How to Create AI Avatar For Free – Beginners Guide


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Step 1. Prepare The Image File

You need a PNG, JPEG, or WEBP image file to create an AI avatar. You can use your profile picture, an image of a dog, or an image of a house. The subject of the image does not matter in the creation process.

The image resolution and ratio should preferably be one of the following:

  • 1024px x 1024px or 1:1 image ratio
  • 704px x 1024px or 2:3 image ratio
  • 832px x 1024px or 3:4 image ratio

AI art generators tend to work best with a 1:1 image ratio and in portrait mode, but other image ratios can be used.

Step 2. Choose AI Art Generator

Leonardo AI’s user interface. AI art generators’ user interfaces differ from each other.

To create a free AI avatar, the following AI art generators are among the best free ones to use and try out:

Step 3. Write Text Prompt

The easiest way to get a text prompt for your AI avatar image is to copy a prompt from an already-created AI image. Lexica is one of the easiest places to find and copy text prompts. When on Lexica, search for an image (similar to the image you have), open the image, and click the ‘Copy prompt’ button to copy the text prompt used to create the image.

I used Lexica to search for a man. From there, I opened an image and copied the text prompt for later use.

Text prompt example for male

  • young professional male picture photo-realistic
  • a corporate professional profile photo of a successful man smiling, highly detailed full-color epic portrait upper half body, best corporate photography photo winner, meticulous detail, centered uncropped symmetrical beautiful masculine facial features, atmospheric, photorealistic texture, 4 k high resolution, canon 5D mark III photo, professional studio lighting, aesthetic, very inspirational, motivational, face must be like the clear smooth face of a person, fine sharp color, camera facing, expressive eyes, super-resolution

Text prompt example for female

  • highly realistic, beautiful digital art, true-to-life portrait of a young girl, sharp focus, cinematic lighting, hyperrealism, octane render, 8K, hyper detail, photoreal, beautiful girl, a glamorous girl with amazing hair, symmetrical, centered, front view, portrait, highly detailed full-color epic portrait upper half body
  • young professional female profile picture

A text prompt example for artistic results

  • centered, isometric, mural, graffiti, composition, shapes, patterns, vector art ready to print, highly detailed graffiti illustration

Step 4. Use Image-to-image Feature

The way to create a believable AI avatar is to use the image file you prepared in Step 1 in the image-to-image function. Different AI art generators have image-to-image settings in different areas depending on the user interface. However, Lexica has one of the simplest user interfaces to create image-to-image images.

Lexica’s user interface and the main settings needed for AI avatar creation.
  • Generate tab: the area where you can generate the AI art avatar.
  • Describe your image: describe your profile picture or the picture you have -paste the text prompt here.
  • Upload image: choose the image you want to use as a baseline.
  • Guidance scale: controls how much the AI art generator should respect the text prompt vs. how much it should use the uploaded reference image.
Original image (image blurred for privacy reasons).
AI-generated image by Lexica. Guidance scale 7.
AI-image generated with PixAI art. Model: Moonbeam. Strength 0.65.
AI-image generated with Leonardo AI. Model: Leonardo Diffusion. Image weight 0.65. Created with an artistic text prompt.

Step 5. Finalize The Image File

AI art generators tend to output small-resolution images. These can be useful for profile pictures and AI avatars, but if you want to use the AI avatar in a print format, you should use an image upscaler. I often use Upscayl software. It’s free and can upscale images up to 16x in one go.

The original image was upscaled by 8x. Upscayl was used for the upscaling.



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