Free tool to generate digital product names, offer titles, and service names for your next money-making bestseller product. Use as many times as needed, and have fun creating the best possible name and title for your product.

How to Use the Digital Product Name Generator

The tool will generate suitable words for naming your digital product, from which you can start to combine your preferred name for your digital product or service. The generator will give you words and ideas that you can combine to generate the best possible name for your product.

You can push each button or use the ‘Generate All’ button to generate words. Tip! If you find a word you like a lot, leave the word intact and push the other buttons to continue the name generation.

Note: You don’t have to use each word when naming your digital product. The idea is to get your creative juice going with the generator.


Note: Many platforms don’t approve quantifiable claims (like income gain or weight loss) as it implies a guarantee. It implies that your customer is getting a certain outcome in a period of time. Make sure your platform of choice accepts such guarantees.

Elements of the Digital Product Name Generator


Why people should be interested in your digital product. Why are you selling the product?

Your digital product needs attention-grabbing words to make the customer lean toward your offering. Attention is all about getting your customers to notice your product, offer, and service among other sellers or to get interested in your product in your online store.


Who is your digital product for, and who is it not for? Be specific.

Discrimination is significant when creating and naming digital products as it will signal to your customer who your product is for and, as importantly, who your product is not for. Your digital product should be named according to who it was created for. Rarely can your digital product serve multiple different types of customers.


Your customer’s dream outcome. The goal they are moving towards. A purpose.

Purpose defines the outcome your customer gets, wants, or needs. Purpose can be thought of as a goal. The customer will receive or expect to get something after using your product or while the customer is using your product. When the goal is exciting enough, your customer gets invested monetarily, physically, and mentally.


Your customer’s dream outcome. The goal they are moving towards.

The timeline tells your customer the average or precise time on which your customer gets results or receives the promised outcome when using your digital product. You are giving your customers the duration they should expect from your digital product.


Describes how the digital product is delivered. A system, vehicle, bundle, etc., that makes your product not a commodity.

A method makes your product, service, or offer feel less of a commodity and more of an exclusive set, bundle, or system of things you will deliver to your customer. The method can be thought of as a container word. In which form do you deliver your digital product?

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