12 Best Free Platforms To Sell Digital Products For Free


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Key Takeaways

  • Gumroad is the best place to sell digital products for free.
  • Gumroad has the potential to drive organic traffic to your store, and it’s free to use the platform.
  • Etsy would be a top platform for selling digital products, but the fact is that they have a listing fee, which means it’s not a free platform to use.
  • Regarding online courses, Skillshare is the best way to sell courses for free.

Best free platforms and sites to sell digital products for free:

PlatformTransaction fees on the FREE plan (fee on all sales)Types of digital products to sellHas a search function for organic traffic
Gumroad10% Gumroad fee + 2.9% + 30¢ credit card fee.Digital files (zip, png, pdf, etc.), online courses, Ebooks, memberships, newsletters, etc.Yes
Payhip5%Digital downloads, coursesNo
Convertkit3.5%+30¢ (per sale)Ebooks, paid newsletters, albums, presets, etc.No
Creative Market50% of their list price for each saleGraphics, templates & themes, fonts, brushes, web themes, photos, etc.Yes
SellPal0% Platform feesPhotos, videos, audio recordings, documents, templates, and moreNo
Creative Fabrica50% of their list price for each sale. If you bring the traffic, then you get to keep 75%Fonts, graphics, courses, etc.Yes
Envato Elements50% share of net revenue from every subscription goes straight to authors every monthVideo templates, graphic templates, photos, 3D elements, etc.Yes
Udemynone, a portion of the sales becomes your incomeOnline coursesYes
Skillsharenone, course watch time determines the revenueOnline coursesYes
Teachable$1 + 10%Online course, digital download (only 1 of each)No
Thinkific2.9% + 30¢, +1% for international cards, +1% if currency conversion is required, +0.5% subscription fee1 x Online course, digital downloadsNo
OpenSea2.5% per saleNFTs: Music, digital art, video, unlockable files, etc.Yes
Table showcasing platforms that are free to use and what kind of digital products to sell on each platform


Gumroad is a platform dedicated to selling digital products. It’s great for artists, writers, musicians, and other creatives who want to sell ebooks, music, software, or other digital products. With Gumroad, you don’t have to worry about setting up a website or dealing with payment processing. All you need to do is upload your digital product and start selling.

Gumroad also has a discovery feature, which makes Gumroad somewhat of a marketplace. With some of the platforms like Teachable, you would need to bring your own traffic, but as Gumroad has a discovery feature, they can bring organic traffic to your store for you.

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Payhip video player for online course creators and sellers

Payhip is similar to Gumroad and allows you to sell e-books, music, software, or other digital products. Payhip has slightly lower transaction fees than Gumroad and even provides a professional-looking video player for the ones wanting to sell online courses through Payhip.

Payhip does not have a marketplace, so you need to figure out how to bring traffic to your store. What Payhip does have is a way to brand your store with different themes. Something not a lot of other platforms enable you to do.


How to sell digital products straight through the Convertkit account

ConvertKit is an email marketing tool designed for creators and online businesses. It helps you manage your email list, create landing pages, and automate email sequences. ConvertKit makes it easy to connect with your audience, build relationships, and grow your business.

With ConvertKit, you can easily send targeted emails, automate your sales funnel, and grow your business without spending hours managing your email campaigns.

As a “new” offering, you can now sell digital products through ConvertKit. They use Stripe as the payment gateway and charge 3.5%+30c per sale.

Creative Market

Creative Market is an online marketplace for design assets. It’s a great place to find pre-made graphics, templates, fonts, and other design elements. It might not be easy to open a shop with them as they manually review the shop applications.

Creative Market is owned by Dribbble, one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Creative Market is similar to Envato Elements and Creative Fabrica marketplaces. This also means you can easily sell the same digital product in multiple marketplaces. Just remember to read the terms of service for each marketplace.



SellPal is an exceptional platform designed to be the best marketplace for selling digital products. Whether you’re an artist, photographer, or content creator, SellPal offers a user-friendly pathway to distribute a wide range of digital content, including photos, videos, audio recordings, documents, templates, and more.

