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There are plenty of digital drawing techniques and styles, and when you see an artwork, there are always techniques that the artist has used that make the drawing look like her/his. It could be some small thing like using red color regularly or drawing only black and white artwork, something that the other artists are not doing.

If you think famous digital artists like Ilya Kuvshinov or Ross Tran, for example, both have a unique style and way of creating art. They both use certain digital drawing techniques that make their artwork look unique and appealing.

Let’s go through how to find digital drawing techniques and how to apply them to your own creations.

Artists And Art Styles

I always search for inspiration and reference images from multiple sources. When you are searching for new drawing techniques, it’s best to expand your visual library with styles and artists that you might not have thought about before.

There are many drawing techniques, and you can implement different techniques in your artwork even if it would out of your usual style and way of drawing. Implementing different styles from different artists can expand your artwork to new frontiers.

Good sources for artists and digital art styles/techniques are:

  • Artstation
  • Instagram
  • DeviantArt
  • Pixiv
  • YouTube
  • Books
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  • Famitsu (Author)
  • Japanese (Publication Language)
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Enhance Artistic Voice Instead Of Technique

You probably have drawn some years already and have folders filled with sketches, completed artworks, and ideas left unfinished. Going back to your old drawings and drawing them again is a good way to look back and see how your style and artistic voice have improved over the years.

Your style might be more defined, your drawing techniques might have sharpened a bit, and your overall knowledge about art has expanded.

Rather than trying to learn a new drawing technique, you can draw an old drawing again and apply what you now know to it. This way, you will see what has improved, but also what you currently prefer, so you are better equipped to continue your exploration in that new direction.

Create Flow For Your Drawings

Sometimes what you have drawn seems a bit off, or it’s not that interesting. Your drawing looks a bit boring and doesn’t have that flow in it. One neat trick to add flow to your drawings is to distort the sketch and see what comes up.

Adobe Photoshop has a lot of features like liquify, transform, etc., which enable you to distort and modify your image to anything you like. If your drawing lacks flow and dynamism, or looks boring, try to change the perspective or elements in the drawing to something that looks a bit more interesting.

With the drawing below, the perspective is expanded to create a more dynamic drawing.


Change Of Style

For you to learn new drawing techniques, you sometimes have to step outside of your comfort zone and create something that you haven’t created before. Probably the biggest leap of faith comes in the form of drawing something in a style you haven’t drawn before.

With the new style, you are doing problem-solving on a new level, and this will help you look at the drawing from a different angle and apply techniques not possible before. When you change your drawing style, it gives you a new perspective, ideas, approach, and vision for the drawing.

It doesn’t mean you can’t return to your old drawing style; it just means that the new style and approach you selected could bring something new to your old way of creating drawings.



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