Free Anime Art Resources

You can download various anime art resources such as anime drawing templates for yourself from these free resources. These resources are there to help you get a quick start to drawing that anime art of yours.

Free Anime Body And Face Templates

Drawing anime art can be a challenge if you don’t have a good template to use. For that reason, I have created an anime drawing template for you to use.

These templates let you draw an anime face from a template, but also an anime body from a template.

Download the free templates to practice drawing anime body, face, and head. The zip-folder (10Mb) includes full-resolution templates as a PSD-file and PNG-file.

Open the templates in your art software, reduce the opacity of the layer to a suitable level creating a reference layer, and draw on a layer on top of the reference layer.

Practice drawing eyes, shape of the head, nose, and lips placement. There’s always something new to try and experiment with, and with these templates, it’s easy to get the idea of how anime features work.

If there were one thing that would best describe our community, it would be “for Anime And Manga Artists.” If you are into digital anime art and want to find like-minded people, this group is for you. In this group, we share our anime and manga artworks and talk about all things anime art; what a better way to connect with anime art fans than meeting them in one place now and then. Talk about what comes to your mind and feel supported. I hope you share your artwork and feelings with us. Drawing Anime Is Our Passion!

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