The platform is absolutely free to use, eliminating any upfront costs or fixed fees. SellPal empowers you to sell your digital products with unparalleled ease and cost-effectiveness, making it the perfect solution for content creators of all kinds.

With SellPal’s unlimited storage, you can deliver massive files, such as videos, to your clients hassle-free. The platform’s commission-free model further encourages you to recommend SellPal to others, making it a win-win situation for creators and clients alike.

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is an online marketplace for design assets focusing on fonts, graphics, and crafts. Unlike Creative Market and Envato Elements, in Creative Fabrica, you can also sell online courses. Otherwise, the marketplaces work pretty similarly.

Creative Fabrica has a slightly better transaction fee structure, as you can keep 75% of the sale if the sale occurred directly from your links.

The good thing about Envato Elements, Creative Fabrica, and Creative Market is that they are also search engines.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription-based platform for all sorts of design assets. For a single monthly fee, you get access to a massive library of design assets, including templates, graphics, photos, and more.

In Envato Elements, the customer can download as many assets as they need. It’s a cost-effective way to access a huge library of high-quality design elements.

As a seller, the subscription revenue that Envato Elements makes will be split among sellers, kind of like in Skillshare, where the revenue is split by watch time. You can read more about becoming an author for Envato Elements from their site.


Udemy’s marketplace insights tool will help you find promising course topics to teach.

Udemy is an online learning platform where you can sell courses on various subjects, including programming, business, design, and more. The student can go through the courses at their own pace and leave reviews of the course they’ve taken.

Udemy also offers a marketplace insights tool (only for instructors) to help you find promising new course topics to teach. We think the best way to use this tool is to check the overall demand for a course topic and if there’s a gap that could be filled with your course.


Skillshare is an online learning platform that provides courses in various subjects, including design, photography, writing, and more. Skillshare focuses on creativity and provides hands-on classes where the students can learn by doing.

You don’t sell courses on Skillshare. Instead, you publish a course, and depending on how much watch time your courses get, the more money you get. Skillshare is an excellent choice if you are in the creative business, like art, design, photography, crafting, etc.

On top of watch hours, you can also get money through referrals. Referrals can accrue quickly if you get students to sign up for a whole year.

Skillshare revenue example


Teachable is a platform for creating and selling online courses and digital downloads. Teachable provides everything you need to create, market, and sell your course, all in one place. With Teachable, you can easily create a professional-looking course website, set up payment processing, and manage your students.

While you can get into Teachable for free, you can only sell 1 course and 1 digital download with the free plan. Teachable is an excellent choice for course creators as they will collect and remit VAT for you, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Teachable is also an excellent choice for the students because if they already have bought courses from other Teachable course creators, they are familiar with the Teachable interface and how it works.


You can build a branded website with the Thinkific website builder

Thinkific is similar to Teachable, and they also have digital downloads as a product category. They offer a website builder so you can create a more on-brand experience for the customer. You also have the usual marketing and lead-generation tools at your disposal.

What you should note is that Thinkific has quite a lot of fees when you use their TCommerce solution. When you want to have 0% transaction fees, then you need to consider their Plus service, which is for those who want to scale and grow their online course business to the next level.


OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces. It’s free to use, and when you use lazy minting, you don’t have to pay for listing NFTs for sale. Only when the actual sale happens will there be a 2.5% platform fee and blockchain-specific transaction fee associated with it.

You can add unlockable content to your NFT through OpenSea

NFTs can be music, video, and digital art, but you can also add special unlockable content so that when the customers buy your NFT, they can unlock added content with it.

The good thing about NFTs is that you can add a royalty percentage so that when someone sells your NFT to a new owner, you will get a fixed percentage of the sale.

If you have placed a 10% royalty to the NFT, and it gets sold at 0.1 ETH for a new owner, you will get 0.01 ETH to your digital wallet automatically.



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