List Of Digital Products To Sell Besides Info Products


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There are plenty of digital products to sell that are not about informational products. Artwork, audio, software, games and apps are only a few digital products you can sell without creating an online course or an ebook about the subject. Let’s dive in and see all the options for non-info products.

Key Takeaways

  • All kinds of visuals, graphics, and fonts can be sold as digital products.
  • Music, video, and SFX are popular among content creators, and there’s always room for a new sound.
  • Software and website tools offer almost endless possibilities for monetization.

Images, Artwork, And Fonts


If you are an artist, designer, photographer, or any kind of visual artist, you have plenty of digital product options to sell that are not about info products.

Etsy, Artstation, DeviantArt, Saatchi Art, Redbubble, and Society6 all sell a lot of art related products, either prints, print-on-demand products, or just digital files of your art.

You also have the option of using a service like Patreon to “sell” your digital art, and it can be totally non-informational. You can provide digital files of your art and only inform your Patrons about new updates, keeping the informational side to a minimum.

List of digital products that are about visuals:

  • Stock photo
  • Graphics (illustrations, textures, backgrounds, patterns, icons, etc.)
  • Digital art and AI art files and resources (PSD files, brushes, brush stamps, etc.)
  • Print-on-demand products from your artwork, typography, and photos
  • Fonts
  • Printable wall art (delivered as a digital file to a customer)

Audio, Video And SFX


If you are in the music industry and like to play around with sounds but you are not into online courses, there are plenty of options to make money from your passion.

Youtubers, TikTok influencers, and other social media content creators always look for new sounds, music, and video footage to add to their content.

Best places to sell audio, SFX, and stock video:

Software And Website Elements


To sell software, you can create a website or use established marketplaces such as CodeCanyon or ThemeForest. Don’t forget to provide detailed information about your software, including screenshots, demo videos, and a clear explanation of its features and benefits.

WordPress plugins, for example, always show screenshots and have an explanation of how the plugin works. Use the same kind of approach with your software.

Offering a free trial is a great way to get new users to your product and give you feedback on improvements.

If you know how to code or have other ways to build software, ideas for software-based digital products are almost endless.

List of ideas for software and website related digital products:

  • WordPress plugins
  • WordPress themes
  • Website builders
  • AI art generators
  • Chrome extensions
  • YouTube extensions
  • Etsy keyword research tools
  • AI content service

Mobile Games And Applications


To start in the mobile game development industry and sell your creation as a digital product, it’s important to have a good idea, market knowledge, technical skills, and possibly a development team.

The process involves researching the market to identify gaps and popular features, planning the game mechanics and platform, developing the game using a game engine or with the help of a team, publishing and promoting the game through various channels, and finally monetizing it through in-app purchases, advertisements, or a one-time fee.

The key is to stay focused, be persistent, and always strive to improve the game to keep players engaged and satisfied.

List of places to sell games and applications:

  • App Store (iOS): Apple’s official app store for iOS devices
  • Google Play Store (Android): Google’s official app store for Android devices
  • Microsoft Store (Windows): Microsoft’s official app store for Windows devices
  • Steam: A digital distribution platform for video games, primarily for Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • itch.io: An open marketplace for independent game developers
  • Epic Games Store: A digital distribution platform for video games, primarily for Windows and macOS
  • Kongregate: A platform for browser-based games
  • Humble Bundle: A platform for selling games and other digital products focused on supporting charities
  • Your website: Selling games and applications directly to customers through your website

Templates, Planners, Coloring Books

Templates and digital planners are pre-designed digital tools that help individuals and businesses organize and achieve their goals.

Templates are generally a starting point for creating a specific document type, such as a resume or a business plan, and can be customized to fit the user’s needs.

Digital planners, on the other hand, are designed to help users plan and track their tasks, schedules, and goals and often come in the form of a digital calendar or a to-do list app.

These tools can be in various formats, including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, or digital apps, and offer a convenient and efficient way for individuals and businesses to manage their time and work towards their goals.

Coloring books are also a form of a template and are easily created with Adobe InDesign or Canva. You can sell coloring books through Etsy and Amazon, for example.

List of resources you need to create digital planners and templates:



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