 (€5.49) per issue
  • Monthly issues
  • Focuses on CGI techniques as seen in top movies and games

3D Artist Magazine’s tagline is “practical inspiration for the 3D community,” and it lives up well to that name. They show real techniques and applications in motion by showcasing CGI in movies and games. Their most recent issue dives into the techniques of the CGI artists who worked on the new Lion King.

It’s incredible to see what the powerful software, equipment, and minds of Hollywood can create, and these artists are more than happy to show off.

A good portion of this magazine, despite the impressive art on its cover, is dedicated to students and beginners. This includes ground-up tutorials, as well as industry advice and foundational knowledge like character development.

One thing that’s difficult for any artist, regardless of skill level, is knowing which software or hardware to buy. 3D Artist includes helpful reviews on the newest products in digital art, which is great even if you’re not necessarily a 3D artist.

Any artist will appreciate the behind the scene views of top film studios like Disney and what the best artists have to say about their craft.

3D Artist pulls a lot from the digital art industry, with a focus on CGI and concept art. What many people appreciate is that the editors are more than aware that this industry is notoriously difficult to get into.

You could possibly infer that they created this magazine not just as a way to connect with other professionals but to help other artists get their foot in the door as well. If you enjoy reading this magazine, consider writing an article or sending in your work to be featured in it.

The Industry Hub For Digital Art

We’ve covered the top and best-selling magazines in the digital art world. Not only do you get access to some incredible art, inspiration, and tutorials, but you often get free assets as well. For a low price, you can stay in the loop with the industry and take your art to a new level. 

Whether you specialize in digital painting, anime, or CGI, there’s a specific magazine out there for you that curates the best artists and their know-how. Is there a magazine you swear by that we haven’t mentioned here today? Let us know in the comments below.

Table Of Contents

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